entry level hvac resume

entry level hvac resume

It Manager Resume

Are you an it manager who wants a new job? Here is an example of what a resume can look like. We'll show you the basics of what an it manager resume should contain and then go into some format options.


If you've worked with or managed IT applications in the past, customizing your resume for this specific position involves showing how you implemented new features and improved applications in your previous roles. If you have some experience as an application manager, mention how many team members you managed at a given time. Consider mentioning the number of users for the previous applications you developed.

Headline : Competent results-oriented Regional IT Manager with significant years of proven achievements in information technology and project management. Adept at providing IT services and solutions as well as developing new processes through ongoing maintenance, problem resolution, and enhancement solutions for multi-site areas. Highly regarded for keen attention to detail, adherence to standards, and expert technical background; adept at directing diverse teams to achieve and exceed business objectives. Demonstrated excellent technical and analytical qualifications with outstanding customer service skills. (Source: www.qwikresume.com)


The best format for IT managers is generally the reverse chronological format. This format begins with your most recent (or current) role and works backwards until you've listed all relevant experience. Don't forget to include key details like the company name, location, dates worked and job title. Underneath each position, you can create bullet points that use action verbs to describe your most impressive duties and accomplishments. IT is an experience and project-driven field, so the reverse chronological format helps you explain your experience and career trajectory.

Systems run on different languages. Among the most popular are Microsoft, JavaScript, C+, C++ and Python. Many serious IT professionals invest in studying these various programs in order to keep up with the systems requirement of businesses. It will take time to be proficient in all of them. Set aside time to study a program and get certified. Just like educational attainment, the more languages you can master the better your chances of landing the job. (Source: www.resumeok.com)


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