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Duke My Chart

Powered by eHealth: The MyChart portal is accessed through eHealth and provides services that are powered by Duke. The MyChart portal connects you with your healthcare provider and makes you accessible to medical providers and we offer easy access to your lab results, prescriptions, and appointments.



Duke MyChart is an electronic medical record patient portal that offers personalized and secure online access to portions of your medical records. The Duke MyChart secure website and app also makes it easy for you to schedule appointments, participate in video visits, pay your bills, and send a message to your doctor’s office when you have non-urgent medical needs. (Source:

If you would like to sign up for a Duke MyChart account for the first time, you will need an activation code. At your most recent visit to the doctor you should have received an after-visit summary. The activation code will be printed on this document. You may also receive your code in an activation letter that would have been sent from your provider or from Duke Medicine Customer Service. If you are a new patient to Duke and want to request a new patient appoint you will need to compete the New Patient Appointment Request form. This form is available on the “Please Identify Yourself” page that appears after you activate the “Sign up” button on. When signing up and entering your activation code you will also be asked to provide your date of birth. (Source: www.mychartlog.com)


By using dukemychart.org you can access your health information that you have entrusted to DukeHealth. Being able to access your Duke Hospital patient information whenever or wherever you like is extremely convenient. By logging in you will be able to access your lab and test results without having to visit an office amongst other benefits.

If you are a patient and need some help with all of the information that DukeHealth provides for patients like you, visit the Duke Heart Center Portal. Here you can find a guide to all of the top links and reference pages that are available for you to use. Browse through the various links on the homepage to see which links will be the most helpful to you. Look through the variety of differently labeled icons to see if any of those links can help you as well. (Source: www.mychartlog.com)


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