ESG Venture Capital Funds

ESG Venture Capital Funds


There is a growing number of VC firms that have committed to putting ESG considerations at the forefront of investing. The first ESG VC fund was Houghton Street Ventures, which is affiliated with the London School of Economics. Today, more VC firms are joining the movement. New firms that are affiliated with Houghton Street Ventures include Balderton, Westly Group, and LocalGlobe.

esg venture capital funds

A growing number of VCs have begun asking about ESG during due diligence meetings. These anchor investors often include foundations and university endowments. These funders can influence the agenda of VCs by influencing how they evaluate their investments. The new investment tools are needed to measure a company's impact on society. With more VCs incorporating ESG into their investment decisions, many investors are becoming more open to this approach.

Investing in ESG-friendly companies is becoming increasingly popular. The benefits of a green-friendly investment are clear. Companies that invest in such companies are more likely to be profitable. However, a small percentage of the funds invest in ESG-friendly businesses. As a result, the ESG-friendly firms will be able to attract more investment. By adding ESG practices, VCs can build a sustainable company culture.

When startups pitch to prospective investors, they must be prepared to answer tough questions about their business model and the impact it has on society. In order to gain credibility among potential investors, a startup must be well-researched before making a pitch. In addition to ensuring that they present the most effective product or service, a startup should be prepared to answer questions about its social and environmental impact. The government should also support more ESG-friendly VCs.

The vast majority of ESG-friendly VCs use an implicit strategy. The US lags far behind its counterparts in implementing policies that address climate change. Therefore, the US is falling behind in implementing such policies. Despite this, however, a growing number of venture capital funds are investing in companies that adhere to ESG principles. These funds are a good sign for the global economy. It shows that venture capital firms are increasingly aware of the ESG issues that are important to their investments.

VCs have a broader purpose than simply investing in companies that meet ESG criteria. The majority of ESG funds have an implicit strategy because they are motivated to do good. For example, in the US, many LPs have memories of the CleanTech craze of the mid-2000s and are wary of backing a new impact fund. But more LPs are choosing to make investments in such companies.

VC funds generally take a minority stake in a company, but they can engage with the company on ESG issues. They can help a company integrate ESG factors into its operating principles and culture. This will help the company meet the expectations of later-stage investors. They can also provide an invaluable resource for ESG-conscious entrepreneurs. By engaging in the ESG field, VCs can better engage with their investors in their investments.

How to Hunt - Find a Mentor Or Learn From One

How to Hunt  Find a Mentor Or Learn From

Many hunters are interested in hunting. Whether it's to rekindle the passion that has been dormant for years or to start a new family tradition, hunting can be a great way to reconnect with family and reconnect with your roots. Hundreds of people have expressed their interest in hunting, but many grew up in homes where their parents or grandparents were not hunters. Hiring a mentor can help you bring hunting back into your family line.

Finding a hunting mentor

A hunting mentor can be a great way to get started in the sport. Mentors can be family members or a local shooting club member. They can also help you get started by taking a hunter education course. You can learn more about the process from the Hunting Heritage Program website. And, of course, your mentor can help you with any questions you may have. The three-step process of finding a hunting mentor is easy once you know what to look for.

State game management departments are a great place to find a hunting mentor. Most states have a recruit coordinator who can help you learn how to hunt and stay active in the sport. These staff members can also help answer questions about hunting regulations. You can also network with classmates and instructors from your state wildlife department. Once you find a hunting mentor, make sure to take advantage of the opportunity. You may end up becoming their next mentor.

Once you find a hunting mentor, you should be sure to schedule time to get to know him or her. Hunting is a sport with a distinct timeline, and you'll want to be prepared. When you start meeting a mentor, be sure to be polite and ready to learn as much as you can about hunting. Mentors appreciate it when you show them that you respect their time. Consider buying them a meal or helping them with the fuel costs. Even a simple "thank you" goes a long way.

You may also consider joining a hunting organization, such as the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation or Quality Deer Management Association. These organizations offer training for new hunters and host events that teach everything from field dressing a deer to cooking it. Getting a mentor is an excellent way to get started with hunting because it doesn't require a firearm or any other kind of weapon. And it can be an inexpensive way to learn the basics of hunting while still getting involved in the outdoors.

You can find a hunting mentor with whom you can discuss your goals. The mentor will help you with many aspects of hunting, and he or she will be with you on your first hunt. The mentor will guide you step-by-step. The mentor should also be able to answer any questions you may have. Lastly, a hunting mentor should be someone who can answer all of your questions in real time. If you're interested in a mentor, start communicating with him or her through email or by meeting with him or her in person. Then, discuss your goals, donation needs, and meat consumption plan.

Criteria to look for in a mentor

The first thing to look for in a mentor is the ability to communicate effectively. When you are seeking a mentor, it is imperative that you are clear on your expectations and know how to measure productivity. It's not enough to simply be interested in learning from a mentor - you also need to know what you expect from your relationship. Here are some tips for selecting a mentor:

The mentor should be able to inspire new perspectives. A mentor should be able to bounce ideas off you and have broad philosophies. If you are interested in learning about something new, you want someone who will share their passion with you. This person should also have the ability to communicate effectively with you and others. This means he or she should be able to speak clearly and have a pleasant manner. Lastly, a mentor should be willing to listen.

It's crucial to look for a mentor whose values match your own. You should admire your mentor's accomplishments and their professional outlook. Ask yourself if you can work well with them. Having a mentor who shares your values is a great way to get advice on the best career path. It's also a great way to build a network of people in your field. Remember, you're never perfect, but you can grow into a better version of yourself.

