Future Eaglemoss Star Trek Ships

Future Eaglemoss Star Trek Ships

Future Eaglemoss Star Trek Ships

After the success of our last two series of Eaglemoss Star Trek ships, we’re delighted to reveal the new series coming in just a few weeks. What exactly will it be? We promised you three things and here they are: even more iconic ships, better collectibles, and the best price offers yet.


ABS and die-cast metal scaled replica of a starship from the Star Trek universe. Notably, an unparalleled variety of ship designs have been produced as display models for this line, many for the first time, beyond the scope of all other mass-production manufacturers. Unlikely to be surpassed anytime soon, Eaglemoss' Star Trek starship model line has become by far the largest starship model line of any entertainment media franchise ever to be released by a single company – especially when also taking the similar and follow-up Discovery, Online, and Universe collections into account.

Bonus Edition issues commonly feature registry variants, concept designs, model ships, ships seen only on background displays, "extended canon" starships, and other designs originating from comics, novels, Star Trek Online, and Ships of the Line calendars, and were initially released in similar vein as the regular Standard Edition. The accompanying magazine is in contents similar to the Standard Edition magazines. The early SS Yorktown (first "convention exclusive") and Future USS Enterprise-D (subscription gift item) releases though, were issued in the "Standard Edition" packaging without magazines. Like the Special Editions, a number have been created in close consultation with the production artists who conceived the ships' original designs. (Source: memory-alpha.fandom.com)


↑ Ben Robinson has previously used live-action production CGI studio models to create illustrations for other licensed Star Trek print publications, in the process becoming, at least where the Star Trek franchise was concerned, a pioneer by doing so. He commissioned Rob Bonchune (and others) to render these models for use in the Star Trek Fact Files and its US magazine derivative. Robinson served as project manager, editor and writer of many issues of those publications (incidentally published by one of Eaglemoss Collections' two original constituent parts, GE Fabbri), foreshadowing his similar role at the Official Starships Collection.

↑ Praised by Lebowitz for their high level of detail, Ed Giddings' pre-existing Centaur and Excelsior models, constructed for the canceled 2000 Unseen Frontier reference book project, were deemed as quite suitable for use in the Official Starships Collection, as was his 2010 spin-off build of the refitted Excelsior-class which he had built for Bonchune's USS Enterprise Owners' Workshop Manual reference book. [7] New or replacement CG models that Ed Giddings' Cgreactor has provided for the Collection, as identified online, include issues 8, 40, 42, 46, 52, 59, 90, 98, 103, 123, SP1, Bonus issues 08 and 19, and XL issue 17. (Source: memory-alpha.fandom.com)


↑ A model of the apocryphal SS Yorktown model premiered at the New York Comic-Con and the Destination Star Trek Europe conventions in October 2016. [33] Subscribers were able to purchase it at a discount [34] and some remaining "limited stock" was retailed as a webshop exclusive. [35] [36] In total, 5,000 models were produced as a limited edition and a magazine was not included. (Source: memory-alpha.fandom.com)

↑ The length of the "real" Phase II USS Enterprise is not stated in the magazine so scale was calculated using Kennedy Shipyards' specifications, placing the length of the ship at 301.55 m. [42] Designed for use in Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Andrew Probert lengthened the Enterprise refit to a thousand feet (304.8 m), "just a few feet longer than it was", in reference to Matt Jefferies' Phase II ship dimensions. Computer screens also displayed the Phase II Enterprise design in the first two Star Trek films. (Designing a refit-Enterprise for Phase II) (Source: memory-alpha.fandom.com)



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