Fifa 20 Future Stars Predictions

Fifa 20 Future Stars Predictions

Fifa 20 Future Stars Predictions

With the Fifa 20 Future Stars coming up this month, most are focusing on which players will take the award home. I like to focus on which players will have a big impact come Season 20.


EA SPORTS have confirmed via a new FUT loading screen that the FUT 21 Future Stars promo will start on Friday February 5 at 6pm GMT. The promo is likely to feature two teams released a week apart, with 14 players featuring in each team, which is what has happened in previous years.

The ratings of these cards are based on the potential future ratings they may reach while on the top form of their professional careers. Inspired by the FIFA Database each FUT Future Stars’ rating is based on what a player could become if they live up their hype and fulfill their potential in the future. (Source: www.mirror.co.uk)


EA SPORTS have already confirmed that the FIFA 21 Future Stars promo is a two-week promo, with the Team 2 set to be revealed and released into packs on Friday February 12, with the promo eventually ending on Friday February 19. The FUT 21 Future Stars Team 1 squad featured upgraded items for youngsters like Giovanni Reyna, Eduardo Camavinga, Steven Bergwijn, Harvey Barnes and Reece James.

As mentioned, many considered the inaugural Future Stars to be the best promotion in FIFA 19. This year's iteration has been up and down. Ultimate Scream was arguably the best of FIFA 20 with others lacking in major areas. If Future Stars doesn't live up to the hype, we might see FUT 20 die down earlier than expected. (Source: www.dbltap.com)


Future Stars are special FUT cards featuring significant upgrades. These rating increases are essentially based on what a player’s stats could look like if they manage to fulfil their potential over their career. As such, only young players are selected. But these players must already be showing promise and making a name for themselves in the football world.

In last year’s edition of Ultimate Team, Future Stars had to be younger than 23 years old and not already established as a worldwide star. To clarify further, these special card’s stats are fixed, meaning that they are not dynamic live FUT items. Check out Nick – RunTheFUTMarket‘s FIFA 20 Future Stars predictions directly below, along with each player’s new rating. (Source: www.dexerto.com)


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