Future Star Wars Projects OOR

Future Star Wars Projects OOR

Future Star Wars Projects

Lucasfilm is set to give fans a first glimps into what its new movies will look like through the app, Cinematic. But many of the projects will not be Star Wars films in the classic meaning, but rather films that are set within the Star Wars universe. That's not all: Star Wars fans will be able to submit their own projects and could have input on what the films might be about. They will also be able to see how their submitted projects stack up against others.



How It Fits Into the Emerging Star Wars Galaxy: As this is an anthology concerned with the distinctive styles of the participating animation studios, we’re not sure how it fits or even if it will be canon. With Disney+ uploading non-canon content like the Ewoks TV movies and Genndy Tartakovsky’s 2-D Clone Wars series in recent days, there is room for Visions to ruminate on the ideas of Star Wars without being bound to the state of the galaxy or Lucasfilm’s overall plans for ongoing stories. Although, with one of the episodes inspiring author Emma Mieko Candon’s upcoming novel, Star Wars Visions: Ronin, the program may yet prove to be a vital part of Star Wars.

The pivot seems to be complete: In early November, Disney removed the previously announced Rogue Squadron film from the company’s release schedule due to scheduling conflicts from director Patty Jenkins, who has two unrelated films set to begin production soon. Other film projects that are theoretically still on the table seem to have evaporated: a movie from Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige, a trilogy from The Last Jedi’s Rian Johnson, as well as a film from Thor: Ragnarok’s Taika Waititi. Like Jenkins, these are all very busy filmmakers with lots of other projects confirmed. Without any evidence that these Star Wars projects are progressing, it’s hard to believe any of them will actually land on release schedules anytime soon. Good, I say. Star Wars is at its best when the franchise isn’t producing new movies. (Source: www.polygon.com)




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