Future Star Shop Reviews OOR

Future Star Shop Reviews OOR

Future Star Shop Reviews


With the motto, "Under the radar and on a budget," Future Star has become an instant hit among all consumers in London. Their director reflects, "We have a very strong demographic of millennial women. And millennial women are very price-conscious".


I completely agree! I had the same problem. I've always had a 5 star rating. This month a customer left a nice comment on the review, but only 4 stars which dropped me down from my 5 star rating. I too thought about reaching out to the customer but feel it's ridiculous. Etsy does offer a the seller to take a survey which I did, and I let them know that they need to take other things into consideration. I didn't have the 5 star rating problem at that time, but my message response was low which is not correct. I always get back to my customers within an hour! So the only thing I can think of is if they're not taking into consideration the time difference. If I'm sleeping, I'm not able to respond to a message until the next morning! Anyway, I recommend taking the survey. Not that they'll listen, but not much else can be done.

But intentional or not, standard or not, the problem with star scores is there’s no way to tell whether they’re legitimate. We don’t know if someone pressed a five-star button because they loved the app, or thought they were rating the podcast itself, or just wanted to close the prompt as quickly as possible. We don’t know if Apple is prompting everyone, or just its most dedicated fans, or some other algorithmic subset that just happened to give it an advantage. Some bad actors reportedly even buy star scores for their egregious App Store scams, and it’s impossible for most App Store shoppers to tell. We’ve even seen an iOS app that refuses to open unless you give it a good score. (Source: www.theverge.com)






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