As the United States presidential election entered its final months, the debate over debates between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump grew heated. Trump had refused to participate in the scheduled debates, saying that they were ridiculous and biased. The primaries were not as simple as they once were. Trump lost his lead in key states as Bernie Sanders’ campaign. Turned what was once expected to be a gimme for Clinton into a tougher race.

The President is elected for a four-year term of office. (Source: dictionary.cambridge.org)


Verb: to select or to pick out for consideration.

This usage of the term -elect originated in the Catholic Church, where bishops were elected but would not take office until ordained. In addition, the winner of a papal election would be known as the pope-elect until he was confirmed and actually became pope. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)


The best part of new adventures can be convincing yourself that it’s alright to leave what you established. Sacrifices actually makes it not difficult to accomplish the new. Learning fresh skills, establishing your own career. Or even working on the fresh project will have a magnitude of growth in your work, but it does come with a cost.

The President is elect for a four-year term of office. (Source: dictionary.cambridge.org)


It seems that every social cause is met with vigorous opposition. Whether it’s race, immigration, or abortion, there are always those who are against change. And the general feeling among many people is that those who are against adjusments are automatically right. However, what if the one arguing against difference was wrong? What if they were misled and misinformed? This brings up the question, how do you deal with somebody who is wrong?

To determine in favor of (a method, course of action, etc.). (Source: www.dictionary.com)


Once registration is open, you will have to decide on your own candidate. Every registered member gets one select in the general election. The candidate who will get the most choices will become the next president of the United States. As is the case with most democratic nations. The voting system is set up and set to run off of an allotted amount of time.

Labour government elects in 1989 revises plan, stressing need for broader uniform social insurance. (Source: dictionary.cambridge.org)


Elect is a verb meaning to select someone for a particular office, or to be chosen or selected for such an office. Often without any prior canvassing for votes, or without going through the usual nominating process.

"-Designate" redirects here. For the terminology, see Designation (law). For other uses, see Designation (disambiguation). (Source: en.wikipedia.org)


This is an imperative that is frequently used, with a variety of meanings. It can be the first-person imperative of the speaker to elect. E.g. you can elect to do something or elect to do something before someone else. Or it can be the imperative of the speaker to select a specific option as in to elect to go or change.

The Hamilton and District Labour Council is moving forward with a digital organizing strategy to help candidates who pledge to end poverty. And eliminate systemic racism and oppression in our city. With a focus on all three levels of government. We will be advocating for good jobs with (at least) a living wage, benefits, pensions, and better working conditions for all. (Source: www.hamiltonlabour.ca)


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