Lastly, look for a mentor who is committed to your goals. Mentors should be passionate about their work and willing to share their experiences and advice. They should also be willing to meet with you on a regular basis, and they should value your opinion. This will ensure that you get someone who is willing to invest time in you. They should also be able to communicate with you in writing and over the phone.

The next criteria to look for in a mentor is their willingness to share their own experience. When the mentor has the time to share their expertise, they should be open to dialogue and encourage open and honest discussions. Be open to debate with the mentee and listen to the mentee's concerns. When the mentor gives feedback, he or she should ensure that the mentee makes a decision.

Finding a mentee

How to hunt - find a mentor and learn from him or her? First of all, decide on your goals. Mentorship can help you with a specific task or problem that you're facing, but it can also help you with a wider range of problems. You may want to ask a friend or colleague who is an expert in the field to mentor you, or even a co-worker who can advise you on a general topic.

Make sure to be consistent and establish a meeting time. Once you've set up the time for the first meeting, try to set aside half an hour for one-on-one sessions. Video conferencing works well as a first step, but you may want to consider having phone calls. Decide whether you want to keep your supervisor in the loop, or send out calendar invites for your meetings.

Having a mentor is important, even if you're new to hunting. You'll need to know how to hunt safely and how to process the venison you've captured. A mentor can help you develop a unique set of skills by sharing his or her knowledge. By being polite and willing to share your knowledge, you'll be more likely to learn from your mentor than from anyone else.

In addition to family connections, it's important to look for a mentor for your outdoor sports endeavors. In addition to hunting, mentorship can be found in the form of state wildlife agencies or other nonprofit organizations. It's also worth noting that you'll find a mentor through a sportsmen's group. Moreover, many groups have organized programs that teach hunters how to hunt.

When looking for a mentor, you should keep in mind that mentoring a new hunter is important because it helps preserve the country's hunting heritage. Mentorship can be as simple as sharing favorite hunting stories with the beginner or answering his or her questions. In fact, a mentor can even invite you out for a meal. A mentor can be as helpful as a guide, but it is vital to remember to select a reliable mentor who will be a reliable, dedicated and trustworthy individual.

Finding a sponsor

One of the best ways to find a sponsor when hunting is to make yourself known to the company and its decision makers. You can do this by researching the company online, including any social media accounts. It is likely that you share a common interest with the company, such as hunting. It may be difficult to reach out to a company that doesn't know anything about your hunting activities, but try a few things to get their attention.

Make sure to be honest when you approach a potential sponsor. Don't try to sell them on the idea of paying you for the endorsement. Some companies are not receptive to these requests, so don't waste your time by requesting more money than you have. If you've already been sponsored by a company, make sure to mention that. After all, you've already been using their products and you are familiar with them. That way, they'll be more likely to sponsor your hunting events.

When approaching a new sponsor, keep in mind the event's target audience. People who attend your event will appreciate a familiar company or a brand. They'll feel like they're a part of the ecosystem. It's also a good idea to include as many details as you can in your sponsorship proposal. Don't send a generic letter to every company you approach. Make your letter personalized and specific to that company.

Unlike in the past, TV shows showcasing hunting and fishing have more opportunities to attract sponsors. Increasingly, these shows use digital content to increase visibility. Syndication and linking is the keys to maximizing this new marketing strategy. The right links build authority and presence online. You'll need to work with a reputable agency to secure a sponsorship for your show. However, it's still worth the effort.

Emelia Brobbey Net Worth and Career Detail

If you are interested in finding out about Emelia Brobbey's net worth and career details, then you've come to the right place. This article will give you all the information you need to know about the Ghanaian actress. This article will also discuss her career as a television presenter, musician, and humanitarian. Read on to discover more about her amazing life. Listed below are some of the things that you need to know about Emelia's career.

Emelia Brobbey is a popular Ghanaian actress

Emelia Brobbey was born in 1982 in Accra, Ghana, to Samuel P. Brobbey and Akim Swedru. She attended Akyem Swedru Secondary School before attending Presbyterian Teacher's Training College. Brobbey holds a Bachelor's Degree in Human Resource Management and a Diploma in Journalism. She has also taken broadcast journalism courses at the Institute of Communication Media (ICM). As of 2018, she has made a mark as a popular actress in Ghana.

The actress grew up in a rural area of Ghana. After graduating from high school, she attended Akyem Swedru Secondary School and studied at the Presbyterian Teacher's Training College. She also earned a diploma in journalism and an ICM Certificate in Broadcast Journalism. Although Emelia has not revealed much about her early life, she is reportedly blessed with an incredible upbringing.

During her early years, Brobbey was engaged to a doctor named Dr. Kofi Adu Boateng, with whom she had a son, Randy. The two separated in 2013, but the actress remained in close contact with her former partner. While they were still together, Brobbey reportedly lost her temper when she heard the news of her deceased friend. She never thought that bad news would come her way, and a marriage would make her heart grow fonder.

She is a television presenter

If you've been wondering how rich Emelia Brobbey is, you're not alone. The actress and singer has been in the spotlight for some time now. Her impressive career spans across education and movies. And though her past isn't exactly smooth sailing, she continues to impress fans by making headlines. Her career has also helped her land some lucrative roles, such as being an executive producer for the upcoming film "Moves Like Jagger," a role which she'll be starring in soon.

Born in Ghana, Emelia Brobbey has a very impressive education. After graduating from the Presbyterian Teacher's Training College, she earned a diploma in journalism. She also obtained a Bachelor's degree in Human Resource Management from the ICM. Despite her academic background, Brobbey has made acting her primary career and has appeared in over 80 kumawood movies.

