Free Guitars for Future Stars.

Free Guitars for Future Stars.

Free Guitars for Future Stars

Being able to play music of your own is priceless. Especially when you're a kid. Take that opportunity away from your kids to by giving them a free guitar from us.


Free Guitars for Future Stars (FG4FS) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that was formed in January, 2009, by Scott Neumann, Cheryl Neumann, and Matt Mickelsen. They provide free guitars and guitar lessons to students from low-income families in McHenry County, Illinois. Many schools that are in financial trouble begin “fixing” their funding problems by eliminating programs. Music and Art seem to always be the first to feel the pinch. But even in a healthy school system, music programs rarely include applied lessons on the guitar. This leaves many children from low-income families without ever getting the chance to experience the joys of playing the guitar. Our mission is to fill this void by making free guitars and lessons available to children from low-income families.

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Through that program, Muriel Anderson, a renowned harp guitarist, became aware of the Free Guitars for Future Stars program. Anderson brought Neumann on stage to talk about program at her Thanksgiving concert in Woodstock. The group subsequently applied for and received a grant from Music for Life Alliance, founded by Anderson.

Neumann relies on grants and donations to handle the expenses of a nonprofit organization and to pay for guitars and music supplies. He works at Home of the Sparrow to supplement his retirement income. Most recently Free Guitars for Future Stars received grants from Mockingbird Foundation (through the band FISH), The McHenry County Community Foundation, and Willow Springs Foundation. (Source: chronicleillinois.com)



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