Example Of Food Service Worker Resume..

Example Of Food Service Worker Resume..

Food Service Worker Resume

Everybody’s got skeletons in the closet. But it’s the skeletons of your past career(s) that could determine if your future is full of win or woof.


A Food Service Worker will prepare and serve meals in food courts, grocery stores, and cafeterias. The job description entails working for dining service that serves schools, hospitals, colleges, Universities, and correctional facilities. Primary accountabilities listed on the Food Service Worker Resume include the following – performing preparation tasks such as slicing, chopping, dicing and marinating food items; weighing and measuring ingredients; wrapping and date-labeling food items, cleaning and organizing work areas; serving customers in a friendly and fast manner, and escalating customers’ issues to management.

Objective : Cashier/Food Service Worker with a proven ability to effectively provide skills in customer service, office administration, and mentoring/training. An unwavering commitment to customer service, with the ability to build productive relationships, resolve complex issues and win customer loyalty. Strategic-relationship/partnership-building skills, listen attentively, solve problems creatively, and use tact and diplomacy to find common ground and achieve win-win outcomes. (Source: www.qwikresume.com)


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An easy way to strengthen your food service resume is to make your professional experience pop with action verbs. Not only does it keep your resume from being a dull read, it also helps you come off as being more of an authority and go-getter. For instance, notice how our applicant uses strong verbs, such as “perfected”, ‘“maintained”, and “mastered”, instead of weaker ones, such as “had”, “became”, or “was”. (Source: resumegenius.com)


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