Does Star Wars Take Place in the Future or Past OR

Does Star Wars Take Place in the Future or Past OR

Does Star Wars Take Place in the Future or Past

In the lore of Star Wars, the years are numbered in units of 6,000 years between the rise of the Galactic Empire and the moment when the first Jedi was training Luke Skywalker, who was then 10 years old. Luke's 10-year-old self would have seen lightsaber training between the fall of the Sith to the rise of the Rebel Alliance. So, in this case, Star Wars happens in the future.


Now, there was that game in 2008 called Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. With a story spanning the time in-between the prequel and original trilogies, it told of the life and times of Starkiller, alias Galen Marek, alias the Apprentice. Trained by Vader as kind of a look of what it would have been like if Luke joined his father’s side, Galen was a Sith apprentice who hunted down some of the remaining Jedi, fell in love with his pilot companion, got betrayed by Vader, and ended up inspiring the Rebel Alliance into being a full-on thing by dying a badass martyr’s death.

Altogether, this means that Star Wars needs to be at least 9 billion years after the big bang. This leaves plenty of years before the current time (about 4.7 billion to be precise), so it could still count as “a long time ago,” but it is certainly closer to now than to the big bang. Figuring out where the Star Wars galaxy is in the history of the universe is harder than trying to pinpoint planets in the history of their development. For instance, we see many terrestrial (rocky) planets and a few gas giants. A planet such as Mustafar is very volcanically active and has lava flowing all over its surface; Mustafar is probably in its earliest stages of development. In a similar fashion, Hoth could be an Earth-like planet in the heart of an ice age. It’s more likely that it is just a cold planet far from its star, but Earth did undergo several ice ages. (Source: www.wired.com)



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