Future of Cancer Star

Future of Cancer Star

Future of Cancer Star

You have a huge impact on the world's future and you can inderstand it. You understand your meaning and what that means for the entire world. You are intelligent and know how to be happy and show others the way. You have wisdom and a strong inner compass that guides your thoughts and future decisions.


Welcome to 2022, darling Cancer. Your ruling planet is the intuitive, silvery moon, which rules emotions and intuition. As a result, you're empathetic, creative, and emotional. But never — not even for one second — conflate emotional depth with weakness. It's the source of your strength. There is a full moon in your sign, Cancer, on Monday, January 17. Full moons are a time of culmination. The new year is just getting started, but this lunation sees some of your long-term goals come to fruition. So circle this date in your calendar, and stay on the lookout for an exciting work-related email or a welcome romantic gesture from a crush or partner.

Cancer season begins on Tuesday, June 21. Happy solar return, beautiful crab! You love the summer months. If you can, try to spend some time at the beach. The healing salt water will help you feel grounded and reconnect with yourself. And after some much-deserved rest and relaxation, take time to reflect on what you want for your birthday. There's a new moon in your sign on Tuesday, June 28. While full moons bring culminations, new moons are a time for intention-setting and new beginnings. This same date brings the start of Neptune retrograde, which lasts through Saturday, December 3. When Neptune goes retrograde, the illusions in our lives fall to the wayside. So, if you've been romantically chasing after someone toxic or taken, put down the crab claws. Instead, write down a list of qualities you truly desire in a partner and refuse to settle for anything less. (Source: www.allure.com)


Wednesday, November 8, brings another full moon and lunar eclipse, this time in the sign of sensual Taurus. Because eclipses can be messy, this isn't an ideal night to go on a first date or enter any social setting that might make you feel uncomfortable. Instead, tap into your inner caretaker, Cancer. Just like you, Taurus loves to entertain at home, with decadent snack trays and plenty of wine. Invite your trusted friends over to chill out and avoid any eclipse drama. Stay safe, and see you next year!

Welcome to 2021, Cancer. Congrats on surviving 2020. As an adaptable water sign who deeply cares for those around you, you may have found yourself stepping up to be a rock for those around you during this difficult year. This could mean checking in on loved ones, getting involved in anti-racism activism, or organizing socially-distanced holiday plans. While you did a lot of good work, it's possible you put your own self-care on the back burner. As we collectively start to heal in 2021 as a society, your duty is to focus on yourself. (Source: www.allure.com)



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