Flights From Miami to Charlotte OR

Flights From Miami to Charlotte OR

Flights From Miami to Charlotte:

Our business is operating on a small scale, and we’re usually flying to destinations we’ve never visited before. That has some nice benefits, but as a small business, it also presents some challenges that come with not knowing how to truly take care of our passengers. We had a terrible experience on our first flight, and we wanted to offer our thoughts on both the good and bad of flying as a small business.



Pros: "Everything. I bought some souvenir magnets from the shop across from Starbucks near Gate C5(?). The gentleman working the register was very pleasant and was a welcome personality so early in the day. As a service member, I would like to thank him for his service. He was consistent in asking patrons whether they’d like to purchase a travel kit for the troops. A few patrons were abrupt and responded rudely but he maintained a level head and pressed on. Great attitude and professionalism. Thank you very much for your support! Also, I was able to get my Military discount applied towards my purchase which enabled me to purchase 1 travel kits for my fellow service members. A little goes a long way and when returning from deployments or coming home for R&R, it tends to be hectic and I, myself have often forgotten toiletries which I was able to get from the USO. The USO staff were also friendly and did an amazing job handling all of the personnel that funneled in, exhausted. Great attitudes and clean facilities. I would love to see an expansion to this USO location. They were full up this day, thank you for having this available to us! TSgt Angela Santiago Otero, USAF"Cons: "That the price to take a small carryon was just as expensive as taking a large suitcase, ended up having to pay and extra $80 r/t for a small bag and I just that's standard for them. There were no barf bags in any seats, believe me everyone around us was looking as the person next to me was getting sick on the landing because it was crazy rough. When we finally were able to get an attendant over she was as rude as could be, I'm sure this sick person next to me was sorry she "inconvenienced" the crew member, if they just put bags in the seats pockets like every other airline this wouldn't have been an issue. The seats were very uncomfortable with no padding and not able to tilt. The tray tables were nonfunctional, too small and did not extend to get anywhere close enough to reach you. The plane ride itself felt like we were on a old school bus on a gravel road. I had a round trip ticket with frontier and both trips were equally as bad. I will never travel with them again, Most of us weren't even sure if we were going to survive take off with out the plan breaking or something."

Cons: "Fare cheap but all the 'musts'made it more than any other airline: $9 Online fee; $25 kiosk fee (which didn't work and had to pay $50 fee to check in with clerk; had to check bag approved for under seat/carry on (12"c12") and since kiosk didn't work, charged $60 for 1st bag, even though I paid $60 for a 'first checked bag' and 2nd bag should hAve been cheaper. It was TSA agent who told me I would be required to check the bag by Spirit as it didn't meet carry on criteria and if I didn't check now, would be $100 at gate. I told her that I was traveling back with same TSA approved (and Spirit online rules) and she became rude and rejected my bag (and did a complete body search) so, I was forced to check the bag or miss my flight. I asked her and the Spirit clerk (3) if this was a TSA/ Spirit racket with kickbacks for TSA and/or Spirit and NOT on of them laughed, smiled, or denied this question. Mever again will I fly Spirit airlines or recommend to anyone!"Cons: "Where to start... I understand the concept of a base fee and you pay a la carte for everything else but this only really works for a single person traveling with a small personal item ONLY. You are literally charged for EVERYTHING. Which is mostly stated on their website with the exception of the checked bag and carry on fees of $50 and $55, respectively. Those fees can vary depending on who you ask....And even though they say you can save by using the kiosk ($20 to go to the counter), we ended up going to the counter anyway because the kiosk could not complete our transaction!!! On our return, we had to go through customs which requires you to get your checked bag (decided to save the $5 and check it on the way home), go through customs and then drop off your checked bag to continue your flight. Well, the Spirit representative decided it would be a great time to take a break and be completely MIA from their post. We had to go completely out of the terminal and back to a counter to recheck our bag. Resulting in a very close call on not making our connecting flight. The long and short of it all: We "Saved" $100.00 total on the initial ticket purchase. We paid over $220.00 ADDITIONAL to have our one carry on and sit next to each other ($20.00 each seat, each leg of trip). Never flying Spirit again and have been telling everyone not to. Bad Spirit!" (Source: www.kayak.com)



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