Explore the Wonders of Peru With Enchanting Travels

Explore the Wonders of Peru With Enchanting Travels


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A Peru vacation allows you to explore the country's beauty and indigenous heritage. While there, you can visit a range of sites including the mystical Machu Picchu, the misty cloud forest, and Lake Titicaca. You can also visit the vibrant and elegant city of Lima, which offers breathtaking views, historical districts, and a fascinating array of cultures.

Colca Canyon

For an off-the-beaten path luxury Peru tour, visit the Colca Canyon. This dramatic canyon is twice the depth of the Grand Canyon, and is home to a variety of activities. It is an enchanting natural environment with pre-Inca historical sites and a rich wildlife population of Andean condors.

In addition to the Colca Canyon, Peru's Sacred Valley and Amazon Basin are must-see destinations. The country's cultural heritage includes the ancient Incan city of Cusco and the mystical Nasca Lines, as well as the colonial city of Arequipa. You'll also get to experience the country's gastronomy in the Pacific capital, Lima.

Choosing the right luxury Peru travel package depends on your needs and budget. Most travelers have only a week or two to explore Peru's highlights, so tailoring an itinerary can be a challenge. Enchanting Travels' team of local experts will help you choose the right travel itinerary for your vacation.

Besides the Colca Canyon, Peru holiday tours offer many other unique experiences. You can fly over the mysterious Nazca drawings or enjoy a boat ride on Lake Titicaca. Some Peru holiday packages also include an adventure lodge near the tropical Amazon. Luxury small ship river cruises can also be a highlight of your trip.


Luxury Peru Travel cruises are a great way to explore the region's natural wonders. You'll be able to experience the majesty of the Andes, the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu, and chic beach resorts. Moreover, the Amazon rainforest offers a dazzling variety of natural landscapes. Innumerable species of flora and fauna make this destination an ideal place for a relaxing holiday.

In addition, all-inclusive Peru Travel cruises provide a convenient way to see many of Peru's best attractions, since the cost of transportation, accommodations, and food is covered. Many of these trips even include sightseeing tours. You can relax and enjoy the views without worrying about the finances.

Enchanting Travels' luxury Peru Travel cruises offer a unique experience that is sure to impress. On board, you'll have access to private bathrooms with 24-hour hot water and hairdryers. You'll also enjoy a gourmet menu accompanied by fine Peruvian wines.

The first part of the tour takes place in Quito, Ecuador, followed by a Galapagos Islands cruise, where you'll see some of the most flora and fauna in the world. The second half of the trip is spent in Cusco, the oldest inhabited city in the Western Hemisphere and the base for the archaeological wonder, Machu Picchu.

Tours with A&K

Tours with Enchanting Travels combines expert knowledge with personalized service to create unique and unforgettable journeys. The company has served more than 40,000 guests since 2004. Their portfolio includes over 70 destinations. You'll explore Peru's rainforest, Andes, and Amazon. This 10-day tour of Peru will offer unique opportunities and comfortable accommodations.

From a private boat ride along Lake Titicaca to the mystical Nazca Lines, you'll be blown away by this South American adventure. The itinerary includes visits to ancient Inca ruins in Ollantaytambo and the Sacred Valley. In addition, you'll get to spend a day on a floating island of the Uros people on Lake Titicaca.

While most visitors to Peru have two weeks to spare, this can make it difficult to plan an itinerary that fits into their schedule. Enchanting Travels offers a customized itinerary and local guidance to help you make the most of your time in Peru. You'll have access to a Trip Coordinator around the clock, ensuring your comfort and safety.

From pristine vistas of the Amazon to ancient ruins, Peru has something to please every traveler. Its unique combination of ancient and modern life makes Peru a truly fascinating destination to visit. The seven things to do in Peru are representative of its natural splendors.

Whether you're looking for an adventure or an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you can find the perfect South American tour with Enchanting Travels. They can provide customized itineraries for your vacation, and even help you plan your travel budget.

Private tours with Enchanting Travels

Most visitors to Peru have only two weeks to spend here, so customizing an itinerary is important. Enchanting Travels' luxury Peru travel agency provides local experts with a personal touch. Hiram Bingham, who is credited with rediscovering Machu Picchu, is an expert guide.

