Eric Lindros Future Star Card OR

Eric Lindros Future Star Card OR

Eric Lindros Future Star Card

When the Canadiens selected Eric Lindros in the first round of the 1991 NHL Entry Draft, it was widely assumed the budding superstar would be a star on the ice and in the stands. That was, of course, until he made headlines for the tragic way his career was cut short due to concussions and MRIs he failed to actually have.


Eric Lindros 1992 Upper Deck 'Lindros head on Recchi's Body' Card #88 - Yes, Upper Deck admitted that they did not have time to take a photo of Lindros for the release of their card, so they put Eric's head on Mark Recchi's body and airbrushed another '8' onto his jersey (Recchi was #8) - Smooth move Upper Deck!

gamedaysportsmemorabilia.com)This is for one (1) Eric Lindros 1990 Score Canadian Future Superstar hockey #440 rookie card, which has been encapsulated and graded Gem Mint 10 by PSA, the highest grade available for this Mint condition card. We have more than one of this Graded Card in stock in the same PSA grade. We have included a stock photo for this item and the Graded Card you will receive will be of the card described, with the same grade as shown. (Source:


Eric Lindros 1990 Score Toronto Blue Jays Card #100T - Eric was given a tryout by the Blu Jays as he was also a very good third baseman and would have probably been drafted to play in MLB has he not gone the NHL route

Our Take: Not as solid as an investment as the Lindros Future Superstar RC but nonetheless a good card to add to your investment portfolio and should gain value at a moderate rate over the years (buy only PSA 10 grades). (Source: goldcardauctions.com)


Eric Lindros didn't enjoy hockey because he was a great player. He was a great player because he enjoyed hockey.

Just as Lindros was arriving on the scene hockey cards were at their peak of popularity and in some years even outsold baseball cards in the early 90s’. (Source: goldcardauctions.com)




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