era commons registration

era commons registration

era commons

The eRA Commons is the main site for notifying NIH about grant applications. Grants received here are cross-referenced for various agency systems, such as the HHS eRA Commons, the NSF Commons, and the NIH Commons.


To ensure the security of your eRA account, we are phasing in the requirement to use two-factor authentication (using Login.gov or a qualified InCommon Federated account). All scientific account holders should take action now to ensure continued access to their accounts, while administrative account holders will be required to move to two-factor authentication in early 2022. Learn more about when you need to make the transition and what steps you should take!

This could be done using one of 2 methods: 1) Person directly contacts institution to request that they unaffiliate the account or 2) In eRA Commons, the person could select Harvard Chan School as the Primary Organization using the Institution module of eRA Commons. Note: It is possible to have multiple affiliations tied to one Commons account but the current institution has to be selected as the Primary Organization. (Source: hcsra.sph.harvard.edu)


Use this form to request an NIH eRA Commons account, or to associate an existing account with the University of Michigan, or to add or change roles (Principal Investigator, Postdoc, Scientist, Trainee T32, etc.). Please be sure to use your U-M email when completing the registration. eRA Commons is NIH's web-based system for the electronic grant administration, necessary for proposals and award management

Still Having Trouble Logging In?: If a person forgot their username or email (or can't access the email) used to create the account, submit request form or contact Catalina Diaz. For more information, refer to the Having Trouble Logging in to eRA Commons? flyer and eRA Commons FAQs. The person could also submit a ticket to the eRA Commons Helpdesk. (Source: hcsra.sph.harvard.edu)



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