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dylan walsh

Dylan Walsh (born November 17, 1963) was an American actor known primarily for playing a crooked plastic surgeon in the television series Everwood and for having a recurring role on the USA Network series Monk. Walsh began acting in high school and attended the University of Virginia. His first notable acting role was on the CBS series Kate & Allie. He is currently married to Anna Margaret Francis.



Walsh's first role was in a television movie called Soldier Boys with James Earl Jones. He then landed a role in the movie Loverboy and a regular role on the television series Kate & Allie. In 1989, he started using the name Dylan Walsh professionally. He continued to work in films including Betsy's Wedding, Nobody's Fool, Congo, The Stepfather, and Secretariat and guest starred the television series Brooklyn South, The Twilight Zone, and Everwood.

Having been a regular, relatively unknown presence on television and in film, actor Dylan Walsh skyrocketed to stardom later in his career as an ethically-challenged plastic surgeon on the edgy cable drama, "Nip/Tuck" (FX, 2003-2010). Prior to that, Walsh had roles on such notable shows as "Kate & Allie" (CBS, 1984-89) and "Gabriel's Fire" (ABC, 1990-91) before venturing into features with "Betsy's Wedding" (1990) and "Nobody's Fool" (1994), the latter of which captured the attention of "Nip/Tuck" creator Ryan Murphy and eventually led to the actor landing the role. Though he managed small parts in large scale movies like "We Were Soldiers" (2002) and "Blood Work" (2002), Walsh's bread and butter remained the small screen, where he landed a prominent recurring part on the popular "Everwood" (The WB, 2002-06). During his run on "Nip/Tuck," Walsh stepped up to bigger parts in features like "The Lake House" (2006), "The Stepfather" (2009) and "Secretariat" (2010). In the end, Walsh remained a versatile performer capable of turning in quality performances in either leading or supporting roles. (Source: www.rottentomatoes.com)


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