Free Sous Chef Resume Samples

Free Sous Chef Resume Samples

Free Sous Chef Resume Samples


www.velvetjobs.com)Leadership: Confirm culinary production appropriately connects to the Executional Framework. Ensure proper culinary standards and techniques are in place for preparation of food items, including production, presentation and service standards. Oversee culinary team to ensure quality in final presentation of food. Train and manage culinary and kitchen employees to use best practice food production techniques. Coach employees by creating a shared understanding about what needs to be achieved and how to execute. Reward and recognize employees. Plan and execute team meetings and daily huddles (Source:


www.resumeviking.com)This would be relevant if you are currently a Line Cook, and this is your first job as a Sous Chef. In this section, you may provide an overview of all your previous culinary positions since the day you started formal employment, with descriptions for the last five years from internship duration (if applicable) up to your current job. Use brief sentences with bullet points to list your most important daily activities under each role you have had. If your resume is on the skinny side, you may also discuss your catering gigs gained unofficially, for instance, getting practical hours during at a Chef School or culinary training periods.

Firstly, provide details about your culinary repertoire such as your cooking skills and competencies with sophisticated techniques and specialty menu items, for instance, plating for fine dining, advanced cake decorating or preparing a bordelaise from scratch. A Sous Chef is supposed to have advanced knowledge of proper techniques when using kitchen utensils, tools, and equipment to create dishes the meet the strictest standards of quality. In this paragraph, you need to highlight your creativity and enhanced cooking techniques showcasing your ability to stay on point with the latest culinary trends and techniques. (Choose up to 5 complex techniques that you have mastered and list them accordingly in your resume). (Source: www.resumeviking.com)




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