Fifa Scout Future Star OR

Fifa Scout Future Star OR

Fifa Scout Future Star

Developed by UEFA, this mobile application uses augmented reality to “visualise" the future stars of football who will play on the internationally recognised pitches, in clubs and on the national team. If a club feels that their player has the potential to become a future star of the game, they can use the app to find out what club and international team the player is currently playing for.


They're in that little widget at the top right hand corner of your screen, the one that includes some numbers hardly anyone bothers with. As you play FIFA, you earn XP and you also earn Football Club Credits (FCC). You spend these credits to unlock items from the catalogue (you have to click in the right stick to get there). Items include boots and balls, all-star kits, and bits and bobs for online seasons and career mode.

The EASFC was initially created for FIFA 13 to reward people who put time into the game. At one point EA put FUT Coin reward boosts in the rewards, but the developer disabled that back in February 2014 because players exploited a glitch that let them earn more coins than they were supposed to. EA eventually pulled Ultimate Team items from the catalogue entirely for FIFA 20. I've been playing FIFA for years (your progress carries over from game to game), and I have amassed millions of these credits, all gathering dust there at the top of my screen. (Source: www.eurogamer.net)


A good football scout does two things: keep an eye on both the established names and on the youngsters making waves in academies or smaller leagues around the world. In FIFA 22, you’ll need to keep tabs on those young names as you work your way through the Career Mode, especially if you’re looking to sign some pretty exceptional FIFA 22 wonderkids.

As any good manager will know, signing the highest rated player with the top FIFA 22 Career Mode potential will make a pretty hefty dent in your transfer budget for the season, so opting for a relatively unknown youngster is a good tactic. If you find the right one who knows? You might have the new Ansu Fati on your hands. (Source: www.theloadout.com)



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