Enchanting Travels has been serving travelers for over 14 years. Their award-winning services combine extensive destination knowledge with outstanding service. Since 2004, they have served over 40,000 clients. Their portfolio includes more than 70 destinations. Regardless of your budget or level of expertise, they have a personal trip coordinator who is available around the clock to assist you. The trip coordinator will manage all logistics for you and fulfil special requests.

Enchanting Travels Luxury Peru Travel offers private tours to explore the country's most unique sites. Starting in Lima, their private tours include the lush Amazon Rainforest, the Sacred Valley of the Incas, and the floating Uros Islands. In addition, they include a complimentary cooking lesson in Cusco.

Enchanting Travels also offers private tours to Argentina. Their consultants can design the perfect itinerary based on your preferences. Your trip can include the Peninsula Valdes, south of Buenos Aires, where you can see penguin chicks and sea lion pups. You can also explore Patagonia, a region of icy glaciers.

Destinations International Conferences and Events

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Video submissions must comply with certain criteria. Video submitters must have the permission of people featured in their videos, license Destinations International to use their voice and likeness, and indemnify Destinations International against any claims arising from such use. By submitting a video, the video submitter agrees to indemnify Destinations International from any claims, including infringement claims.

EDI tool

Destinations International, the world's largest association of convention and visitors bureaus, recently launched the EDI tool for its member organizations. This online tool helps members assess their EDI practices and uncover new ways to achieve EDI goals. The tool provides a score and guide to leading best practices in destination EDI.

Using the tool, Destinations International members can create EDI goals and track progress in their workplace and community. The assessment platform contains questions related to workplace dynamics, operations, vendor selection, community engagement, and more. The results provide a detailed analysis of an organization's EDI score based on best practices and median industry standards.

The EDI tool is available free of charge through Destinations International's website. It includes an EDI assessment form that identifies specific needs and areas for improvement. Using the EDI tool, destinations can identify where they need to make changes to improve their practices and make them more inclusive. This tool also allows them to compare themselves to other destinations.

EDI is a protocol for exchanging information in a business-to-business context. It's important for businesses to understand the business process behind the technology to make the best choice. It's also vital to understand that EDI is not a one-way street.

Global All-Stars

In its 10th year, the Global All-Stars showcases the best ideas and innovation in destination marketing from around the globe. The event is organized by Miles Partnership and showcases five leading destinations, each with a different vision of the future. These innovators will share their work on destination development, sustainability and guest experience.

The conference featured virtual programming, including Executive Roundtables, Shirtsleeve sessions, and facilitated education sessions. In addition, the Marketplace of Ideas showcased company resources and 1:1 chats. There were also Evolve and Elevate Microsessions on relevant topics. The conference also included interactive activities that fostered excitement among attendees, including gamification, yoga, meditation, and social media engagement.

The global travel industry is facing many challenges today. With a worldwide pandemic, budget cuts, global elections, social unrest, natural disasters, and a multitude of other global challenges, destination leaders must come together to create innovative solutions and work with all stakeholders to advance their work. The CDC convention is an excellent opportunity to build relationships and network with peers, thought leaders, and other industry leaders.

Destinations International is also working to improve its diversity and inclusion initiatives. A new Mentorship Program aims to build connections between industry professionals. Those who wish to participate can enroll in the program as a mentor or mentee. The website has tools that enable both parties to track their relationships, participate in discussion forums, and access mentoring resources.

Spirit of Hospitality

The Spirit of Hospitality at Destinations International is a charity event that celebrates the dedication of the travel industry. This year, the Destinations International Foundation presented the award to Tourism Cares, a nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing the positive impact of tourism. Tourism Cares also provides online educational resources on topics such as diversity, animal welfare and human trafficking. Tourism Cares is committed to helping communities worldwide create more welcoming environments for travelers.

