Florida Georgia Line and Nelly OR

Florida Georgia Line and Nelly OR

Florida Georgia Line and Nelly


Nelly and Florida Georgia Line, who top the charts with “Cruise,” will join country’s top stars and EDM royalty as headliners of the huge Tomorrowland festival.


You could say that hip-hop star Nelly helped pave the way for artists such as these to crossover into the country genre. Fans will recall, in 2004, the rapper duetted with Tim McGraw on the popular track, “Over And Over.” More recently, he joined forces with Kane Brown on the breezy track, “Cool Again.” Before that, he was featured on a remix of Florida Georgia Line’s 2013 smash, “Cruise.”

“With this project, I like to call it a lot of country club bangers. You know what I’m saying? So, you know, it’s just got that… You know, obviously, Nelly is not a country artist… but this is, I call it country influence because this is music from Nelly that is influenced by country. It’s my appreciation for country music,” Nelly explained. “It’s my thanks for country music, the whole world of country music, for allowing Nelly to be a part of it, for allowing Nelly to be. So, this is what Nelly’s bringing to a side of country music that other people probably couldn’t write. And not be able to mesh the two. So yeah, I like to call this a bunch of country club bangers, man. And I think this project is the perfect summer anthem, not just for Nelly fans, not just for country music, but just music period.” (Source: musicmayhemmagazine.com)


Yeah, well, we filmed it in Nashville. I don’t know exactly where I was, my phone wasn’t working all the way. I had to stand by a tree and hold my left arm up sometimes, just to get some signals, but it was really dope. It was really dope, man. The area’s real serene, But the concept of the video is Nelly coming to Nashville for the weekend to hang out. We just kept it simple , just having a little fun, just a little bit. You know what I mean? And we rolled out, man, and we had a little kickback out by the lake and things like that, and we just genuinely found our energy, and our connection. And yeah, I can’t wait for people to see it. It came out pretty good.

“It’s me going to Nashville just to hang out with the guys,” he tells PEOPLE about the clip. “Getting picked up by Tyler, going to meet BK and we just having fun just a little bit, you know what I mean? And kind of having a kickback, meet out at the lake. … We shot the video in Nashville and it was dope, man. We just had a lot of fun with it.” (Source: www.soundslikenashville.com)



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