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dylan gelula


dylan gelula

Everyone has strengths, so why should we assign one person the job of “being Mom” and the other to “being Dad”. Let’s have “two moms” and “two dads” and teach them how to make the best of both positions. Today’s family is more complicated than yesterday’s, but the concepts remain the same.



It’s interesting to dig into the ranks of the stars and find new or at least semi-new stars that have been around for a while and yet haven’t done much yet with their careers. One has to wonder just what’s holding them back, if anything is. Some folks don’t want to be widely known and are happy to just be in the business, while others are trying as hard as they can and still can’t seem to break through for whatever reason. Dylan Gelula has been around for over a decade and she’s managed to find work on a fairly regular basis but at the same time her name isn’t one that a lot of people know for various reasons. The realization that she is a star isn’t hard to accept at all, instead it’s harder to think on why she hasn’t become more prominent as the years have continued on. Of course, seeing as how many of those who got their start after the turn of the century are now starting to take over it’s easy to assume that she might be finding her stride very soon.

Dylan Gelula is a promising American actress, highly acclaimed for her performance in the TV serials, such as ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’, ‘Jennifer Falls’, and ‘Chasing Life’. She has also earned kudos for her performance in other TV series and programs like, ‘Law & Order: Special Victims Unit’, ‘NCIS’, ‘Filthy Preppy Teen$’, ‘Are We There Yet’, and ‘Casual’. She made her debut appearance on the big screen in the movie, ‘Lady in the Water’ when she was studying in the 4th grade. She did not even finish high school before relocating to Los Angeles to make her mark in the tinsel town as a seventeen-year old teenager. Dylan debuted professionally when she landed the role of ‘Fiona’ in ‘Recycle Me’, a very short film on environment that was screened at the Colorado Film Festival. She next appeared as a guest star in the TV series, ‘Law & Order: Special Victims Unit’ portraying the character of Becca in the episode titled, ‘Totem’. She bagged the role of the leading actress in the romance-drama film, ‘The First Girl I Loved’ at the age of 22. The film which was shown for the first time in the ‘Sundance Film Festival 2016’ was honored with an audience award. Dylan has prominent roles in the movies, ‘Under the Eiffel Tower’ and ‘Support the Girls’ both of which are under production. (Source: www.thefamouspeople.com)


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