Discover the Amazing: Pershing 9X - A Revolutionary Maxi-Coupe (2022)

Discover the Amazing: Pershing 9X - A Revolutionary Maxi-Coupe (2022)


Pershing 9X - A Revolutionary Maxi-Coupe

pershing 9x

If you are considering getting a maxi boat, the Pershing 9X is an incredible option. Designed for the ultimate comfort, this boat can easily get to the best bay and enjoy itself while at anchor. It comes with drop-down patio doors, allowing seamless flow between the cockpit and saloon. It also boasts powerful Seakeeper stabilisers. Here are some of the key features of this boat. Read on to learn more.

Pershing 9X is a revolutionary maxi coupe

The new Pershing 9X is a groundbreaking Maxi-Coupe that blends the best of the X Generation with luxury and sophistication for the ultimate in on-board pleasure. With its aerodynamic profile and large sidesflugel, this new Pershing offers a deluxe interior with a private sun deck. This revolutionary design is sure to be a hit, with a starting price of $6,395,000.

The Pershing 9X is the result of a collaboration between the Engineering Department and the Product Strategy Committee of the Ferretti Group. The Pershing 9X is made up of the latest composite materials, featuring carbon fibres and vinyl ester resins for the deck and hull, and epoxy resin for the superstructure. This cutting-edge boat will be the envy of all your friends. The sleek lines and modern features of this new model will make you want to take it for a spin.

The innovative Pershing 9X features an integrated navigation and monitoring system. The powerful twin MTU 16V 2000 M96L engines produce 2,638 horsepower each. The hull features a Top System surface drive and Rolla surface propellers. Top System and Rolla hulls ensure an outstanding ride and a maximum range of 380 nautical miles. The Pershing 9X was designed by an Italian company, and Poltrona Frau's Interiors in Motion division was involved in the design of the helm station.

The Pershing 9X is a groundbreaking maxi coupe. It combines the thrill of a Pershing with the excellence of the "X Generation". It is a true luxury vehicle that is sure to impress everyone you meet. This yacht is a must-see! You won't find another boat like it anywhere else. Alluring, comfortable, and luxurious, the Pershing 9X will be a great choice for any luxury yacht enthusiast.

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It is equipped with Jet Ski, Seabob, Wakeboard, SUP and snorkeling gear

The Pershing 9X is a sporty luxury maxi coupe yacht with the perfect combination of elegance and sportiness. The sleek lines and futuristic materials of this sporty yacht make it a perfect choice for sophisticated luxury yachting. Jet Skis and Seabobs are standard equipment, and the aft deck offers generous spaces for relaxing and lounging. Jet Skis are available for rent, and the Pershing 9X is equipped with a full complement of dive and snorkeling gear.

This luxury motor yacht is also equipped with jet skis, wakeboards, SUPs, snorkeling gear, and a tender. Pershing 9X has four staterooms, including one with a day head. The Pershing 9X is equipped with Jet Ski, wakeboard, and SUP, as well as snorkeling gear and a wakeboard. The Pershing 9X has two lounge areas for optimum comfort.

It can drop anchor anywhere

The Pershing 9X is a high-performance super yacht with sleek styling by Fulvio De Simoni. Powered by two 2,638hp MTU V16 engines, this powerful vessel has a smooth and nimble ride. The powerful stabilisers and drop-down patio doors make boarding the 9X a dream. The Pershing 9X can drop anchor anywhere you'd like - from the middle of the sea to the bays you'd like to visit.

The 9X is a sleek boat with a sporty design and a unique layout. Its carbon fibre composite hull and deck give it excellent strength and lightness. The Pershing 9X can cruise at up to 38 knots and can drop anchor anywhere. Its interiors are a display of elegance. It can accommodate up to 12 guests and has a crew of four. And if you're tired of waiting for the next big adventure, the 9X will drop anchor anywhere you want.

The Pershing 9X is a luxurious sport yacht with cutting-edge navigation and monitoring systems. With twin MTU 16V 2000 M96L engines generating 2,638 mhp each, it can drop anchor anywhere in the world. The Pershing 9X is capable of cruising at 38 knots and reaches 42 knots. Its range is up to 380 nautical miles. You'll love the sleek lines of this 28-metre sport yacht.

With a spacious main deck filled with natural light, the Pershing 9X is well-equipped for socializing and dining. A co-designed interior by Poltrona Frau includes three independent seats and a dashboard. A large sun pad is available on the sun deck for more comfortable lounging. The luxury interior decor is a reflection of its owner's personal taste. The owner selected Poltrona Frau for the interiors of the yacht.

