Fashion Resume

Fashion Resume

Fashion Resume

The fashion industry is one of the largest sectors to work in across the world. In the UK alone the fashion industry employs around 555,000 people. This makes the industry one of the most energising to work in, but it also means if you want a job in fashion you need a stellar CV to stand out. Read on to discover Beyond Talent Recruitment's expert advice to secure your next fashion job with these CV tips.



The layout of your resume is the style that you order your credentials and other job information. If you have several years of work experience to feature, use a chronological format to focus more closely on your previous responsibilities. You can use a functional format if you're pursuing an entry-level role and have little to no experience to showcase, as this format emphasizes your skills. To highlight both your skills and experience, use a combination resume layout.

You’ve spent hours and hours on Google searching for the best Fashion Designer resume, and you’ve finally reached your destination: VisualCV has helped thousands of professionals in the fashion industry get the job they have always dreamt of and we want the same for you. Let us help you build the best resume ever: for yourself, for your brand, for the recruiter and for your future employer! (Source: www.visualcv.com)


As a fashion designer, you are a professional who has been passionate about fashion for a very long time: keeping up to date with all the latest trends doesn’t feel like work to you as you absolutely love it. You’re quite good at sketching designs and selecting materials and you have a part in all the production aspects of their designs. You are great, you work behind the scenes and consumers love you, but you’re finding it difficult to create a standout resume.

Have you created and implemented brand new fashion designs and concepts? Have you customized clothing lines and signature series? Have you been working with the Creative Director and been organizing photo shoots? What has been your best achievement? Were you involved in any work that has been published on famous fashion magazines? (Source: www.visualcv.com)


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