Fundacion ONCE Home and El Banco Mundial Partner

Fundacion ONCE Home and El Banco Mundial Partner


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For those who are not familiar with Fundacin ONCE, it is an organization that promotes accessibility and provides employment opportunities to people with disabilities. It also advocates for the creation of accessible environments, products, and services around the world. Its Facebook page has more than 7 million followers. The group has also created a number of videos that explain how they can improve accessibility.

Fundacion ONCE

If you're looking for a place to connect with people with disabilities, look no further than Fundacion ONCE Home. This Spanish organization promotes inclusion, equality, and personal skills. They provide services and resources that enable people with disabilities to achieve the same opportunities as everyone else. This organization works to help people with disabilities participate in society, regardless of their age, ability, or condition.

The organization started as a Spanish organization for blind people and later expanded its activities to include people with other disabilities. This allows the organization to improve the quality of life of these people and create a more equal society. Fundacion ONCE also aims to promote social responsibility, employment, training, and innovation for people with disabilities.

El Banco Mundial

El Banco Mundial is an international development organization which provides financial and technical assistance to develop countries. Its programs aim to fight poverty and build capacities through knowledge and partnerships in the public and private sectors. These efforts have resulted in a substantial impact on the lives of millions of people worldwide.

The Banco Mundial Fundacin ONCE is dedicated to empowering people with disabilities to achieve their full potential. The organization promotes the integration of people with disabilities in society, empowering them with employment and education. The organization is also committed to advancing research and capacity building initiatives in order to create a more inclusive and equitable society. This work is crucial to tackling the growing global challenge of poverty.

Focus on accessibility

The ONCE Foundation is an organization that supports entrepreneurs who develop solutions to improve the lives of people with disabilities. The foundation has been a part of several major entrepreneurial events, such as SouthSummit and StartUpOle, which attract large numbers of entrepreneurs, as well as leading public and private entities. These events help generate knowledge and raise awareness on accessibility issues.

The organization promotes universal accessibility and Design for All through training, research, and collaboration. It also works with industry to develop universal accessibility norms and standards. Additionally, the foundation participates in the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme and Horizon 2020 to further its mission. It also promotes the use of Accessibilitas, an open online knowledge platform, to increase people's awareness of the issues of accessibility.

In addition, the foundation sponsors the Discapnet Awards, which recognize the best actions and initiatives in the ICT field that improve the lives of people with disabilities. It also provides a platform for interaction and participation of users, manufacturers, and accessibility experts. This page features news, articles, and resources on the topic of accessibility in the digital age.

El Banco Mundial's partnership with Fundacion ONCE

El Banco Mundial is partnering with Fundacin ONCE to support the social and economic development of people with disabilities. The two organizations will focus on education and employment, as well as research and capacity building. This partnership will help the organizations promote inclusion and equality among people with different kinds of disabilities.

Banco Mundial has repeatedly violated policies protecting indigenous people. The organization has also been accused of using its social media platform to promote indigenous products. The company's executives acknowledge the issues but propose a plan to correct the shortcomings. The goal is to make the organization more inclusive and culturally relevant for local communities.

Fundacion ONCE Devex

Fundacion ONCE Devex

Agile solutions

The Fundacion ONCE was looking for a methodology that would help them detect real user needs and develop agile solutions. While the initial focus was on improving public transportation, the organization hopes to apply the methodology to other initiatives. Using this framework, they have been able to deliver better services for users in less time.

The project manager is responsible for coordination between project participants, ensuring that each team is working to reach the project's objectives. This role also involves owning project governance and driving high-performing project teams. The manager also ensures that the project's requirements are met. This is a vital role in the implementation of Agile solutions.


Fundacion ONCE Devex is a non-profit organization that promotes accountability and transparency. The organization works in the development sector, focusing on the social sector and the poor. In 2016, it published the "Glass Half Full" report, which examined the state of accountability in 11 multilateral development banks. The report includes policy recommendations for effective accountability systems. The recommendations draw from the strongest policies of existing accountability offices and are meant to be a living document.