Olivia O - The Ultra-Luxurious Ulstein X-BOW

olivia o yacht

The OLIVIA O is a beautiful explorer ship, and one of the best-known examples of this type of yacht is the Ulstein X-BOW. Other notable features include a 10-metre swimming pool, an heli-deck, and a large helipad. Read on to learn more about the features of this yacht. You will be able to make the right decision based on your needs.


The X-BOW Olivia O is a luxury yacht built by the Norwegian shipyard Ulstein Verft. She has a 90 metre bow and was designed with X-BOW technology. This advanced hull design reduces hydrodynamic drag and increases stability, particularly in rough seas. This innovative technology also allows the Olivia O to cruise in comfort and safety, even when travelling at high speed. Olivia O can accommodate up to 20 guests and 30 crew members.

The interior design of the X-BOW Olivia O was developed by Nathalie Droulers and is in an oriental style. The owner's wife requested this design, which features a luxuriated version of Italian terrazzo and plenty of textures in pale colours. The yacht sleeps up to 20 guests in eight staterooms and features a gym and spa, as well as a private theater and 10 metres of swimming pool. It also has a helipad for easy access to remote locations.

The X-BOW Olivia O yacht has a fully equipped helipad, a commercially-rated helicopter platform, and an outdoor sports field on the main deck aft. The exterior features two-tone finishes, a raked mast, and swept wheelhouse wings. The owner deck is fitted with a 10-metre swimming pool and is complete with a gym. It also has an elevator to the upper deck.


The heli-deck on Olivia O yacht is the latest addition to this ultra-luxury yacht. It's the first time a yacht has been fitted with such a feature. This heli-deck allows the crew to go on land in safety and comfort. A large swimming pool is also included on Olivia O. It can accommodate 20 guests and 30 crew members. The Olivia O yacht is one of the most luxurious yachts in the world and was custom built for a wealthy couple in Florida.

With an impressive steel hull and a superstructure to match, the OLIVIA O is one of the most luxurious luxury yachts on the market. Her large deck spaces include a swimming pool, heli-deck, gym, spa, tennis court, gym and a host of other amenities. Additionally, she features a heli-deck on the main deck and a raised tender garage. There is an onsite helicopter garage.

10m/66ft swimming pool

A 10m/66ft swimming pool is a luxurious addition to the Olivia O yacht. Its design is reminiscent of the Olympic helipad and massive heli-deck on the Millennium Falcon. She also has an extensive list of extras, including a certified helipad and a helipad. The 88-meter/289ft Olivia O has a crew of 24 and can accommodate up to 12 guests. Its displacement is 4.989 tons, and she can reach 15 knots. Olivia O was named after its owner, Eyal Ofer's daughter.

The explorer yacht Olivia O was built by Norwegian shipyard Ulstein Verft AS and is one of the world's largest. Her exterior design was created by Espen Oino and was built on a steel hulled X-Bow platform. It was specially designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the North Sea. Other notable features include a 10-metre swimming pool, a commercially-rated helicopter platform, and a raised full-beam tender garage.


The Gym Olivia O yacht was designed by Espen Oino, a Norwegian with a background in yacht design. It has a 52-foot (16-meter) beam and sleeps 20 people in eight staterooms. It also features a spa, gym, and private theater. The yacht's interior design features a Japanese theme and textures for interest. This superyacht was first built in 1992, and is currently available for sale through Burgess Yachts.

The interiors of the Olivia O are designed in an oriental theme. It was the owner's wife's request to decorate the yacht with an oriental theme. The owner's company has dedicated the yacht to luxury trips. The ship was built by Ulstein, a Norwegian shipyard that specializes in commercial vessels, ferries, and workboats. Olivia O was launched in March 2016, and construction began in 2015. While the yacht was being designed, it was kept a secret until her launch.

Beauty salon

Among the luxury super yachts on the market, the $200 million Olivia O is a luxurious haven on the sea. With eight cabins and more than 30 crew members, this luxury yacht offers everything a cosmopolitan lifestyle requires. Its luxurious facilities include a spa, gym, and helipad for transporting the owner and his family. The interior design was done by Droulers of Milan. The yacht's owners wanted it to have a Japanese theme, and they requested extensive use of resin and wood on the upper decks.

Besides the beauty salon, the luxury yacht also offers other amenities, including a helipad and a pool. The spa and gym on board are staffed with highly experienced professionals and have all the amenities a discerning traveler could desire. In addition, the yacht also has a cinema room and helipad. In addition, the yacht has an excellent movie library and a large swimming pool. Lastly, Olivia O has a helipad, making it perfect for those who wish to spend a lot of time at sea.

