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Furniture Row :

Furniture Row

Do yourself a favor: don’t buy furniture online. The prices are inflated and the selection pales in comparison to brick and mortar furniture stores.


)We purchased a table and set of chairs from the store. It was a floor model closeout, so the price lured us in and we liked the looks, but knew it wasn't the highest quality. We needed two more chairs than they had in stock, so we took the table and the chairs they had, and they ordered the extra chairs. We got a call the chairs we in, so went to pick them up. When we inspected the chairs you could clearly see where nails were shot through the sides of the chairs, e.g. nails protruding it! Obviously, we didn't want those, so we asked them to reorder more. They did, we got a call, went back in only to find two more chairs, with more nails sticking out of them... seriously they didn't even bother to look at them. So they ordered yet another set of chairs... Obviously, we were frustrated that they couldn't get it right after 3 tries, so I discussed with the manager that a discount at this point seemed very fair. Nope, wouldn't do it. So sorry, but you have to pay full price and keep coming back to inspect the chairs that we don't.. seriously. Long story short, we finally got the two extra chairs, but had to just accept the poorly assembled chairs and like it. It amazes me that in this day and age that managers don't realize the value of customer service or their employers don't teach them. Give away a few measly dollars to retain a customer, rather than have them never give you any more money and tell all of their friends what a horrible experience they had with you. (Source:

I went to Furniture Row to buy a bed frame. I couldn't find anybody in the store to help me out. I finally found one very disinterested guy who quickly passed me off to somebody else. The whole purchase experience went this way. I also wasn't consulted about the delivery at all. I was just told when it would be - period. The guys that delivered the frame were great though - on time and efficient. However, I'll never buy from Furniture Row again - poor customer service in general and notably so after the sale. I upgraded my review from 1 star to 3 stars after being contacted by a Furniture Row customer support representative. She called to discuss the experience I had and asked what could have been done differently. I was SO impressed by the call that I felt I had to make this change. Things don't always go as planned and I definitely believe that the folks at Furniture Row are interested in understanding problems and making things better when possible - thanks!! (Source: S



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