Born and raised in Ghana, Emelia Brobbey has a vast filmography. The list of her films includes Asantewaa, Asem Asa, Kae, Pains of True Love, and Nkonyaa. However, Emelia Brobbey's net worth and career detail are not fully known. Her education and hard work have paid off. And the actress is a role model for many girls and women.

In addition to acting, Emelia has had numerous television and movie appearances. Her career in Nollywood has given her a wide range of roles, ranging from the royal tycoon to a stubborn child. Her popularity has made her one of the highest paid actresses in the region, earning about $22,000 per movie or television soap opera episode. But her net worth isn't just based on her career; it also includes her personal life.

Emelia Brobbey Net Worth and Success Story

She is a musician

If you're looking for the most comprehensive information on Emelia Brobbey's net worth, then you've come to the right place. This biographical profile provides the latest details on the talented actress and singer. Emelia was born in Ghana in 1990. She grew up in a rural village and attended the Presbyterian Teachers Training College. She earned her Teachers Cert 'A' after completing her three-year course. Later, she volunteered at the school and became a teacher. In 2010, she married Dr Kofi Adu Boateng, founder of the End Point Homeopathic Clinic.

Born and raised in Ghana, Emelia Brobbey attended school in Akyem Swedru. She later attended the Presbyterian Teacher's Training College and earned a Bachelor's degree in Human Resource Management. She also holds a certificate in broadcast journalism from the Institute of Communications and Media (ICM). She has no siblings or children, but is widely believed to have had an incredible childhood.

In addition to her career, Emelia Brobbey is involved in various philanthropic projects, including a charity concert to raise funds for the Cherubs Orphanage. The event will take place at the Golden Tulip Hotel in Kumasi and is expected to attract scores of celebrities. Recently, she donated GHC10,000 to the charity organization to help the orphanage. Emelia Brobbey also supports the local rap music scene and has sung and produced tracks on a number of albums.

Although Emelia Brobbey's past is not as dramatic as her career in movies, she has proven herself as an outstanding star of Kumawood. She has attracted the attention of producers and directors and has landed several lucrative roles. Her personal life has been interesting too. She married Dr. Kofi Adu Boateng in 2010 but the two separated after discovering his insecurities.

Emelia Brobbey Net Worth and Bio

She is a humanitarian

In recent years, Emelia Brobbey has taken up humanitarian causes. With her organization, Emelia Brobbey is raising funds for the Patmos Children's Home in Tewobaabi, a suburb of Obuasi, Ghana. Brobbey organized an Obuasi Kiddiefest to raise funds for the children's home. In addition, she is a devoted musician.

Born in 1982, Emelia Brobbey grew up in Ghana's Akyem Swedru district. While at the school, she completed her S.S.C.E., earning a teaching certificate. She then studied for three years at the Presbyterian Teachers Training College. She eventually graduated with a Bachelor's degree in human resources. Although she has since focused on humanitarian work, she has also continued her education and has pursued a diploma in journalism.

Emilia Brobbey was married before and divorced from Dr. Kofi Adu Boateng in 2010. She and Dr. Boateng had a daughter together but divorced in 2012, allegedly due to a lack of mutual respect. Both of them remained friends and collaborated on humanitarian projects. However, Dr. Kofi Adu Boateng and Emelia Brobbey were not popular before their marriage. After the marriage, Dr. Boateng founded the End Point Homeopathic clinic, a clinic that is believed to be financed by Maame Aba.

Fortunately, connecting with Instagram influencers is simple. By connecting with Instagram influencers, you can grow your business. Emelia Brobbey is an influencer in the Home & Garden and Shoppers categories, and her connections on social media will help your business expand. There is no better time than the present to connect with Emelia Brobbey. The platform is free and easy to use, so connecting with her is a simple and effective way to promote your brand or product.

Vulnerability Disclosure Policy and Secunia Research Guidance

Vulnerability Disclos ure Policy Research

The DOC's Vulnerability Disclosure Policy has prompted a great deal of discussion. Several organizations have come forward with guidance on responsible disclosure. Secunia Research and the Secret Service have also released important guidance on Vulnerability Disclosures. Those looking to make responsible disclosures should read these documents and take the appropriate steps to ensure their own privacy. Listed below are some of the key safeguards in place at the DOE.

DOC's Vulnerability Disclosure Policy

The Department of Commerce (DOC) manages critical data and is committed to ensuring the security of such data. To support its efforts in promoting public security, the DOC developed a Vulnerability Disclosure Policy and a Vulnerability Disclosure Program to provide guidelines for vulnerability discovery and disclose DOC preferences for vulnerability submission. These guidelines describe which systems are covered, how to report vulnerabilities, and who should be notified.

Vulnerability disclosure policies should include mechanisms for ethical hackers to report vulnerabilities. These mechanisms should include information that would allow them to analyze a vulnerability, such as the location of the vulnerability, the impact of the flaw, and technical information needed to reproduce the flaw. Moreover, the policy should include information on how long it will take to acknowledge receipt. Additionally, the policy should enable ethical hackers to submit their reports anonymously, which is in line with best practice.

DOC's vulnerability disclosure policy research requires researchers to describe a vulnerability, identify its location, and describe the impact it may have on an organization. Security researchers should also provide sufficient technical information to reproduce the vulnerability in question. The Department of Homeland Security's vulnerability disclosure program supports all file archives and common file types. A security researcher may attach images or proof-of-concept code to illustrate how to exploit the vulnerability.