8 cabins

The OLIVIA O yacht has eight luxurious cabins for up to 20 people. Designed by Espen Oeino, the exterior features sweeping staircases, alfresco dining area, and a swimming pool. The yacht is also equipped with a helipad and gym. Its interiors are simple and elegant, with lots of textures and pale colours. The eight cabins on board Olivia O can accommodate up to 20 people, and she is equipped with a spa, gym, 10-metre swimming pool, and even a helipad for a helicopter.

Olivia O is a luxurious explorer yacht built in Norway. She was launched in 2018 and has eight cabins for up to 20 guests. The yacht has a cinema, gym, and spa onboard. There are also 30 crew members, making the Olivia O the perfect yacht for a luxurious cruise. Her reverse-bow design was developed specifically for the North Sea. Olivia O also has an exceptional deckhead height, allowing for comfortable sleeping for the guests and crew.

Speed of 16.6 knots

The 88m/290ft explorer yacht OLIVIA O has completed its sea trials in the Norwegian fjords in August. It achieved a top speed of 16.6 knots during the sea trials. The yacht has very few details about its amenities yet, such as the size of the swimming pool and the helipad on its extended aft bridge deck. However, the yacht does boast an impressive set of amenities.

The interior of Olivia O is extremely luxurious, with a mix of custom-built furniture and Italian designer furnishings. The ship's furnishings were custom-built in Ohio by Merritt, a company Droulers worked with during a job in New York. The company's high-quality craftsmanship is evident throughout the yacht. The yacht has a maximum speed of 16.6 knots, which is impressive considering its size.


If you want to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle at sea, you should consider owning the luxury yacht Olivia O. She features an aft swimming pool and a helicopter deck with a D-value of 16. She can accommodate up to 20 guests in eight staterooms, and features such amenities as a spa, gym, and a good-sized private theater. In addition, the yacht has a helipad and a 10-metre swimming pool.

The 88-metre superyacht Olivia O is owned by billionaire Eyal Ofer and can accommodate up to 20 passengers. She has seven guest cabins and a crew of 30 in 15 cabins below deck. A movie theater, a gym, and a beauty salon are among the amenities aboard the Olivia O. The yacht has a shallow draft of only 5.1 metres (16.9 ft) and is ideal for exploration and cruising.

The hull of the Olivia O is designed with an upside-down bow, which is typical of Viking-inspired explorer ships. The hull design of the 89-metre yacht was developed by Norwegian shipyard Ulstein Verft. This hull design provides the vessel with a distinctive explorer profile that enables it to cope with rough seas. It also reduces hydrodynamic drag, making it easier to maneuver in heavy seas and withstand rough weather.

The Feadship Royal Romance Yacht Is Not For Sale

royal romance yacht

Known as Royal Romance, this 92.5-meter motor yacht was built by Feadship and is now owned by Viktor Medvedchuk. She is not for sale at this time. Read on to learn more about her! The following paragraphs will tell you more about her, and how you can get a tour. You can also find out about her construction. Listed below are some of the most important facts about this yacht.

Royal Romance is a 92.5 m motor yacht

The Feadship Royal Romance is a luxurious motor yacht with a gross tonnage of 2933 tons. It was built at the Makkum shipyard in the Netherlands and was delivered to its owner in July 2015. Her exterior is designed by Seymour Diamond, while her interior was created by De Voogt studio. She has seven staterooms and is fitted with a 12-metre swimming pool with a waterfall. The motor yacht is also equipped with a fitness room and beauty salon. She was built to Lloyds Register and MCA standards, and is currently based in the United Kingdom.

Currently sailing under the Cayman Islands flag, ROYAL ROMANCE is one of the world's top 5% by LOA. This makes it one of only 34 motor yachts in this size range. This yacht has been spotted sailing near Croatia, where it was spotted by BOAT Pro AIS systems. With more than ten million AIS points, Royal Romance is equipped with the latest technology, so her passengers can stay informed about her whereabouts.

When in Makkum, Royal Romance was known as Hull 1005. She was kept under wraps to avoid being exposed to wide publicity. The yacht is fitted with a swimming pool of a significant size, which is difficult to photograph in photographs. While in transit, it is usually covered to keep out dust. Despite being in such a prominent position, this luxury yacht has no shortage of awe-inspiring features.

She was built by Feadship

Royal Romance, a 310-foot motor yacht, has recently been photographed while on a trip to Monaco. The Dutch yacht builder Feadship built Royal Romance in October 2014. The luxury megayacht is a steel-and-aluminum construction, and offers sumptuous accommodation for her owners and guests. It is currently anchored in Rijeka, Croatia. To find out more about this yacht, visit the Feadship fanclub Facebook page.