Good governance

Fundacion ONCE Devex strives to implement good governance practices that promote collaboration, transparency, and commitment in all of its activities. Specifically, the foundation aims to promote social cohesion and promote the full occupational integration of people with disabilities. It does this by focusing on issues of personal and professional skills, occupational qualification, and occupational competence. The foundation also promotes universal design and accessibility. In this way, it helps to create the conditions that enable people with disabilities to gain access to the labor force.

Excellence of criteria and procedures

The Foundation strives to promote social inclusion and non-discrimination, with particular emphasis on employment and occupational integration. Its activities are guided by good governance, transparency, excellence of criteria and procedures, and the efficient use of resources. Furthermore, it aims to promote social cohesion and solidarity.

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If you're interested in environmental conservation, you may be interested in learning about the work of Colombia's Fundacion ONCE Devex. The organization focuses on helping indigenous communities in Colombia. With 84 different ethnic groups and 60 different indigenous languages, Colombia's diverse culture is a melting pot of history, culture and gastronomic highlights. And while the country is a relatively safe destination, it still presents some risks.

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ONCE Fundacion - Solidaridad and Cooperation With All Types of Disabilities

Fundacin ONCE Solidaridad y cooperacin con todos los tipos

The ONCE Fund is a new initiative of the company that will allocate 60% of its sales to training and employment programs. The aim of the fund is to support the work of approximately 1,300 women with disabilities in order to improve their work skills.


Once, a nonprofit foundation, has been working to empower people with disabilities. Through its social programs, ONCE helps create opportunities for employment and social inclusion. The organization is also a social movement agent, working with other international bodies to promote the rights of people with disabilities.

The organization promotes employment for people with disabilities and works to promote global accessibility. This includes creating accessible products and environments. It also provides education and training to help people overcome the challenges that they face.

The group has also pledged to hire more people with disabilities. The organization plans to hire more women and people with disabilities in its workplaces. It also plans to work on European Union actions that will help people with disabilities access opportunities and social justice.

The organization has also been recognized for its work with women with disabilities. The program "Nosotros Tambien" of La 2 TVE has been recognized as a Mejor Action in the Benefit of Disabled Women category. In addition, it has won a Metricty Award for its work with the UN Convention on Disabilities.

Organizacion Nacional de Ciegos Espanoles (ONCE)

Fundacion ONCE is a non-profit organization that is promoting the full integration of visually impaired people in the world. Its mission is to provide employment and opportunities for individuals with different types of disabilities, and to create accessible environments and products and services. The organization is supported by major Spanish disability organizations and receives 3% of its gross gaming revenues.

During the democratization process in Cuba, ONCE was elected to its current composition by the citizens. In addition, the Consejo de Ministros approved the general agreement between ONCE and the government, which governs the relationship between the two organizations. Besides, it has also undergone important modernization processes, moving from a caritativa structure to one that provides services. In addition, it has transformed its Cupon Pro-Ciegos into a national sorting competition.

ONCE is an international leader in the field of creating employment opportunities for people with disabilities. It is a social movement agent, and has acuered agreements with other organizations around the world to make progress toward ODS.

In addition to facilitating the inclusion of invidentes in the labor force, ONCE opened its first colegios for them. During the 1940s, ONCE began to implement the mutualist model. In 1948, ONCE chose this model over a socialist one, and closed its open factories.

3% of sales of loteria products

The ONCE Foundation is an organization dedicated to helping people with disabilities. Founded in 1988, the Foundation has spent more than one billion dollars on programs for disabled people and has partnered with public and private entities to reach its goals. Its mission is to create better life opportunities for people with disabilities and to support them in their communities.

The ONCE organization is run by the Consejo General, a body of ONCE members elected every four years. It has the power to manage all ONCE activities and oversee its business. The Consejo General includes representatives from various ministries.

The ONCE foundation supports the work of socially responsible businesses in their communities. It has set up a system for collecting offers and evaluating requests from various groups and individuals. This helps the foundation respond to the needs of its beneficiaries in a timely manner.

IN the 1980s, the ONCE began its strategic inversion process by acquiring the Spanish newspaper Diario and the newspaper El Independiente. It also participated in the creation of Telecinco and the radio Onda Cero. The organization also aims to create jobs and opportunities for people with disabilities and underrepresented groups.

