Futura Star Wars Pop OR

Futura Star Wars Pop OR

Futura Star Wars Pop

You know what I'm talking about. One of the things I use to help me drift off at night. Turn your lights off and pretend to be a spacecraft of the Star Wars universe.


Celebrate Star Wars day with Funko! Funko is proud to introduce the first Pop! collaboration with graffiti icon and passionate Star Wars fan, Futura. This series combines Futura's abstract artistic style that incorporates both text and imagery with his favourite Star Wars characters in Funko Pop! form. Relive iconic moments from the classic film series with this brand new rendition of this Star Wars character. This Pop! is artistically brought to you by Futura x Funko and comes in its Pop! Protector! This Star Wars Pop! Vinyl Figure measures approximately 3 3/4-inches tall. Comes packaged in a window display box and protector. Specifics: Vinyl Figure stands approximately 9. 5cm (3. - Star Wars - C-3PO (Futura) Pop! Vinyl Figure + Protector

During the Galactic Civil War between the Empire and the Rebel Alliance, the Twi'lek remained in Jabba's service. A short time after the Battle of Yavin, which had cost the Empire its DS-1 Death Star Mobile Battle Station, the Empire elected to open negotiations with Jabba, but a Rebel strike team took advantage of the negotiations to destroy Weapons Factory Alpha. Following that loss, the Empire moved negotiations to take place at Jabba's Palace, but the Sith Lord Darth Vader arrived a day early to request bounty hunters for private business. After Vader arrived and killed two Gamorrean Warriors, Fortuna ran to the Sith to speak with him, only to be met with a lightsaber and a demand to see Jabba. Rushing to his master, Fortuna awoke him and informed him of what had happened. Fortuna stood beside Jabba as he began to talk with Vader, who ordered him to remove the audience so they could talk in private. After Jabba had many of them return in a failed attempt to collect the bounty on Vader's head, the Sith Lord threatened him with a Force choke, and the Hutt crime lord acquiesced, having his two best bounty hunters—Boba Fett and Black Krrsantan—dispatched to fulfill Vader's missions. (Source: starwars.fandom.com)



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