Dutch Sheets:

Dutch Sheets:

Dutch Sheets

The Little-Known World of Dutch Sheets.


Welcome everyone to FLASHPOINT! Host Gene Bailey is joined by Dutch Sheets, John Graves, Floyd Brown, and Senator Rand Paul. You do not want to miss hearing a mighty word from these five powerful men of God! Share this with someone who needs truth!With an abundance of insights, the Dutch Sheets Collection will empower you for more passionate prayer and guide you in your walk with God. It will equip you with the wisdom of more effective and persistent prayer in your daily life and encourage you to be patient for God’s timing. Discover your role as a prayer warrior—it can mean the difference between heaven and hell for someone you know.In Intercessory Prayer, Dutch Sheets encourages you to pray for the impossible and helps you find persistence to see your prayers to fruition. Here is a thought-provoking guide that will help you get a firmer grip on the key concepts behind intercession. While the book unveils the mystery of prayer, revealing your role as God’s partner in his work, the study guide reinforces that you can indeed make a difference. Follow the Intercessory Prayer Study Guide and see that Christ is the intercessor and that your role is to release the fruit of his work on the cross, allowing God to use your prayers to move heaven and earth.

I’m utterly convinced that God is calling this generation to pray like never before. To do that, we are going to need practical resources and the encouragement of people like Dutch Sheets, who’s one of the American godfathers of intercession. I guarantee that this book won’t change the world. But if you buy it, read it, and do what it says, someone like you really could.In The River of God, internationally known conference speaker and author Dutch Sheets describes what a person—and church—must do to prepare for revival. Sheets once again balances biblical teaching in the light of the Holy Spirit’s power. What is the river of God as described in Ezekiel 47? What must we do to allow, rather than hinder, the flow of God’s river? How do we avoid putting the Holy Spirit in a box while also sidestepping excess and abuse? Sheets answers these and other crucial questions as he examines the theme of water and renewal in the Bible and its relevance for us today. (Source: www.logos.com)


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