Furesque Etsy - How Alicia Shaffer Got Started Selling Headbands on Etsy

Furesque Etsy - How Alicia Shaffer Got Started Selling Headbands on Etsy


furesque etsy

Etsy is an online community that brings together passionate designers and artisans with buyers searching for unique, handmade or vintage items.

It has achieved great success in drawing millions of customers worldwide. It provides a secure, convenient and friendly platform for users to buy or sell items.

Alicia Shaffer

Alicia Shaffer is the owner and founder of furesque etsy, one of the world's premier e-commerce stores that sells a wide range of clothing and accessories. She began her business in 2011 after her husband lost their clothing store due to the recession; using online marketplaces as an additional income stream has since proven successful for her store, now one of Etsy's top sellers.

Shaffer, originally from the Bay Area, studied public relations before launching her own small business. Initially she opened a clothing boutique but quickly realized her talents lay more with boho-inspired accessories. Ultimately she founded Three Bird Nest - an iconic boho accessories line which gained widespread recognition and has since become her flagship brand.

She has turned her passion for fashion into a successful business, earning $65,000 per month. Additionally, she offers consulting services to other equine businesses with branding, design, sales strategies and overall business coaching. Most recently she transformed her 120-acre equestrian ranch into an unforgettable training facility for local riders.

Alicia Shaffer's passion for animals has inspired her to pursue her lifelong dream of owning and operating an equestrian ranch, where she can now enjoy living out her passion for horses. Currently, Alicia is in the process of transforming her ranch into an equestrian training center and using her knowledge and expertise to assist other equine businesses.

Three Birds Headbands

When considering online commerce, Etsy may come to mind. But when you take a closer look at its numbers, you might be amazed to know that the site boasts over 30 million registered users, one million sellers and an impressive $1 billion in annual transactions.

Three Birds Headbands' owner and brains behind it, Alicia Shaffer, are self-professed "hobbyists". She runs an established brick and mortar women's boutique called Prim and has over ten years of experience designing, sourcing and marketing soft goods to women in various forms. Additionally, Alicia has perfected using social media and word of mouth marketing strategies to promote her business successfully.

In short, she's the real deal. She utilizes the latest and greatest technology to sell her products and isn't afraid to take risks. Her business has even made headlines with articles from Fast Company, The Huffington Post and Yahoo! Makers. Most recently, Etsy featured her on their January "Etsy Finds" email sent out to hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

Handmade Headbands

Alicia Shaffer began her business on a whim, creating headbands to sell in her boutique. However, the success of her products spurred her to open an Etsy shop of the same name - named after her three kids and inspired by a tattoo depicting three birds nesting.

Handmade Headbands is a boutique that sells headbands with fun patterns. Each item is handmade in Delaware by Abby Shepard and Laura Meme - best friends since meeting at a photoshoot years ago.

Their headbands are comfortable and easy to wear, featuring wide bands that fit most heads. Plus, they come in an array of colors and styles suitable for different occasions. A great way to express your individual style!

Personalized items are becoming an increasingly popular trend on Etsy, with 80% of shoppers preferring companies offering customization. This encourages them to return again, ultimately increasing your sales.

Handmade Headbands is known for its distinctive products and superior customer service. Their staff will assist you with ordering your items, answering any queries you might have and expediting them out to you quickly.

They offer a money back guarantee on their products. If you don't like what you purchase, simply return it within 30 days for a full refund.

The company's headbands are made with high-quality material and feature vibrant, eye-catching designs. They're a popular choice for both women and girls.

It's worth noting that the headbands don't feature a brand name, but the company does use its logo to demonstrate authenticity. It's an effective branding strategy which helps the company stand out among competitors.

One unique aspect of Handmade Headbands is their charitable initiatives. The founder donates all profits from her sales to charity, raising over $1 million and touching thousands of lives around the world.

The company's headbands are an excellent way to support charities that aid children. The owner's mission is to give hope and inspiration to children in hospitals, and her business serves as a testament to how social enterprise can have an impact.

Custom Headbands

Headbands have become a ubiquitous fashion accessory in recent years, catering to everyone from film and music stars and athletes to those just wanting to express themselves. Not only do they add some style, flair, and individuality, but they can also provide practicality when doing chores around the house.

Athletes, such as runners and cyclists, frequently wear headbands to keep sweat out of their eyes. This helps regulate body temperature and keeps sweat from clogging eyes with chemicals from hair products.

This allows them to perform better as they don't have to rely on their hands as often. Furthermore, the headband will protect their face from UV rays and other damaging elements that may harm skin or hair.

Accessorizes can be made from a range of materials. Plastic, leather, metal, fabric, teeth and other novelty components can all be combined to form stylish accessories.

For instance, leather headbands can be adorned with precious jewels and feathers. Furthermore, these headbands may include an elastic band to provide additional support to the head.

Etsy offers many ways to customize an item by adding labels, custom engraving or even a thank you note. Doing so can increase sales and foster customer loyalty.

Customization of an item increases a buyer's trust and confidence in a seller, with studies revealing that 80% of shoppers are more likely to purchase from companies offering personalized experiences.

If you are thinking of opening an Etsy store, it is essential to comprehend the intricacies of selling on this platform. Begin by creating a shop name and setting up your page. After doing this, begin adding items to your shop and promoting them online.

Another thing to keep in mind is that prices you set are subject to VAT (Value Added Tax). This tax differs based on where your shopper resides, so you may find your prices increased more than anticipated.

If you're thinking of opening an Etsy shop, select products that are relevant to the market and at a price point that appeals to your target audience. Doing this increases the likelihood of success as more people can see and purchase your creations at higher prices.

How to Use Cron in Silver Bullet 1.1.2

CRON Settings

Cron is a system utility that enables you to schedule commands to run at regular intervals. For instance, if your script generates web statistics and needs to run every morning at 5:00 AM, cron can help automate this task.

Cron is a straightforward way to automate tasks on your server without needing knowledge of how to use the command line. All you have to do is define a cron job - an expression defining when certain commands should be executed and which ones you wish to execute.

Each cron job must be defined in a special configuration file called the crontab. This looks like a table, with each line representing one cron job.

There are various strings that can be used to schedule cron jobs at specific intervals, such as hourly, daily or even on system reboots. These come in handy if your task needs to run at certain times each day or week.

In addition to specifying cron jobs with special strings, you can also define them using numbers or steps. Step values are useful when you want to skip between numbers such as 0/3 in the hours field or 0-23/2 for dayparting.

Finally, you can specify which days of the week your job should run on with the week parameter. This can either be a single number or string (e.g., */weekly).

Crontab files can be viewed using the crontab -l command, or edited using a standard editor such as vi. On Linux systems, these files are located in /usr/local/share/cron, while Mac OSX users have their home directory to choose from.

Once a cronjob has completed, it sends an email to the user specified by MAILTO variable with its results. This serves to inform them of the job status and can include any errors that occurred during execution.

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