The Spirit of Hospitality Celebration is the organization's premier fundraiser and honors exceptional contributions in the travel industry. It also benefits the nonprofit Destinations International Foundation, which provides education, research, advocacy, and leadership development. The Spirit of Hospitality celebration is one of the Foundation's signature events and brings together industry leaders from across the world. The event also features a silent auction, dinner, and live entertainment.

Spirit of Hospitality Celebration attendees will be treated to a VIP reception on the evening of July 17. The reception features live entertainment, a networking opportunity with the Destinations International Foundation, and a VIP Blue Moon beer tasting experience. Tickets to this event are available to guests, and are limited to a limited number.

The Destinations International Foundation also launched the Anne Daly Heller USAE 30 Under 30 Scholars Fund to promote ongoing education among the organization's members. Since its creation, the program aims to identify future leaders in the destination organization industry and invest in the next generation of destination experts. Each year, 30 aspiring destination professionals are selected for the program, which provides valuable industry networking opportunities and thought leadership.

Travel Jam

Travel Jam for Destinations International aims to help destinations tell their stories through content. This year's event will feature speakers Cassidy Blackwell, co-founder of Airbnb, as well as Alan Boniface, a consultant on Placemaking - re-imagining public spaces to better serve visitors. Another speaker, Stafford Marquardt, will discuss Google's work with destinations, including adding 360-degree content to maps.

Annual Convention

The Destinations International Annual Convention is the premier event for destination management and marketing professionals. It is an interactive learning environment that brings together industry thought leaders, destination organizations, and other industry partners. The organization also offers a variety of educational programs and resources to help members improve their destination marketing and tourism offerings. Attendees will gain knowledge and insights from a variety of speakers, including CEOs of destination organizations.

This year's convention also included virtual programming, including Executive Roundtables, "Shirtsleeve" sessions, and virtual exhibits. There was a Marketplace of Ideas, which featured virtual exhibits, company resource downloads, and 1:1 discussions. In addition, there were Evolve and Elevate Microsessions, which explored current and relevant topics. Interactive activities were designed to engage attendees and build their enthusiasm for the conference. These included yoga, meditation, and social media engagement, as well as cocktail-making classes.

The DMO and CVB community should be prepared to work together to overcome the current economic crisis. It's crucial for destination organizations to work together with stakeholders and address these challenges in order to improve their destinations. The Destinations International Annual Convention is a forum for that. If you're interested in attending, be sure to register today. Early bird registration rates are available until April 7th, 2022. You can find more information on the website.

The convention was hosted in Toronto, Canada, where the host city, Destination Toronto, hosted the Annual Convention. The Metro Toronto Convention Centre served as the main location for the event. At night, the convention attendees were able to mingle and relax in the historic Hockey Hall of Fame, which displays the Stanley Cup.

Videos for Destinations International

Videos for Destinations International

When submitting a video for Destinations International, you must ensure that it is an original work of your own. It cannot include any third-party content or materials that you do not own or possess, including copyrighted material. In addition, you must obtain the rightful permission of the material's owner and have the legal right to use it. You must also grant Destinations International a non-exclusive, worldwide license to use your video. This license also covers derivative works.


As the 2020 Annual Convention approaches, Destinations International is launching a new initiative to help destinations create more inclusive workplaces. The group has established a committee to promote diversity in the travel industry and launched a survey in January of this year. The study examined perspectives from 718 destination members of its international membership. It identified opportunities for growth and calls for more education on diversity in the travel industry.

The study will focus on how to market more culturally diverse experiences and how to build the profile of the culturally curious traveler. It also will highlight the importance of a diverse workplace in recruiting and retaining talent. According to Don Welsh, president and CEO of Destinations International, the study will help the industry to continue to focus on diversity.

The video illustrated the message of inclusiveness and diversity. It included LGBTQ+ and differently abled people, who have historically been excluded from travel marketing campaigns. The diversity video depicted real people in Kingston, adding a sense of authenticity to the campaign. It was widely shared across social media platforms, which is another example of how diversity can be embraced by a destination.

The Diversity video series highlights the work of Destinations International's chief diversity officer, Sophia Hyder Hock. The award recognizes a trailblazer in the travel industry who is making strides towards inclusion and diversity. The new campaign is being led by Destinations International, which is planning its inaugural Advocacy Summit in Baltimore this October.