Developing a relationship with security researchers is crucial in combating cybersecurity vulnerabilities. The DOC uses the information submitted under VDP to mitigate vulnerabilities within internet-accessible systems. However, this policy does not cover vulnerabilities in vendor services. Researchers should report vulnerabilities in the vendor disclosure policy. In the meantime, the DOC is committed to preserving the public's security and promoting the public's security. In the meantime, it continues to make cybersecurity easier by fostering a close working relationship with security researchers.

The Department of Homeland Security will verify the authenticity of vulnerabilities reported by security researchers. It will also be transparent during the remediation process. In addition, researchers will refrain from performing physical testing or denial of service attacks on the affected system. Furthermore, researchers will not use the data they obtain in the process of reporting vulnerabilities to third-parties. Additionally, researchers should not perform vulnerability disclosure research that compromises the privacy of employees or intellectual property of HHS entities or their commercial interests.

The Department of Homeland Security has a corresponding policy and procedure that can assist researchers in preparing for such a disclosure. If an organisation does not respond to the researcher's submission within the prescribed timeframe, the GSA will consider the disclosure authorized and will not take legal action against it. The GSA will also review any security research for compliance with the policy and will work with researchers to resolve any problems. In the event that legal action is necessary, the researcher will need to provide confirmation that the disclosure was successful.

Secunia Research's guidance on responsible disclosure

When reporting vulnerabilities, vendors must be responsive to Secunia's requests for details. When contacting a vendor, a responsible disclosure process will ensure the vulnerability is resolved in a timely manner, and will prevent malicious threat actors from exploiting the vulnerability. When contacting a vendor, it is important to provide complete information about the vulnerability, including expected time of completion and expected fix.

The federal judiciary will presume that the submitter understands and accepts the guidelines when making a vulnerability disclosure report. Any communications are stored on the U.S. government system. In addition, any personal data submitted in a vulnerability disclosure report will be kept confidential. The researcher may submit a screenshot as proof. In addition, the vulnerability disclosure report must clearly describe the vulnerability and the impact it poses to users. The vulnerability disclosure report must be in English.

During the vulnerability disclosure process, researchers should avoid privacy violations, damage to user experience, disruption of production systems, and data destruction. Researchers should also avoid pivoting to other systems. Disclosing vulnerabilities must be limited to a single vulnerability per release, and vendors must not disclose vulnerabilities in large numbers. Security researchers should also avoid publishing exploitable information in the public domain and in the context of the broader information security community.

Using Secunia Research's guidance on vulnerability disclosure, researchers should not intentionally breach privacy, compromise data, or introduce malware into an information system. They should also avoid displaying a high number of low-quality vulnerability disclosure reports and intentionally violating laws or regulations. There are also certain types of vulnerabilities that are inappropriate to report. Those who do so may be exposed to legal risks, which could jeopardise their career.

Security researchers and organisations should coordinate in advance before publicly disclosing vulnerabilities. Security researchers should share their findings with CISA or the relevant vendors. The researchers should not reveal their names or contact details. In some cases, organisations may ask researchers to retest their software or fix the vulnerability. However, responsible disclosure should always be the last resort when all other measures fail. It is the responsible approach when disclosure of vulnerabilities involves the public release of exploit code.

The EPA has made the decision to issue a public report only after identifying a vulnerability that requires remediation. A public disclosure of vulnerabilities may result in negative publicity for the company and cause scrambling to patch the vulnerability. The risk of public disclosure can outweigh the benefits of a bug bounty program. So, when is a vulnerability disclosure appropriate? The answer varies depending on the organisation's internal policies.

The NSF welcomes vulnerability research and assessment by independent researchers. This is in compliance with Binding Operational Directive 20-01 of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. NSF's guidance on responsible disclosure outlines how researchers should approach vulnerability discovery and submission. In addition to identifying appropriate channels for vulnerability reporting, the NSF encourages the public to report vulnerabilities. It is important to follow these guidelines to ensure the responsible disclosure of vulnerabilities.

Secret Service's guidance on responsible disclosure

In accordance with the Secret Service's guidance on responsible vulnerability disclosure, researchers should not disclose vulnerabilities to the public unless they have been validated by the agency. This policy also applies to security research that involves other federal departments, state, tribal governments, private sector organizations, and their employees. Researchers should not make any kind of malicious disclosures, or publish any information that might be harmful to a third party. However, researchers may report vulnerabilities that affect a generally available product.

While reporting vulnerabilities, participants should take into account the attack scenario and security impact. One vulnerability per report is enough to provide sufficient impact, but chaining several vulnerabilities can add to the security impact. Participants must also abide by applicable laws. Participants must not be based in a country subject to United States sanctions, nor are they on the government's restricted party list. The Secret Service will take action if it determines that disclosures are illegal or cause damage to a third party.

Ali Farka Turner - On e of the Best African Albums

Ali Farka Turner  On e of the Best African

In this article, I'm going to discuss the music of four African musicians: Ali Farka Turner, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Ali-Farka Toure, and Vieux Farka Toure. Each of these musicians is a master of their craft, and each has an important place in the history of African music. I'll also discuss the significance of the genres in which they specialize.

Ali Farka Turner

The son of a Grammy-winning musician, Ali Farka Toure hails from Mali. Although his father would have preferred that his son be a soldier, he eventually gave his blessing to pursue his passion for music. Since then, he has developed an impressive discography and has been featured in a number of documentaries. Here are some things you need to know about Ali Farka Toure.

