When Benjamin Ferencz was 27 years old, he prosecuted his very first trial. There were 22 defendants, each of them high-ranking members of Nazi Germany’s death squad. The entire world was watching.



I have been playing episode recently, I stumbled across it in an ad, I decided to try it out. When I started, I chose the category I wanted, they gave me great suggestions and I got hooked up really quickly. Everything to do with the story, the drama the surprises, there is so much effort put into the storyline, and I could see it. I love the stories episode provides us, although there are some issues/concerns. Since I used Episode recently, I haven’t used my money on it; sometimes a character asks me to do something, and I want to, but I have to pay diamonds to say yes; otherwise it won’t let me say yes. This frustrates me because I love the story, it makes me sad seeing this. Most of the time, the character has a “bad” outfit, it gives you good options you could choose to wear, but to get the outfits you have to pay diamonds. I understand that you want money, but this frustrates me, that I sometimes quit reading a story. I read some reviews of parents saying that this game is inappropriate because it has s*x in it. First: Some kids learn about this in 5th grade, provided by health class, so they won’t be disturbed much. Second: They are supposedly to monitor their child, so it wasn’t Episode’s fault. Third: It gives you a warning before you or your child reads the story. I also think that Episode is for anyone 10+, it just depends on how mature you/they are. Hopefully this review helps anyone. Thanks for reading.

Last night with Shay isn’t the only thing on your mind after you learn you’re the subject of a crazy rumor in school Time to learn about the mysterious Bentley Banks! And what better way than over an intimate beach bonfire party? (Source:www.episodeinteractive.com))


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