future imperfect barash

future imperfect barash

future imperfect barash

The famous science-fiction series Star Trek: The Next Generation follows the crew of the Starship Enterprise-D on their adventures in the 25th century.


Michael Westmore recalled that the aging make-up in this episode was intentionally more subtle than in previous installments. "Each member of the TNG cast was supposed to have aged sixteen years. The producers decided that rather than having each actor sit in a makeup chair for two or three hours, it would be a better idea to suggest their age by changing the hairstyles, and maybe doing a little rubber stretching around the eyes. I thought it was a sensible approach, because most of the actors were in their thirties, and even aging them sixteen years would only put them somewhere in their forties. Most people don't look dramatically different at that age, and it would have been a waste of time and energy using prosthetics to achieve that effect." (Star Trek: The Next Generation 365, p. 180)

The Starfleet communicator features horizontal bars, rather than an oval, around the Starfleet insignia, in a design similar to the design seen in Star Trek Generations, and also used in "Parallels". The bars are used to replace the rank insignia from the collar of the uniform. Officers have silver arrowheads with gold bars (for full pips), silver bars (for hollow pips), and black bars (used to fill out the design to have four bars). The admiral's communicator uses inverted colors, with a gold arrowhead, with a silver star, and silver bars. Given that the admiral has four bars and a diamond in the center, he is a full admiral. (Source: memory-alpha.fandom.com)


So anyway, did we mention Riker’s got a son now? No? Well, neither did they until this point in the episode. You think that would be fairly important information to impart to him. So yeah, Riker goes and meets his boy, Jean-Luc (he has indeed named his SON after his old boss. Apple polishers of the world, up your game!) and they reacquaint themselves. Sadly, Jean-Luc’s mother is dead, but when Riker finally calls up some home videos of her his demeanour changes.

Riker heads to the bridge and immediately interrogates La Forge about the ship’s engine trouble. He’s incredulous that Geordi’s taking so long to fix them. He also asks Worf how he got his scars, but Worf can’t tell him. He accuses Data of recklessly using contractions, and then he tells Picard to fermez his goat-mouthed bouche. The image of his late wife was Minuet, a woman he met on the holodeck in the season one episode 11001001, so this is clearly all fake. He demands that the charade be ended. (Source: www.denofgeek.com)


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