Ndour is a musician, songwriter, and former Minister of Tourism in Senegal. His music is inspired by traditional afro-Malian musical sounds, which he combined with jazzy blues. Despite his limited recognition, the Grammys have been a showcase for African talent. Akon, Sade Adu, Kevin Olusola, and Pentatonix are among the best-selling African acts of recent years.

Toure's debut album is a fusion of classic hip-hop with influences from classical music, jazz, and gospel. Her songs are deeply rooted in African music, but also influenced by the sounds of other genres, including soul, gospel, and jazz. She grew up listening to artists like Nina Simone and Fela Kuti. Likewise, her songs are influenced by the sounds of Nina Simone, Miriam Makeba, and Aretha Franklin.

Ali Farka Toure influenced African music in his own way, but his influence was felt far beyond the continent's borders. In the last few years of his life, he rejected traditional jazz ideas, but he remained aware of the rich African tradition in his own style. One of the Best Africans is an African who inspired the world with his music and is admired by many. If you love music, Ali Farka Toure's style is a great choice.

Ladysmith Black Mambazo

"Ali Farka Turner - On e of The Best African Albums" is an impressive debut from the American singer-songwriter, whose music is rooted in the sonic traditions of Africa. Most of Harris' musical mentors were active in the 1930s. His solo album showcases his ability to make African music sound modern and accessible. This is the perfect introduction to a new generation of African-American musicians.

One of the most famous African multi-instrumentalists, Ali Farka Toure made a mark in the United States with his debut album, "Ali." He was a national hero in his country, and in 2006, he became mayor of Niafunke, where he invested his own money into improving the city. Today, his music still inspires listeners around the world. "Ali Farka Turner - On e of the Best African Music Albums" was recently released on CD.

"Ali Farka Turner - On e of The Best African Albums" is a surprisingly accessible listen. While the song 'Tell No Lies' has been praised for its rich and layered African rhythms, it is not entirely free from clichés. It evokes images of African music from the 1970s, but also celebrates African musical traditions.

Ali Farka Toure

Ali Farka Toure, a multi-instrumentalist from Mali, became a worldwide sensation with his debut album. His family was originally from the Congo, where music focused on rumba and Cuban son. However, in South Africa, the country's music scene focused on swing jazz and bebop. In West Africa, the influence of Calypso was more prominent. Toure's musical style incorporated these influences.

The title track, "Tamalah," features Toure on guitar and vocals and is in the native language of the song's composer. Other tracks feature the African music of Harris and his fellow musicians. Another instrumental, "Coahoma," sounds like prototypical Delta blues, but is distinctly African in origin. Harris also writes and composes many of the album's tracks.

Toure drew inspiration from his African roots. He is often referred to as the "Hendrix of the Sahara" due to his ability to blend the traditional music of his homeland with jazz and blues. In 2004, he was elected the mayor of the city of Niafunke, a small town in Mali, and invested his own money into infrastructure and community projects.

"Les Racines" is Toure's return to his African roots. This album features 10 original compositions that trace the artist's history and culture. The album features traditional songs such as "Layla," "Habib and Bamada," and "Ali Farka," which is inspired by the West African tradition of playing the kora. The album also explores the importance of music in Mali, where an armed rebel invasion took place in 2012.

Vieux Farka Toure

When the Dakota Theatre announced a Vieux-Farka Toure concert in September, the crowd was as excited as the emcee. After the show was postponed from last year due to a conflict with a concert in London, the emcee welcomed the audience and said it was the largest crowd since the Dakota reopened. Toure and his band performed on an acoustic guitar, accompanied by bassist Marshall Henry and calabash player Adama Kone. The concert was a rousing success, and he and his band wowed the crowd with their incredible musicianship.

Despite his fame, Vieux was born in Mali and is the son of legendary guitarist and songwriter Ali Farka Toure. Toure was born in Niafunke, Mali, and studied the drums for many years before he secretly began playing the guitar. His self-titled debut album was released in 2007, and is a tribute to his father Ali Farka. The album features his father's songs and features performances by Toumani Diabate.

The album features a beautiful live performance of "Samba," which was recorded while Ali was battling cancer. The song features an intensely profound, darkly expressive vocal tone. Ali's CD cover acknowledges him as the "king of the desert blues," and the album contains priceless footage of his last sessions. It is a fitting swan song for the artist, and the album's CD cover is an ode to his life.


One of the most important albums of recent years has been the release of Ali Farka Turner's On e of the Best African Albums. In its release, the multi-instrumentalist has managed to strike a perfect balance between the roots of African music and fusion music. Traore's career has been meteoric and the release of his latest album is no exception. This album showcases his ability to create music that is both meditative and hypnotic.

While it's true that this album is a fusion of two different continents, the music from this continent has been embraced and celebrated worldwide. Toure's unique musical style has been hailed by critics as one of the best of its kind. While many people have admired him for his originality and ability to blend the traditional sounds of West Africa and jazz, his style is considered to be unique and a staple of contemporary African music.

Afrobeat legend Angelique Kidjo and African Giant were the big winners at this year's Grammy ceremony. Both African music and African artists have been rewarded well at these prestigious awards, but this year's ceremony sparked mild criticism. Naomi Campbell called on the Recording Academy to establish a separate category for Afrobeat. A few African acts have found success in mainstream music as well, including Akon, Kevin Olusola, and Pentatonix.

American Pilgrimage

Originally from Timbuktu, the Malian capital, Ali Farka Toure became famous in the late 1960s after he performed at the U.S. Embassy in Mali. After the country was ravaged by civil war, his music was adapted for television and radio by the U.S. Embassy. Now, Ali Farka Turner has re-created his music, making it accessible to the masses.

