First Mow of the Season lyrics

First Mow of the Season lyrics

First Mow of the Season

think you could make a better argument for NOT mowing. Let the plants that are going to get tall do exactly that: get tall, and mature, and then trim them down later (gradually: not more than 1/3 of the height at a time), after they've had a chance to gain whatever can be gained by being the big boy in the yard. (Source:

That's what I overheard a vendor rep saying to a customer last time I was at Home Depot. Cut it as low as possible for your first mowing. My neighbor did that, made a lot of hay and had a yellow lawn for three days. That can't be good advice can it? What's the logic behind that? (Source:

Bestlawn is quite correct. The last thing on the list that that lawn needs is 'shock and stress'. Don't over mow, and don't over grow. Let the lawn drift up toward 4", knock a third off, and mow it down to about 3". Nothing else. You can't 'outsmart' your lawn. If the plant is healthy, it will prosper. If it lacks something, it will not prosper. Let it grow, mow it when it needs it, and that's about it. And those little sprouts, that might have just come up? I gotta believe that grass plants have been competing with grass plants for eons now, this didn't start last year. They've got that all worked out, and there's nothing for you to do, and nothing for you to worry about. (Source: www.houzz.com)



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