Future Baseball Stars

Future Baseball Stars

Future Baseball Stars

Major League Baseball is taking a big step in recognizing the increasing number of professional baseball players who don’t come from traditional baseball hotspots in the United States.


Sure, we have our fair share of grainy backfield footage and some spicy Instagram clips, but so few people have gotten to see him play baseball, which is wild for a guy whose autographed cards are routinely selling for tens of thousands of dollars. After signing with the Yankees in 2019, Dominguez didn't play in 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, he’s about to be thrust onto the biggest possible stage for a prospect, becoming the first player to appear in the Futures Game before playing a full season of minor-league ball.

Regional Combines are the first large step toward a selection to a FSS Signature event, and the direct path to the National or Underclass Combines. An invitation only event, players attending will receive a shirt, hat, full MLB level scouting report, video, data analysis, and on site player development by the Future Stars Series National staff which includes Major League All Stars and World Series Winners. This level is a must attend to advance to Citi field, Fenway Park, Underclass Elite, or the Fresh 50. (Source: futurestarsseries.com)


This selection round for the Underclass Elite and Fresh 50 is limited to 200 players who are divided into teams closely resembling regions across the country. Teams are coached by Future Stars Series National Staff. The 2022 Underclass Combine will be held in Lake Charles, LA at McMurray Park. Players will receive footwear, a jersey, hat, and pants along with a vision and cognitive response test, psych exam, video, and data analysis. Both New Balance Baseball and Marucci Sports will be on hand to allow players to customize their gear should they be selected to the Underclass Elite or Fresh 50. There is no cost for participating in this event, but selected players will take part in Fundraising efforts for charity through the Future Stars Series Foundation.

The FSS Underclass Elite event is limited to 50 players selected directly from the Underclass Combine. Most players selected will be rising juniors, and possibly some rising sophomores. Players will compete in a 3 day series and receive custom New Balance Uniforms, Custom New Balance apparel, Limited edition and specially designed footwear, Marucci bats, Marucci Glove, G-Form protective wear of their choice, Franklin batting Gloves, video, and an updated scouting report. The 2022 Underclass Elite will be held at the Major League Baseball Training Complex in Vero Beach, FL. (Source: futurestarsseries.com)


On velocity alone, Jose De Leon doesn't have one of the better fastballs out there. He can push it over 95, but he mostly sits in the 92-94 mph range. His fastball often seems to play better than its velocity, though. Due to some natural deception in his delivery and good late life, it explodes on hitters. With his MLB debut fast approaching, De Leon's fastball is a future spin-rate poster boy.

We all know Joey Gallo has a problem with strikeouts. He's whiffed in 34.6 percent of his professional plate appearances, peaking at 46.3 percent in his MLB cameo in 2015. There's probably no fixing this, as his 6'5" frame and long swing will always create holes. It's a good thing he has patience (14.7 career BB%) and the ability to clobber anything he makes contact with. (Source: bleacherreport.com)



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