Famous People From Georgia OR

Famous People From Georgia OR

Famous People From Georgia


Stories about the origin of famous people are often fascinating time travel tales, and the latest such story is from a unique place: the Caucasus region of Georgia. A myriad of legends and myths have developed around the origin of some of the world's most famous people, including the roots of their names.


One of the most recognizable faces of our time was born in the Atlanta suburb of Smyrna. The iconic star of Steel Magnolias and Pretty Woman, Julia grew up in a creative atmosphere. Both of her parents were actors and she followed in their footsteps. She has received many awards and is one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood. As one of the most famous people in Georgia, she certainly makes her home state proud!

Georgia is quickly getting a reputation for being a little Hollywood. In addition to the above list of famous people from Georgia, we’ve had many famous movies and TV shows filmed here over the last few years — most notably the smash AMC hit The Walking Dead. Much of The Hunger Games was also filmed in Georgia (the Atlanta area, to be exact). To see some places you might recognize from the big screen, check out this list. There’s even more big films listed here. (Source: www.onlyinyourstate.com)


I know we just covered famous people born in Georgia, but there are quite a few who took their last breaths in Georgia as well! This list features celebrities that passed away in the Peach State. Not only are we the top producer of peaches (duh), but also pecans, peanuts, and Vidalia onions (which are named for a city in Georgia). The Okefenokee Swamp is the largest swamp in all of North America. There’s a tree in Athens that owns itself and the area surrounding it.

Born on January 15, 1929 in Atlanta, Georgia, Martin Luther King, Jr. became one of the most important figures in the American Civil Rights Movement. He headed the Montgomery Bus Boycott and contributed to the formation of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. His very famous speech, ‘I Have A Dream’ was testimony to his oratory skills. He won the Nobel Prize for Peace in 1964, making him the youngest person receiving it. Throughout life, he stood against racial discrimination and sought to bring about the establishment of human rights in society. His assassination on April 4, 1968, meant the loss of a great human being. (Source: historyplex.com)


Born on November 5, 1958, in Marietta, Georgia, Robert Patrick spent his childhood in Bay Village in Ohio. The role that was a milestone in his acting career was the one he played in Terminator 2: Judgment Day. He played T-1000 starring opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger in that film. He made a mark on the small screen, acting in various television shows. He is a proud winner of the Saturn Award. Some of his other well-known performances include his roles in Walk in the Line, The Unit, Die Hard 2, Spy Kids, and many more.

Martin Luther King Jr. (1929 - 1968) Baptist minister and civil rights leader, was one of the most important forces in America's civil rights struggle during the 1960s. Born in Atlanta in 1929, King used a non-violent approach in his effort to stop segregation and discrimination. He is best known for his "I Have A Dream" speech which he delivered at the Lincoln Memorial in 1963. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964. King was assassinated in 1968. (Source: www.ereferencedesk.com)



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