Destinations International's Online Community is a member benefit. It includes helpful resources for destinations with disabilities. Members of Destinations International can access the community by logging in to their account. If they need assistance, the organization will be more than happy to help. When a destination is making an effort to improve diversity, it helps all of the destinations it promote.


Using videos to promote destinations is a great way to create a welcoming destination for all travelers. Videos can be created to include different ethnic groups, such as LGBTQ+, or they can be created to highlight the city's diversity. By including a diverse variety of people, destination marketers can create more authentic content for their marketing campaigns. For example, the Visit Kingston marketing team for their Pride photo shoot used real Kingston residents instead of professional models. This helps the videos feel more authentic, while also demonstrating how inclusive they are.

The Destinations International Equity Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Assessment Tool is a tool for destination organizations to track their progress in achieving a more equitable environment. The tool can help destination organizations assess their workplace dynamics, operations, vendor selection, community engagement, and accessibility-related strategies. The tool can also help destinations understand how they compare with other destinations in the industry.

The videos for the organization feature interviews with four of the organization's key members. These include the CEO of Visit Oulu and the Director of European Engagement, Jane Cunningham. In these videos, Destinations International leaders discuss their personal experiences of networking with industry professionals, learning from other destinations, and developing their skills.

The Destinations International Foundation recently announced the 30 Under 30 Program, a program that will convene in St. Louis on July 23-25, and will offer a number of professional development opportunities. The 30 Under 30 class, which is now in its ninth year, is a great opportunity for young people to become a part of the travel industry. The program is supported by founding program partner SearchWide Global and is sponsored by IMEX Group, MMGY Global, and Northstar Meetings Group.

Destinations International is one of the world's largest resources for convention and visitors bureaus and official destination organizations. The new partnership is expected to strengthen the association's educational programming and research activities.


Getting the most out of the tourism industry isn't just about finding a great destination. You have to create a product that appeals to the needs of your members and partners. Insights for Destinations International helps you do this by conducting research on the characteristics of your visitors. The results of these studies are valuable and helpful for your destination marketing efforts.

The tool can help your destination organization assess and track their current EDI strategies. Using a variety of filters, this tool will help your organization identify which EDI strategies are working best for your destination. This tool will give you an idea of how you can improve your strategies and make them more intentional.

According to the results of recent surveys, half of destination organizations are expecting immediate budget cuts. The reductions will typically be between 20 and 50 percent of the budget. Many destinations are implementing immediate reductions in personnel and program costs. These cuts will negatively impact their ability to continue to serve their members.

Despite this setback, traveler optimism is growing. The good news is that the travel industry will continue to adjust and change as a result of the pandemic. For example, 54% of travelers said they would choose a destination that has COVID-19 safety protocols. In addition, 49% would choose a destination with less travelers, and 64 percent would follow local guidelines to stay safe.


To be eligible for the Opportunities for Destinations International Leadership Awards, you must have been a part of a destination organization for at least 1.5 years. In addition, you must have received the support of the destination organization's president/CEO. To apply, you must submit an application, a headshot, a brief essay and a video. The video must be self-produced and follow the guidelines outlined in the application.

If you are under the age of 30, you may be eligible for the 30 Under 30 Program. To apply, you must be a member of a Destinations International member organization and be under 30 years old. The deadline for applying is March 1, 2022. Once selected, you will gain access to a mentorship program and valuable networking opportunities. You will also gain access to the 30 Under 30 network, which is comprised of highly engaged alumni.

As a member, you'll gain access to other professionals in the destination industry. You'll be exposed to decision makers and influential executives in the travel industry. This means that your organization will benefit from a more direct connection to these influential people. You'll also have more opportunities to enhance your business through partnerships with Destinations International and its member organizations.

You can also participate in a number of charity activities through the Destinations International Foundation, including the Spirit of Hospitality Awards. This annual event will take place on Thursday, July 21, 2022, at Stackt Market, Toronto. Donations to the foundation support research, education, advocacy, and leadership development.