Bruce Nagel + Partner Architects

Bruce Nagel  Partner s Architects

For many people, the word "architect" conjures up images of modern architecture. However, the name "Bruce Nagel" suggests that it has more to do with futuristic design. The firm is based in Dallas and Chicago, but has also established a presence in Rome. To learn more about the firm, read on. This article highlights some of the key characteristics of Bruce Nagel + Partner s Architects.

Bruce Nagel is a renowned architect

Born in San Antonio, Texas, Bruce Nagel received his Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Texas at Austin and earned his Master of Architecture from Harvard University. He has been practicing architecture for the past 36 years in the Hamptons. His office first opened in East Hampton, New York in 1984 and relocated to Southampton in 2004. He later opened an office in East Quogue, New York. In 2016, he opened his latest office in Westhampton Beach.

Today, he is working with a team of brilliant architects in Chicago and the Hamptons. His firm has successfully completed various projects, ranging from private residences to hotels and churches. These architects are constantly updating their skills and keep abreast of industry trends. The firm uses the finest materials to create visually appealing spaces. And the firm's work is truly inspiring. It is easy to see why Nagel is a popular architect and is considered a top choice in the Hamptons.

Though he is a highly regarded architect, he feels that architecture is more of an art than a science. This is a personal choice, and the architect feels very fortunate for his success. Bruce Nagel loves spending time with his family and traveling. He hopes to continue to make a difference in the lives of others. So far, his work is regarded as a masterpiece and will continue to inspire countless others.

One of the most famous projects he has completed is the Robert and Kathy Steinberg Apartment at 944 Fifth Avenue in New York, NY. The Steinbergs commissioned this project, which was completed by Bruce Nagel and Dan Rowan. The residence also houses tennis pro Justin Gimelstob and his wife Patricia. It is one of the most luxurious homes in New York, and has been named the most exclusive property in the city.

Firm has branches in Dallas and Chicago

With offices in Chicago and Dallas, Bruce Nagel + Partners Architects is a leading architecture firm with offices in the Hamptons. With over 40 years of experience, the firm has successfully completed several projects. Their work emphasizes quality materials, innovative design, and aesthetic appeal. The architects are committed to providing you with a high quality space. Here are some of their notable projects.

As one of the leading firms in the Chicago architecture industry, Bruce Nagel + Partners Architects is dedicated to contextual design. They believe in exploring all possibilities and transforming spaces through thoughtful planning. The firm has an open, collaborative environment where everyone plays a role in actualizing client expectations. The firm is comprised of six partners, each of which plays an integral role in actualizing the clients' wishes.

Branches in Dallas and Chicago give the firm a national reach. With an international reputation, Bruce Nagel + Partners Architects are an excellent choice for residential and commercial projects. The firm's architects have worked on many award-winning projects and have offices around the world. They also maintain an international presence in Rome. They are well-versed in international standards of design and pride themselves on their reputation.

Firm focuses on futuristic design

Architect Bill Nagel's work is based on exploration of vessel forms, and it stands as a visualisation of the creative process. His work is often improvised, and he cites inspiration from the likes of Michelangelo, Le Corbusier, and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. Using a simple language, Nagel creates futuristic buildings and spaces that embody an air of simplicity.

Although the firm specializes in contemporary architecture, it has been working with architects for over 40 years. It has a wide portfolio of completed projects, from private homes to churches to hotels. The firm's work is visually appealing, and it uses quality materials in its projects. Many of the firm's projects have won awards. The firm aims to bring the vision to life and create spaces that defy time.

Firm has a presence in Rome

Blank Rome LLP has strengthened its national and regional practices and developed new competencies, adding a diverse range of capabilities to its existing client base. Its newly created practice groups address critical strategic imperatives and strengthen the Firm's core strengths. One such practice group is government contracts, led by David Nadler and representing local, state, and federal government contractors. This practice group has a presence in Rome and bolsters the Firm's national and regional capabilities in government contracts, corporate structuring, governance, and finance.

The Pros and Cons of FreeTaxUSA

The Pros and Cons of FreeTaxUSA

If you are considering using FreeTaxUSA to file your taxes, you may be wondering whether it is a good choice for you. There are two main benefits to using this service, and they include free account setup and sign-in access to your saved information. These pros outweigh the cons, and make FreeTaxUSA a great choice for most people. In addition to free account setup, FreeTaxUSA offers a low price, and audit assistance.

FreeTaxUSA offers two online filing options

There are two main types of online tax filing available to Americans. The most popular is the W-2 form, which FreeTaxUSA tackles head-on. Instead of trying to guess how to fill out the form, it presents you with the entire form, including the Taxpayer Information pages. The good thing is that FreeTaxUSA carries over information from these pages, saving you time and reducing the chances of errors.

The FreeTaxUSA interface is easy to use, with step-by-step instructions. The system also shows you a real-time refund and tax liability tracker. Once the return is complete, you can print it out and review it to see if there is any ambiguity. If you are filing your return through e-file, you can instruct the system to e-file your return on your behalf. This site also offers several benefits for premium clients.

With FreeTaxUSA, you can e-file federal and state taxes for free. The Deluxe version of the service costs $15, and comes with additional features like live support, amended returns, and audit help. While FreeTaxUSA is not entirely free, it is one of the cheapest services on the market. You can file your federal taxes with it for free, and use it for state and local tax filing as well. The interface is clear, and the support features are solid. You'll also enjoy an efficient question-and-answer system, which is a welcome addition to any tax-related issue.

