Future Fight Ant Man Vs Star Lord

Future Fight Ant Man Vs Star Lord

Future Fight Ant Man Vs Star Lord

Star-Lord was then forced to battle Korath, who easily overpowered him despite his best efforts. Drax then came to Quill's aid and personally engaged in a fierce battle against Korath and managed to kill him by ripping out one of his cranial implants, electrocuting him to death. After Drax had killed Korath, Quill listened to him saying that he was making a metaphor of his murder, leading Quill to semi-agree with him. Just as Star-Lord considered correcting Drax on the meaning of a metaphor, they were attacked by another large team of Sakaarans sent by Ronan. Before they could engage in another battle against the soldier, Star-Lord and Drax then witnessed Groot massacre the entire team of Sakaarans.


Quill has a strong love towards his family and loved ones, which drives him to protect those around him and makes him reluctant to hurt his friends. However, his emotions tend to get the best of him, as he is prone to outburst of rage and sadness when confronted by the death of a loved one. This best seen when he learned the truth behind his mother's death and when he found out Thanos killed Gamora. Likewise, Quill had a very hard time accepting his mother's death, shown by how he refused to open the last present she gave him for more than twenty years because he was told to open it after she died. He still thinks about her and has grown to dislike Earth, due to the fact that is where he left his mother and because his father told him that his mother being connected to the planet was holding him back and why she died. Indeed, he has not visited Earth in years. After returning for the first time in decades, he wanted to leave as quick as possible.

Adept in marksmanship, sword fighting, and hand-to-hand combat, Star-Lord is a formidable cosmic hero whose red-eyed, Kree-fitted helmet is one of his most defining pieces of equipment that enhances his sight and provides data analysis. He also has a gun that only obeys only his commands and can shoot energy blasts summoned from the elements of the planet R?Ralmis. Additional weapons capable of firing tranquilizer projectiles and explosive rounds are just for added protection. He also receives cybernetic enhancements like an electronic eye, which can . (Source: www.marvel.com)


Lang went subatomic, harvested the needed energy, and then waited for van Dyne to finish the countdown to return him to the regular world. Suddenly, her comm went static. Unbeknownst to them, Thanos had collected the last of the six Infinity Stones during the Battle of Wakanda, and snapped his fingers to erase half of all life in the universe to achieve balance. At first, since van Dyne wasn't responding, Scott took it as a joke, but after multiple callings, he began to panic over what the big deal was. In reality, Pym, van Dyne, and Janet were all erased from existence as part of the random draw of Thanos' culling, leaving Lang stranded in the Quantum Realm.

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