The Association's Pathfinders Programme is an initiative that will identify opportunities and gaps in the European destination organizations ecosystem and guide the Association's post-pandemic strategic engagement in Europe. The program will build on previous studies and guide destination leaders to re-engineer their organizations for success in the future.

ABOUT - Destinations International

ABOUT  DestiNations International destinationsintcom

The Online Community of DestiNations International is a resource for member organizations. Members have access to it through their member login. Members can communicate with one another and receive assistance from one another. However, this online community is exclusive to member organizations. The cost of membership and the Terms of Membership are explained below. Members can access the Online Community and its resources only if they are employed by a member organization.

Julie Holmen joins DestiNations International to lead membership engagement

Julie Holmen, a 25-year veteran of the hospitality industry, is joining Destinations International as its new director of membership engagement. Based in Toronto, Canada, she will be responsible for the organization's global membership engagement strategy. She previously served as director of strategic alliances for Meeting Professionals International (MPI), where she managed global supplier accounts and strategic alliance partners. She also has experience in selling individual hotel properties in the global travel market.

Julie Holmen joined Destinations International as its new project/program lead for membership engagement strategies. She previously served as director of strategic alliances at MPI and served as area director of sales and marketing at Shangri-La Hotels in Toronto. She also held a senior leadership position at Destination Toronto.

Access to Online Community is exclusive to all staff at member organizations

Access to the Online Community is available to members of ASPPH. Members may participate in the discussion board. Individuals may not post messages that are defamatory, threatening, abusive, or offensive. They may also not post documents or files. They must post messages in the most appropriate discussion and not spam multiple discussions with the same message. Messages should contribute to the body of knowledge and not promote a particular viewpoint.

Cost of membership

Members of Destinations International enjoy access to a membership-exclusive online community. The community provides support and assistance for travel professionals in any destination. Its membership benefits also include an annual conference and other benefits. Membership costs start at $200 per year. To learn more, visit destinationsint.com.

Terms of membership

As the world's largest resource for destination organizations, Destinations International (Di) offers education, advocacy, and research for the travel industry. Through its membership, destination organizations are empowered to succeed in their missions. Membership is open to any organization interested in destination marketing, destination promotion, or tourism development.

Home - Destinations International Community

Home  Destinations International communitydestinationsinternationalorg

The Home - Destinations International community contains various articles and resources that are designed to help destination organization staff. The articles discussed on the site range from EDI Strategy Roadmap to the 30 Under 30 program. Moreover, you can also find rules and etiquette that must be followed when posting on Destinations International.

EDI Strategy Roadmap

The EDI Strategy Roadmap for Destinations aims to provide a comprehensive approach to equity, diversity, and inclusion in the travel industry. It is designed to help destination marketing organizations build a better workforce by addressing the need for a diverse workforce. This roadmap focuses on four main areas: self-awareness, education, awareness, community engagement, and workforce development.

A new report by Destinations International, the largest resource for official destination organizations, convention and visitor bureaus, tourism boards, and destination management organizations, lays out the top priorities to address the issue of diversity. It also offers tools and resources to help destination organizations assess their own workplace dynamics and accessibility, and includes opportunities to foster structural social change.

EDI's strategic roadmap includes the creation of a CEO Leadership pledge, which will encourage Destinations International's senior management to be a catalyst for change. The organization also launches an executive leadership development program in partnership with Ladipo Group, which will focus on developing executive leadership skills. It will address topics such as emotional intelligence, unconscious bias, and effective communication. The EDI CEO Leadership Promise will be launched in December 2020.

The CEO Toolkit provides destination executives with resources and guidance for enhancing diversity in the organization. A special Executive EDI Masterclass will educate destination executives and leaders on topics such as unconscious bias and microaggressions. Additionally, the 2020 Diversity Benchmark Survey will track progress in the industry and identify opportunities for growth. The organization also develops annual report cards that highlight progress in achieving EDI diversity standards. It also partners with universities to educate diverse talent for the future.

EDI has been a top priority for Destinations International since the organization began. Its founder, Danny Guerrero, has been in the travel industry for twenty years. His background includes in-house, agency, and global positions. As the CEO, he is committed to advocating for underrepresented travelers and promoting the importance of travel to diverse youth.