Fundacin ONCE

The mission of Fundacin ONCE is to create jobs for people with disabilities. Its projects also promote global accessibility and the creation of accessible products, services and environments. The organization works with companies and governments around the world to make their workplaces, stores, restaurants, and other areas accessible for people with disabilities.

Fundacion ONCE works in various sectors to promote accessibility, including employment and education for people with disabilities. Its main focus is on helping people overcome the social and economic barriers that prevent them from having equal access to the workplace. This organization was founded in 2007 and is a member of the Organizacion Nacional de Ciegos Espanoles.

Fundacion ONCE works to promote global accessibility by providing accessible environments, products, and services. The foundation also promotes digital solidarity. Many of the projects supported by the foundation are aimed at achieving equality, including the Paralympics. The organization is also active in the business sector and is a shareholder in several companies. The foundation is a founding partner of the European Network for Accessible Tourism (ENATA).

On the other hand, it helps to integrate disabled people into society by providing them with job training. In Seville, the foundation has partnered with the government and PCT Cartuja to provide job training to people with disabilities. As a result, 15 people with disabilities have already benefited from the course.


The Mission of Fundacion ONCE is to promote the full social inclusion of people with disabilities. Its activities focus on two priorities: improving employment and training opportunities for people with disabilities, and advancing the goals of equality and non-discrimination. The Foundation also promotes accessible environments, products, and services.

Through its activities, Fundacion ONCE has achieved significant progress in achieving its mission. Its network-based approach has helped it establish transnational cooperation in Europe. This strategy has enabled it to develop three transnational cooperation networks and a number of complementary actions. Its activities are in line with the European 2020 strategy and the European Disability Strategy 2010-2020.

Fundacion ONCE's activities are guided by its principles of good governance, transparency, and inclusiveness. It is committed to fostering collaboration among all stakeholders. It also follows the principles of transparency and accountability in its management. It is open and honest in its operations, and ensures that its resources are being used appropriately.


Fundacin ONCE is an organization that provides digital training for disabled individuals. It also works with companies such as Roche, which will discuss its talent acquisition strategy and cloud computing strategy. In addition, it will describe its new sustainable office and its philosophy. The organization also plans to create a new training center.

Solidarity activities

The Solidarity activities at Fundacin ONce are aimed at improving the lives of vulnerable people. The activities focus on education, social awareness and cultural activities. Among the beneficiaries are mothers with children, young people, and mental disabled people. The main objective is to help them overcome their problems and regularize their situation. Hundreds of volunteers and pharmacists participate in the campaign every year.

Solidarity activities are a way to build a chain of solidarity between institutions that have a common mission and value unity. In this uncertain time, it is imperative to continue the unity of the cultural sector. With the advent of the digital age, knowledge exchange has become much easier, but it is still crucial to maintain the basic cultural agenda.

Fundacin ONCE has a long-standing history of solidarity with other disabled groups. It has sponsored a cycling team from 1989 to 2003 and is represented on numerous international bodies. Its Directorate-General manages the day-to-day work of the organisation. The foundation also has its own business arm, which specializes in promoting digital services.

Sponsorship of Spanish cycling team

The major sponsors of the Spanish cycling team have said they will continue their support despite the doping scandal. These sponsors believe the scandal will not damage the sport long-term. Banesto, a spanish bank, and ONCE, an international bicycle brand, are among the companies that support the team. A major scandal in cycling in the country in recent months has forced the team's manager to resign after police reportedly searched a number of its riders for illegal performance-enhancing drugs.

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The Repsol Foundation and Fundacion ONCE are partners in a framework agreement that promotes social inclusion for people with disabilities. According to Antonio Calcada, vice-president of the Repsol Foundation and Jose Luis Martinez Donoso, executive managing director of Fundacion ONCE, the agreement aims to create opportunities for the disabled through employment, and to improve the company's environmental performance.

ONCE is a social enterprise with a global impact, focusing on promoting equality and non-discrimination for individuals with disabilities. The organization is also involved in the Paralympic movement and a founding member of the European Network for Accessible Tourism. Its holdings include several companies and stakes in other companies. It started as a cupon company in the 1980s, and the company's managers then implemented a profit-oriented investment policy.

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