Futura Darth Vader Target Exclusive Star Wars Funko Pop Vinyl

Futura Darth Vader Target Exclusive Star Wars Funko Pop Vinyl

Futura Darth Vader Target Exclusive Star Wars Funko Pop Vinyl

The first Funko Pop vinyl of 2018 is almost here. And this one's a first edition to remember: Futura Darth Vader Target Exclusive. He’s posed with one arm behind his back, his cape is billowing at his side and his black boots are clutching the ground with the biggest sneer to the universe. He's available for the super-early supporter pledging $100 and higher so don’t sleep on it!


The paint was designed by a street artist known as Futura, and he did a set of Star Wars figures. Now that I have seen this one I HAVE to get more from the set. It’s a relatively simple idea with simple colour choices, but it looks incredible… There’s just something about it which works! I also noticed, as I got 2 of these, that the paintjob on each one is very slightly different. On both of mine the locations of the red dots change a bit.

The futura x star wars pop series is by far one of my favorite sets of pops! Graffiti artist Futura 2000 is truly an OG and his classic color schemes and patterns on funko pops are gorgeous! All came in pop stacks to truly protect these beauties. Vader is a must have in any line, and this is no exception.... (Source: www.desertcart.co)


Of course Darth Vader is the sith alter ego of Anakin Skywalker – possibly the biggest ass of a Jedi you could ever hope for… Not the younglings Anakin! He is also one of the most iconic and badass movie villains of all time. Everything about him from the outfit (especially the helmet), light saber and of course breathing and voice are absolutely worthy of movie history!

It’s at this point where I would usually do a short background intro about the character. In this case, that character intro wouldn’t be a particularly short one, and quite frankly, if you have no idea who Darth Vader is… What are you even doing here? Get off the internet, you’re using up valuable bandwidth! (Source: nerd-life.co.uk)



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