As a destination marketing expert, Areng has worked with several destination marketing organizations over the past decade. He has worked as a consultant for Visit South Walton, Louisiana's Northshore, and Cajun Bayou. During his career, he has won the Certified Destination Marketing Executive (CDME) designation and served on the CDME review committee. Additionally, he has guided five organizations through the DMAP program, achieving six accreditations.

30 Under 30 Program

The Destinations International 30 Under 30 Program honors young professionals who are making an impact in the travel industry. The coveted program provides a platform for rising destination experts to present their innovative ideas, share best practices, and challenge preconceptions. Participants are empowered to lead the future wave of destination marketing, through a variety of educational and networking opportunities. The program also offers a unique mentoring program and alumni council opportunities.

The program is now in its sixth year, and is made possible by founding program partner SearchWide Global, as well as sponsors IMEX, USAE, and DMAI. The 30 Under 30 honorees will be recognized on Monday, August 1 at DMAI's Annual Convention in Minneapolis. The program's keynote speaker will be Abigail Posner. The travel and tourism industry supported 284 million jobs in 2015, accounting for one in 11 global jobs, and is projected to grow to 370 million by 2026. The World Travel and Tourism Council, which promotes the travel industry, says that it is critical to nurture the next generation of industry leaders.

The 30 Under 30 program recognizes the brightest young leaders in the industry. This annual program features a diverse group of participants, ranging from entrepreneurs to CEOs, as well as alumni of the previous classes. The program is also sponsored by the Destinations International Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the development of young talent in the industry.

Rules and etiquette for posting on Destinations International

When posting on the Destinations International Community, you must respect the community rules and etiquette. This includes not posting any content that is illegal or protected copyright. If you post such content, you must first obtain permission from the copyright owner before posting it. After obtaining permission, you may post the content in another medium. You must also provide a link to the original discussion or the Community homepage when reposting it.

Resources for destination organization staff

A successful destination management organization (DMO) will help the destination attract tourists and support local businesses. These organizations use marketing and branding techniques to attract travelers and create a positive image for the destination. They maximize available resources including public and private funds to ensure a high return on investment. They will also work with local businesses to understand travelers and local events.

DMOs are critical to the world economy. They ensure that a place's tourism industry is thriving and that tourists have an unforgettable experience. They do this through strategic advertising campaigns, print materials, influencers, and social media. They also develop long-term marketing strategies. For example, a DMO will produce marketing collateral and social media content for an event or city to draw tourists.

Resources for destination organization staff include best practices, guidance, and case studies. One example of a website for destination managers is the Business Advice Hub. This site provides free content and tools for tourism businesses. This includes the Pink Book Online, a fire risk assessment tool, practical tips, and a tourism business toolkit.

Destinations International

HOME DestiNations International destinationsintcom

Access to the Online Community is an exclusive benefit of Destinations International member organizations. All staff from member organizations are invited to join the community. This online resource provides resources and assistance to members. It also offers a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section and Contact Information.

Contact Information

Destinations International is a destination association with professional tracks and industry standards. In addition to their education programs, they also have a variety of deals, offers, and membership opportunities. They also hold live web events, including one that takes place on June 29 at 1:00 PM ET. If you would like to donate to their organization, they have a PayPal donation option. Donations over $1,000 are accepted.

Destinations International

Destinations International is a professional organization representing destination organizations such as convention bureaus and visitor bureaus. The organization's goal is to increase the number of people visiting destinations and increase their economic impact. Its members include convention bureaus and visitor bureaus from around the world. The organization also offers educational programs and publications.

Access to the Online Community

As a member, you have exclusive access to the Online Community of Destinations International. The Community is a forum for discussion and collaboration with other Destination organizations. Members can post comments, share files, and connect with peers. They can also subscribe to daily digest content and alerts.

You can join the community for free, or you can become a member for a small fee. DI is a trade association for destination organizations and supports their interests by providing thought leadership and networking opportunities. It also serves as the voice of destination organizations and helps its members communicate their message to their customers. Membership in DI promotes dialogue within the industry, bringing together innovative people and leveraging travel to benefit communities around the world.

