Flights to Georgia OR

Flights to Georgia OR

Flights to Georgia


So my mission this week is to find the cheapest flight to Georgia. I’m just looking for a quick answer as to which carrier will get me there for the least amount of money. And I’ll share it here, too.



Cons: "The flight was delayed 6hrs 30 mins and changed departure gate twice. At no point was there a gate change announcement overhead (there were gate change announcements made for flights to Bermuda, Boston and San Francisco). During the boarding process many people stood and went in before their group was called, one agent noticed it and told the agent checking the boarding passes “all of these people are group A?” To which the other agent replied: “no, but I can’t do anything about it”. If there are group assignments, they need to honor that, as some people pay to board earlier."

Pros: "The crew was great, and so was a JetBlue pilot dead-heading in the seat next to me. I liked the space in the MoreSpace seat I paid for. I relieved that the upgrade seat came with boarding in the first group. Some airlines you pay for the seat, but you're still group 3 or 4 and, meaning all sorts of anxiety about the most miserable part of any flight, the dreaded fight for the overhead bins, wondering it you'll have to check the bag and then wait for it at the destination. Thank you for removing that." (Source: www.kayak.com)


Get ready for a memorable adventure, because cheap flights to Georgia are now available for a limited time! The capital, Tbilisi, is the home of Tbilisi International Airport (TBS), a 25-minute drive or a scenic 45-minute bus ride from the city centre. TBS serves many airlines, including Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways and Gulf Air. Popular flights to Tbilisi depart from Johannesburg and Cape Town. The flight duration from Johannesburg is approximately 13 hours, 40 minutes.

Pros: "Flying with Frontier Airlines for the first time was a wonderful experience. Airfare was very reasonably inexpensive for a round-trip nonstop ticket from Atlanta to New Orleans (under $100), customer service and flight crew were friendly, and both departing and returning flights were on-time. I will definitely use them again. I didn't partake of in-flight meal, beverages or snacks due to short flight time and I brought my own with me which was a cheaper option. One checked bag did cost an additional $60 round-trip but considering the cost of airfare I didn't mind." (Source: www.kayak.com)


Pros: "I needed to change my flight because my international flight from Buenos Aires was delayed due to a national work stoppage and I would miss my scheduled Delta flight from JFK to SAV. The cost difference to take a flight later the same day was exorbitant (over a $500 additional cost to the price of the original ticket) so we elected to fly back to SAV two days later. I do not understand how airlines can get away with charging such exorbitant ticket prices--these prices should be regulated!"

Cons: "We had seats at first where there was what looked like bubble gum bits stuck on one of the food trays. The flight was clearly not cleaned although it landed 2+ hours before the departure. We had to ask for a wet tissue and clean it up. That was of no use too as it wouldn't scrub off. My wife was feeling under the weather and so we asked for a blanket. The blanket was hardly a blanket and more like a towel. We then luckily could switch seats as there were 2 vacant. But, the air conditioner was leaking water in the seat to our left. The crew was callous and just stuck the passenger with some napkins saying it does that. I don't fly Delta a lot and my experience in this trip isn't inspiring much confidence." (Source: www.kayak.com)



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