Future of Star Wars the Old Republic OOR

Future of Star Wars the Old Republic OOR

Future of Star Wars the Old Republic


With the release of the latest game, SWTOR is also getting a clean slate. A new game that feels fresh, new, and fun is something most die-hard players can get excited about. There’s many big changes coming to the game, including revamped features, new mechanics, and a new planet. But the most notable of them all is a scaled back look that looks back on the legacy- the world building, storyline, factions, and more- of the original game.

Star Wars

2021 not only marks the anniversaries for Halo/Xbox, Uncharted 3, and The Lord of the Rings films, but also it's the 10th anniversary of BioWare's MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic. After a lot of hype and anticipation, the MMO was released in December 2011. The game has had its ups and downs over the years, including its transition to a free game with optional subscriptions, but the game has remained popular and relevant over the past decade for fans of the Star Wars universe.

Knights of the Fallen Empire would definitely be one of them - we got some amazing technical improvements for our Writers, Designers, and especially Cinematics Designers that allowed us to really step up our overall storytelling to a new level. Switching to a hybrid model of Subscription or Free-to-Play was also a big win for us, and something I think we’ve evolved really well over the years. It’s great that we can meet gamers where they are, instead of trying to have a one-size-fits-all approach. I love that you can just download the game and see a ludicrous amount of cool Star Wars stories for free. (Source: www.gamespot.com)


As we head into our 10th year of service for The Old Republic, we’re taking a deeper look at improving the overall player experience for both newcomers and veterans alike! This initiative begins with the Legacy of the Sith expansion, but will continue throughout the entire year-long celebration. Players can expect a completely new character creation experience, along with new looks for the character sheet, inventory, and much more.

Earlier, we gave you an exclusive report – thanks to the insight of our buddy Big Screen Leaks – about how 2023’s Star Wars movie was going to be different from the one that had previously been scheduled. We’d heard that Rogue Squadron was being moved back to accommodate for director Patty Jenkins’s schedule (as she has a few DC Films projects in the works for Warner Bros. and possibly HBO Max, alongside a new biopic about Cleopatra for Paramount), in addition to Matthew Robinson doing rewrites of his screenplay for the film. Rogue Squadron was, unfortunately, not going to be ready to go on time for the date that Disney officially scheduled it, and Lucasfilm ultimately won out by getting some more time on the project. Nonetheless, a new movie, which will be ready to shoot on time, has apparently been on the fast-track for a while, and has been developed in secrecy. To our understanding at the time, it was a project set in the Old Republic era, and it may be related to the script that Laeta Kalogridis was said to have worked on since 2019. (Source: www.starwarsnewsnet.com)




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