The purpose of Destinations International is to promote communities as attractive travel destinations. It enhances the public image of communities and enhances economic development. It is a win-win-win situation for all involved. The community's public image is strengthened and its reputation grows. This results in economic vitality and opportunities for all its residents.

Education initiatives

Destinations International's Education Initiatives (EDI) are a cornerstone of the organization's mission to ensure equitable access to the travel and tourism industry. The organization works to reshape power structures by providing resources to improve education opportunities for people of all backgrounds. The company recognizes that underrepresented students face barriers to enrollment and graduation, and that student loans often put them out of financial security. To combat these challenges, Destinations International, in partnership with its industry partners, has established the Destinations International Foundation HBCU and Hospitality Scholarship to provide scholarships to underrepresented students.

The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (CTCS) is responsible for leading the implementation of Canada's new International Education Strategy. The new strategy, developed in collaboration with the Trade Commissioner Service and other federal government departments, complements Canada's Trade Diversification Strategy and Innovation and Skills Plan. In the first year of implementation, the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service provided services to over 800 clients in the education sector, and held events across the country to promote the EduCanada brand. In 2018-2019, its services contributed to the signing of 83 new commercial agreements for clients in 35 countries.

Education initiatives are important for destination organizations and convention and visitor bureaus. The EDI Committee at DIT offers resources and best practices to help destination organizations create EDI goals and measure their progress. The EDI Committee also provides opportunities for members to engage in strategic planning and programmatic initiatives to advance the goals of the organization.

DIT has implemented a new digital marketing strategy to diversify Canada's international education sector and address demographic and geographic gaps. This strategy focuses on targeting students from emerging source countries and students who seek a broader choice of programs. Priority countries include Brazil, Colombia, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, and Vietnam. The scope of this strategy will continue to be reviewed and adjusted based on the needs of Canadian provinces and international student statistics.

MINT+ transformation

As part of the ongoing MINT+ transformation, Destinations International has announced that it will implement a new subscription rate beginning July 1, 2019. The subscription rate will be $5,200 for CVBs with an annual operating budget of more than $2 million, and $3,200 for CVBs with a budget below $2 million. The new rate structure will be implemented in January 2020 and will be shared with subscribers by the end of Q3 2019. As a reminder, the new rate structure will apply to the MINT+ database and will continue to be accessible to both sales and service teams.

The new system will improve data management and navigation. In addition, it will eliminate manual entry and integrate new data sources. It will also incorporate artificial intelligence to better curate leads for subscribers. The new system will reinforce Destinations International's mission and ensure the success of CVBs around the globe. Ultimately, it will also provide enhanced research, education, and advocacy for CVBs.

The MINT+ All-In platform also eliminates the need for DMOs to assign market segments. The new system applies universal industry standardization and best practices to all participating organizations. This ensures accuracy and will make all the data in MINT+ more accessible and searchable. All DMOs are expected to comply with this new standard.

Reporting tiers

Destinations International recently released an Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Assessment Tool, a tool that will help its members measure their EDI efforts and identify areas for improvement. The tool assesses a variety of areas, including workplace dynamics, operations, and community engagement. It also provides a score based on best practices and industry medians.

The tool is designed to assist destination organizations in managing and enhancing their social and economic impact by quantifying the positive impact of their work. Reports are categorized by reporting tiers, with the basic tier comparing your results to industry medians. The highest-level reporting tier includes a 75-minute consultation with Destinations International's chief diversity officer.

Second and third-tier destinations are often more affordable than first-tier destinations. While they lack first-class airlift, 10,000 hotel rooms, or large meeting facilities, they are improving their infrastructure and community assets. Moreover, they are often an incentive travel destination. As such, they are competing with first-tier destinations for business travel and incentive travel.

EDI Assessment Tool: Destinations International has launched an online tool that assesses the organizations' operations, policies, and community engagement practices to determine if they have a fair and equitable environment. This tool also includes data-driven metrics that can be used to compare destinations with different budgets. The tool also includes a guide to leading best practices.

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