Future Star Award;

Future Star Award;

Future Star Award


At Present, we all know that the name, industry and competition alone aren’t enough to build the next Twitter. However, some companies uncover the future stars and they often have a fully functioning product with a thriving community, yet they have little or no funding.


The Rising Star Young Leader Award is given annually in recognition of a professional who has impacted the field of international education during the first five years of the recipient's area of work. The rising star will have demonstrated a commitment to internationalization and an ingenuity of thought that has the potential for having substantial and lasting influence upon global education.

Applications were invited from early career scholars within 10 years of the award of their doctorate, and ordinarily resident in the United Kingdom. Candidates must have been able to demonstrate their academic credentials to be leaders in research through suitable marks of esteem awarded prior to the submission of the application. Applicants were required to have a Fellow of the British Academy (FBA) champion their candidacy. The FBA Champion’s support was an endorsement of both the applicant and the proposed project. (Source: www.thebritishacademy.ac.uk)


The Rising Star Award is designed to recognize new Active members whose early years as a Junior League member demonstrate significant promise consistent with the Vision and Values of The Junior League's Mission. For over 119 years Junior Leagues have trained and developed women to lead positive change in their communities. Our founder Mary Harriman showed exceptional foresight and wisdom in challenging her peers to join with her to improve communities. It is our hope that the Rising Star recipients will both embody those early values and redefine what it means to be a civic leader of the future, trained by The Junior League.

Holly said: “I remember watching the BRITs with my parents each year and being totally awe struck by the artists coming together in what felt like another universe. Now to be named the BRITs Rising Star and nominated alongside two other incredible women, with the songs that started within those four walls at home is so mad. It just doesn’t feel real. This year has been a wild ride and a year of firsts, and I am so grateful and thankful for everyone who has helped make this happen!” (Source: www.brits.co.uk)



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