Fifa Future Stars Fifa 20 OR

Fifa Future Stars Fifa 20 OR

Fifa Future Stars Fifa 20

The FIFA eWorld Cup takes place every year and players from all over the world compete for their share of the $1 million prize pool. The Live Champions of the eWorld Cup are the best Fifa players in the world.


A: Each Upgradable Objectives Player will have a dedicated objective that you can work through to earn the four versions of their Future Star item, simulating that player’s progression throughout their career. After unlocking the first version of the player, their subsequent items can be earned by completing various objectives with the latest unlocked version.

The Future Stars will get special player cards with upgraded ratings. These ratings are based on where they could be if they fulfil their potential. A squad of 21 Future Stars will be released in packs, for a limited time, with supercharged stats to help them compete with today’s FUT elite (31 Jan 2020). (Source: www.fifplay.com)


FUT fans could also expect to see another Future Stars SBC and some Future Stars Academy Players, which are able to be upgraded when completing certain objectives, which would replicate what happened last year in FUT 20 with Martin Odegaard and Daniel James Future Stars objectives.

EA SPORTS have confirmed that the FIFA 21 Future Stars promo will kick off at 6pm GMT on Friday February 5, with a Team 1 most likely to be released at this time along with an SBC and an objective, with Team 2 most likely to be revealed on the following Friday February 12. Various SBCs and objectives are also set to be released throughout the promo's duration. (Source: www.mirror.co.uk)


FIFA 20 continues to be updated in 2020, and there’s a brand new promotional event called Future Stars to enjoy. As you might expect, this new set of cards will showcase exciting young prospects in the world of football, shining a light on excellent players who have yet to have their time in the sun. There are new activities to complete alongside the Future Stars cards, giving you plenty to sink your teeth into. Here’s what you need to know.

For the first time ever in FIFA Ultimate Team you can upgrade certain Future Stars cards by completing objectives. Players like Odegaard can only be received and upgraded as part of the FUT Objectives section. You'll need to complete all kinds of objectives like scoring with midfielders, passing training drills and more. There are four versions of each player, each with a higher rating than the last. Complete objectives to do so. Here are the players you can currently upgrade: (Source: www.usgamer.net)



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