Future Lego Star Wars

Future Lego Star Wars

Future Lego Star Wars Sets 2020

After the success of the past four Lego Star Wars releases, fans and collectors are expecting the future sets to be grand endeavors and a must-have for Star Wars collectors. Here are the 6 sets for 2020 you can expect to see first.


Lego has been doing a really good job recently of creating sets for iconic Lego Star Wars ships that won’t break the bank. As more and more young viewers get into the franchise, this line of ships under £50 is a great way to collect some of the best designs ever, without having to fork out for the UCS series. The inclusion of Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, R2-D2, and General Dodonna also make it a great way to collect many of the most important original trilogy characters. It’s not the most detailed, and it’s not a build that will take you long, but pairing it with the Imperial TIE Fighter model for around the same price would make for a cool shelf display.

One of the most iconic ships in Star Wars history, the Imperial TIE Fighter is a great addition to any collection. A solid build that comes with a cockpit that opens and can fit mini figures inside, the Imperial TIE Fighter is the ideal set for someone just getting into Lego Star Wars, or for a collector who wants a whole fleet on his shelf. While there have been plenty of TIE Fighters in the past, we rarely see an iconic original trilogy ship for such great value, so it’s a set it’s hard to find fault with. There are more advanced versions of the TIE Fighter for more experienced collectors, but if you’re looking for a relaxing build that won’t take up your whole day, this Imperial TIE Fighter is ideal. (Source: www.space.com)


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