The FreeTaxUSA interface is simple, but it isn't the best option for first-timers or people with little experience filing taxes. The site isn't as detailed as some of the other online filing options, and it may not be easy to get started. However, for those who are confident in their ability to file their taxes, it is the best choice. While it isn't the most user-friendly website, it's still a cheap way to file your taxes.

It offers audit assistance

The FreeTaxUSA service offers audit assistance through their Audit Center. This service is free and applies only to federal returns. You can use the Audit Center to learn what you need to do to prepare for an audit and what records to keep. You must have accurate tax information in order to receive a refund, as incorrect calculations could result in interest or penalties being assessed by the IRS. The FreeTaxUSA audit help staff provides tax calculation assistance, and if you have any questions, you can chat with a real person.

The Deluxe version of FreeTaxUSA offers more features than its free counterpart. The Deluxe version has a wealth of customer support options, including email and live chat. Moreover, you can choose the level of audit assistance that suits you best. However, there are several limitations of FreeTaxUSA. For example, its audit assistance is not as detailed as that offered by other competitors. However, if you have an audit that may require a high level of technical knowledge, the Deluxe plan offers access to tax and audit specialists.

The Deluxe version of FreeTaxUSA includes comprehensive help. It displays links to common tax issues. It also features help for the screen you're currently on. You can also use the Where Do I Enter? search to find forms and topics that are specific to your situation. The mobile version of FreeTaxUSA provides context-sensitive help articles for the most common tax issues. While the FreeTaxUSA version is primarily used for online tax filing, the Deluxe version allows for live chat support.

If you are worried about getting an audit, FreeTaxUSA has limited audit protection. The Deluxe edition offers a free Audit Center and a team of audit specialists. It also supports virtually any income tax return. While there are some limitations with FreeTaxUSA, the overall system is relatively secure. Customers can also download their returns from the website. A user's free version of FreeTaxUSA is fully compatible with most states.

It offers a real-time tracker of your tax refund

FreeTaxUSA provides real-time notifications to users when their returns contain questionable information. It also provides handy bookmarks within the returns that allow you to move between income topics at your convenience. Whether you are filing your taxes online or in person, FreeTaxUSA can help you maximize your return's efficiency by giving you a detailed breakdown of your tax refund.

For those who don't have much technical knowledge, FreeTaxUSA offers a knowledge base that allows customers to find answers to most questions. The knowledge base is accessible from the homepage and return preparation interface. Unlike many tax preparation software services, this knowledge base is not user-generated, but rather created by FreeTaxUSA staff. The free edition's search feature does not recognize natural language queries and does not recognize synonyms.

Another benefit of FreeTaxUSA is its affordability. The Free Edition includes all the major forms you need to file your taxes, whereas more expensive options include more forms. For instance, a Deluxe plan includes an unlimited number of amended returns, live chat, and an audit assistance program. For a low monthly fee, you can also file state returns online. The Deluxe version even includes an audit assistance program, which allows you to file any necessary amendments for the year.

If you're looking for a low-cost, hassle-free way to file your taxes, FreeTaxUSA is the right option for you. It's easy to use and has an intuitive user interface. The software asks you questions, completes your return, and calculates your refund. The real-time tracker is also available. FreeTaxUSA is a good choice for people who do not need professional help but still want to file their taxes themselves.

It offers low prices

If you're looking for a tax filing service that doesn't break the bank, FreeTaxUSA is one option. This site provides the cheapest prices and all major tax forms, with fast and friendly customer support and a 100% accuracy guarantee. What's more, it offers a free trial period for new users. And if you're a first-time tax filer, it may be a bit difficult to navigate.

However, the service's price isn't the only drawback. Its lack of importing features and the poor help infrastructure make it a less-than-ideal choice for some users. The software can't deal with situations involving foreign employment income or non-resident aliens, nor can it handle high-value property donations. Furthermore, the design of the program is rather basic. Some people find it difficult to use, while others like it to look simple and uncluttered.

FreeTaxUSA also offers email support, although it's not beginner-friendly. Users can send questions to the company via email or through its live chat support. In case of questions or errors, FreeTaxUSA reports that it answers most queries within 20 minutes. For more complex questions, a response may take up to 24 hours. But if you're willing to wait, FreeTaxUSA offers a cheap and convenient tax filing solution.

Compared to TurboTax, FreeTaxUSA is not as comprehensive as TurboTax, but it is still considerably cheaper. If you're confident with filing your own taxes, FreeTaxUSA is a fine choice, but it offers limited guidance and lacks extra features. The absence of a tax professional walkthrough is another downside. It doesn't offer free state tax filing. Likewise, FreeTaxUSA does not offer the same level of customer support as its competitors.

As with other tax software, FreeTaxUSA's process is similar to other tax preparation software. It includes answering questions, moving through relevant tax forms, explaining concepts, and performing calculations. The interface is simple to use, modern, and intuitive. Despite the lack of upsell, the site has a lot to offer. Just remember to check the price before signing up for a plan. And don't forget to read the FAQs before paying for the software.

Adolph Thornton Jr. - Rapper - Young Dolph

Adolph Thornton Jr  Rapper  Young Dolph

The "man of no fear" rap legend had a violent death at the hands of an armed individual. Although the rapper may not have been a famous celebrity, he was still an iconic figure in the indie rap world. In this article, we will learn how young Dolph's life and death will be remembered. A tribute to this talented rap artist's life will be shared.

