Flowers That Bloom in Shade or

Flowers That Bloom in Shade or

Flowers That Bloom in Shade


Sweet alyssum is an old-fashioned annual that holds its own in a part shade spot, opening tiny, dainty white blooms with a sweet fragrance. Snow Princess (shown) updates that timeless beauty by giving sweet alyssum an ability to withstand heat and sun. Use Snow Princess in part shade to full sun as a spiller in containers, or count on it as a butterfly-attracting ground cover in beds. Plants grow 4" to 8" tall and up to 24" wide.When leaves are this pretty, flowers aren't necessary! Hippo Rose polka-dot plant (Hypoestes) delivers outstanding color with contrasting shades of hot pink and deep green. Tuck this beauty into containers or use it to fill a planting bed with can’t-miss color. Pinch plants when young to increase branching. Plants grow 16" to 22" tall by 8" to 14" wide.


Coleus is an old-fashioned favorite for shady locations, and modern varieties deliver even more. This trio of ColorBlaze coleus boasts beautiful leaves on plants that don’t set flowers easily, which means no more endless deadheading. Mix and match coleus varieties for containers or planting beds by choosing complementary and contrasting leaf colors and patterns. Make sure the coleus you choose is not a full-sun variety if you’re growing it in the shade. Pinch out growing tips when plants are young to increase branching. )Shady spots explode with color when you draft botany’s big guns for shade: caladium, begonia and ivy. This pot showcases classic container garden design. A white and green caladium stands in as thriller, with Dragon Wing Pink begonia as filler and green ivy as a spiller. It’s a blend that easily fits on any porch or deck to bring season-long color.

Dragon Wing begonias are a shade all-star, strutting their stuff in part to full shade. These begonias are low maintenance, heat tolerant beauties that pump out flowers until fall’s first frost. This planting combination looks great in a pot but would transition easily to planting beds too. Color explodes on the leaves of Kong Salmon Pink coleus. Bright lime-green leaves unfurl to reveal bubble gum pink splotches and burgundy etched veins. Each leaf is a work of art. This coleus struts its stuff best in full shade but also sparkles in part sun. Large leaves make Kong Salmon Pink a strong choice for landscape designs or large containers. Plants grow 18" to 20" tall and 15" to 18" wide.Give your shady spots some sparkle with the endless flowers of white browallia. Also known as bush violet, this tropical bloomer thrives in heat. Pinch plants when young to increase branching — and flower numbers. Once browallia starts blooming, there’s no need to remove spent blossoms to keep the flower show going strong. Bush violet grows best in full shade; avoid giving plants full sun. Look for varieties with purple flowers. Plants grow 12" to 16" tall and 10" to 14" wide. (Source: www.hgtv.com)



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