Future Star School;

Future Star School;

Future Star School

Imagine a school where learning never stops. Where you can use the skills you learn to pursue a career in a digital economy that's changing faster than ever. Where you can work on various projects, and never get bored. Welcome to Future Star School.


The Gold Coast Academy of Sport (GCAS) is extremely proud to be partnering with schools on the Gold Coast and have a shared responsibility in the development of our future sporting talent. We are focused on helping to develop the ‘whole’ athlete. The school ‘Future Stars’ sporting program commenced at Upper Coomera State College in 2016 bringing outside influences to the elite sporting group within the College. Presentations are delivered by professionals in their field and add to the overall well-being of developing athletes. The UCSC Future Stars program exists to provide future support for aspiring athletes within the school and guide them in their journey. With 2032 being a major developmental target now for our sporting youth, it is increasingly important to identify and develop the talent schools influence.

I was introduced to Future Stars as a junior year in high school. Future Stars is an amazing program that I had the wonderful privilege of being a part of. Without Future Stars, I most likely would not have been able to understand the importance of scholarships and time management. I was lost before I was introduced to this program, and I did not even know if I would be attending college. Thanks to Shereka Jackson and volunteers. I am proud to say that I am graduated from South Mountain Community College. (Source: futurestarsaz.org)


Applying to college has never been more complex and competitive. That’s specifically why the Future Stars program is designed to decrease the stress of the process and increase the student’s ability to succeed. Our proven approach has helped thousands of students present themselves to colleges in an organized and confident manner, ensuring that admissions representatives see the absolute best that each child has to offer.

The Future Stars counselors are carefully selected experts in the field who understand the nuances of the admissions process and will not simply provide information that is easily found elsewhere. And because our counselors understand that parents need to remain informed thoughout the process, we spend time counseling child and parents alike. This allows us to combine education, personalized coaching and application process management to empower the entire family. (Source: www.futurestars.org)



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