Young Dolph was a star of indie rap

The loss of Young Dolph Thornton Jr. is deeply felt by the indie rap community. The Memphis-bred poet and rapper will be remembered as one of the most influential artists of the genre. Young Dolph was the most successful rapper to come out of Memphis and a true icon in the city. To honor his legacy, VIBE has compiled a list of 10 memorable Young Dolph moments and achievements.

Born in Memphis, Tennessee, Young Dolph emerged in the indie rap scene during the late 2000s. In 2016, he released his debut album, "King of Memphis." It debuted on the Billboard 200 at number 49. The album features guest appearances from Juicy J, Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, and Logic. He released his first studio album, King of Memphis, in February 2016. The album is a hit, charting at number eight on Billboard's R&H Album Charts and claiming 3.9 billion U.S. on-demand streams.

During this period, he released his debut mixtape, Paper Route Campaign, in 2008. After a few years of hard work, he formed his own label, Paper Route Empire, and released his first album, "Silent Nights," in 2010. The label was a success, generating more than $22 million in revenue for the artist. His raps were characterized by a mixture of heaviness and humor. The subjects of Young Dolph's songs included the spoils of success and the discomfort people have with celebrities.

He first became a star in the Memphis indie rap scene by appearing on the "Cut It" mixtape series and the O.T. Genisis' "High Class Street Music" mixtape series. After a year, he released his debut album, "King of Memphis," under his own label Paper Route Empire. His songs topped the Billboard 200 and featured numerous other talented rappers.

His popularity grew as he grew up. After a series of hits, Dolph branched out into the world of indie rap. His songs were based on real life experiences, such as being raised by his grandmother in Memphis. His parents were addicted to crack, and he grew up with a tough environment. He was an incredibly talented artist who was willing to throw his ladder down to help others reach the top.

He was a "man of no fear"

The Memphis community paid tribute to Young Dolph on Wednesday by renaming an entire street after him. Adolph "Young Dolph" Thornton Jr. Avenue runs through the neighborhood where Dolph grew up. The new street sign on Dunn Avenue will bear the rapper's real name. It's a fitting honor. The slain rapper was a "man of no fear."

When he wasn't fighting, Adolph Thornton Jr. would mingle with the community. He organized Christmas events at other churches and at the local senior center. He planned to start a music academy at a local community center. The neighborhood grew to love him, and he took advantage of his newfound fame and fortune. He walked the streets alone, socialized, and communicated with others.

He was attacked by an armed person

The police have released the identities of the two men suspected of attacking the rap artist Young Dolph on Wednesday. The rapper was 36 years old and lived in the Castalia Heights neighborhood of South Memphis. He grew up in the city and graduated from Hamilton High School. His debut mixtape, Welcome to Dolph World, made him popular. He also owned the music label Paper Route Empire, which features Key Glock and Big Moochie.

The incident occurred outside of a bakery in Memphis, Tennessee. Police say the shooting was a random act and that the suspect shot the rapper as he walked into the store to buy some cookies. The victim was a 36-year-old hip hop artist who was accompanied by one other person. It's unclear whether the shooting was premeditated or a result of a misunderstanding. However, it's a tragic event for the rapper's family.

The shooter reportedly fled the scene of the shooting in a gold Cadillac SUV. The LAPD has arrested one of the suspects. The suspects fled the scene of the shooting in a vehicle, which Young Dolph spent $300,000 to armor. His injuries are not serious. The rapper is recovering from his injuries. While the incident is not an isolated incident, the police have released his name and the location of the shooting.

The suspect in Young Dolph's shooting was Yo Gotti. The rapper was reportedly on his way to a Thanksgiving giveaway when he was shot multiple times. He was shot in his stomach and leg. While the injuries were not life-threatening, the incident prompted the police to name Yo Gotti as a person of interest. After the investigation, the suspects are expected to face multiple charges, including murder.

He was remembered for his giving heart

As a child, Adolph Thornton, Jr. was born into a disadvantaged situation, but he grew up to be one of the most influential rappers in the world. He is a man with an impenetrable hustle, gifted with rhyme and rhythm. Born to hustle-oriented parents in Chicago, he was raised in the ghetto of Memphis. His father, Adolph Thornton, Sr., inspired his son to do the same.

Young Dolph, real name Adolph Robert Thornton Jr., was killed by a gunman on Nov. 17 in Memphis. His family and friends, along with aspiring artists, hailed him as a great philanthropist. In his final moments, he was known for his love of the arts and his generous heart. Young Dolph's family paid tribute to their loved one through a statement, including an excerpt from Rudyard Kipling's poem "The Gift."

After the funeral service, Young Dolph's family attended the memorial. His children, Tre and Ari, joined them. Hip hop stars like Gucci Mane and 2 Chainz paid tribute to him, as did incarcerated rapper C-Murder. Young Dolph's family members and friends said he was a loving father and mentor. In addition to music, Young Dolph was an excellent father and philanthropist.

Among Thornton's friends, Jaye McDaniel shared a GoFundMe campaign for Dolph's bakery. Jaye was also an advocate for Thornton's "Black Men Deserve to Grow Old" campaign, a campaign against violent, fatal crime. Her brother was also a dedicated advocate for the cause. He left a legacy for his community, which will live on in other people's hearts.

The St. James congregation is mourning Young Dolph's passing. Despite the shooting, he visited his hometown regularly, spreading the gospel and his love. He often frequented the cookie shop Makeda's in Memphis. His tragic death shocked the entire southern community, and his loss touched his family and loved ones deeply. If you have loved one in Memphis, take a moment to remember Adolph Thornton Jr.

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