Fifa 14 Future Stars OR

Fifa 14 Future Stars OR

Fifa 14 Future Stars

We’re delighted to announce FIFA 14 Future Stars! We’ve selected 23 of the best young talents to be the stars of the game. This is your chance to experience the future stars from their debut on FIFA 14 onwards!


Leali is a young goalkeeper that I always signed in FIFA 13’s Career Mode, and he’s still one of the first names I add to my shortlist in the new game. He can’t be bought or loaned at first as he’s already on loan at La Spezia from Juventus, but when you do buy him you’ll be getting a keeper with great Reflexes and good Diving that will improve very nicely.

In my first FIFA 14 Career Mode save I started as FC Porto, who I recommend as their squad is packed with promising young players. Iturbe spent a while out on loan at first, but very quickly played his way into the team when he came back – he felt so good to use that I couldn’t leave him out even though there was plenty of competition for the left wing spot. He is incredibly quick, a brilliant dribbler who feels really responsive in possession and he can do four star skill moves. (Source: www.ea.com)



Here's a player you can sign straight away, and I highly recommend you do exactly that if you're after a talented winger that will improve both his Overall rating and his transfer value pretty quickly. Ajax asked for £10 million from me in my first season but accepted £7.2 million after a fairly long negotiation, and that's a very good price for a player of Fischer's current and potential ability. He's got enough pace to beat markers, he's an excellent dribbler and he's not a bad finisher either. If you buy him to play on the left wing then keep in mind that he's right footed, so it may be tougher to feed your strikers with quick, accurate crosses as consistently as you would with a lefty.

Belfodil could be the perfect partner for a smaller, faster striker like Musa, as he’s the total opposite. 6ft 4in tall and incredibly strong, the Inter wonderkid holds the ball up really well and has some good technical abilities that allow him to keep possession and bring others into play easily. He’s a pretty good dribbler and can finish too, so he’s very capable of going for goal himself. Unfortunately for us Career Mode gaffers he hasn’t been with Inter that long, so he’s another player you’ll have to wait to sign permanently. I have been able to get him in on loan in previous saves though. (Source: www.ea.com)



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