ROYAL ROMANCE is one of the world's largest motor yachts, and is ranked number 89 in the list of largest yachts. Currently, she is flying the flag of the Cayman Islands, the second most common superyacht flag state. Subscribers to the SYT iQ service can view 13 photos and 16 articles about the yacht. She is currently scheduled to undergo a refit in 2020.

The interiors are luxurious and spacious, and the yacht features a 12-metre swimming pool, four-metre-wide sundeck, and a waterfall at the stern. The yacht's exterior features LED lighting, which are used to create a beautiful night vision. The yacht's sleek custom profile adds to the overall luxury. The interior design was overseen by Seymour Diamond, and the yacht was delivered to the owner in July 2015.

She is owned by Viktor Medvedchuk

The oligarch and close friend of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Viktor Medvedchuk owns the posh yacht Royal Romance. Medvedchuk is the founder of a Kyiv law firm and the owner of the yacht. He is married to Oksana Marchenko and has two daughters. He is also a member of the so-called "Kyiv Seven", which includes Valentyn Zhursky and Olga Dolgova.

The 92-meter yacht of Ukrainian oligarch Viktor Medvedchuk has been impounded in the Croatian port of Rijeka. He cannot leave the port because the yacht is impounded for violating EU sanctions on oligarchs from Russia and its associates. It is unclear how the oligarch managed to evade arrest, and the yacht has been moored there for quite some time.

Currently, the cost of the oligarch's yachting is estimated at $15-20 million annually. The oligarch's yacht was seized after he was detained by Croatian authorities on March 16. Since then, the Zelenskiy administration has been making political hay out of the situation. Photos of Medvedchuk in handcuffs have been posted online.

She is not for sale

There are many reasons why the Royal Romance yacht is not for sale. The owner of this boat is Viktor Medvedchuk, a billionaire from Russia who is accused of treason in his home country. He and his wife, Daryna, have a teenage daughter, and have a relationship that could become a thorn in the side of their government. They bought the ship through a company called Fregata Marine Ltd. based in the Marshall Islands. Although the yacht is not for sale, there is a database on SuperYachtFan that can give you more details on the vessel.

The Royal Romance is a 92-metre motor yacht built by Feadship in the Netherlands. The yacht features a steel hull, aluminium superstructure, and teak decks. It is equipped with twin MTU 3,004 hp diesel engines. It has a range of around 4,500 nautical miles and can reach a top speed of 15 knots. She is fitted with a gym and elevators to connect her five decks. A 12-metre pool with waterfall is located on the upper deck of the yacht.

The Royal Romance is currently listed as the number 89 of the largest yachts in the world. The yacht is currently sailing under the flag of the Cayman Islands, the second most popular flag state for superyachts. Several threats were made against Russian-owned yachts in the Port of Rijeka in recent months. In April 2022, Medvedchuk was arrested on treason charges.

She was last sold in 2011

The Royal Romance was built in 1991 and was last sold in 2011. She is a magnificent vessel with an estimated value of $200 million. The yacht is owned by Viktor Medvedchuk, the Russian billionaire who is currently serving as a candidate for the president of Ukraine. The yacht is formally registered to Oksana Medvechuka and Fregata Marine Ltd, which is based in the Marshall Islands.

The 92-meter mega yacht ROYAL ROMANCE was designed by De Voogt Naval Architects, and was built as hull number 1005. Her power comes from twin MTU diesel engines with a combined output of 6,008 hp. She can accommodate fourteen passengers and 22 crew members. She has a top speed of 16 knots and a range of 4,500 nautical miles.

The Feadship Fanclub created a Facebook page where members post pictures of their favorite Feadships. One such fan has captured a picture of the Royal Romance, a 303'5" (92.5 m) megayacht. She was photographed in The Netherlands a few days ago, and will now be headed to other destinations. It was photographed in Gibraltar by Jan Ramaker and shared by the Feadship Fanclub.

She is powered by twin MTU 3,004 hp diesel engines

The 92-meter Royal Romance is a luxury motor yacht. She was built by Feadship in 2015 and has an aluminium superstructure and steel hull. She is powered by twin MTU 3,004 hp diesel engines and has a cruising speed of 13.5 knots and a maximum speed of 15 knots. The motor yacht can accommodate up to 14 passengers in seven cabins. The yacht has been built to Lloyds Register standards and is MCA compliant.

The Royal Romance was built in the Netherlands in 2014. The price of the luxury motor yacht was estimated at more than $200 million. The build cost was EUR 150 million. The yacht is currently sailing under the Cayman Islands flag. Its current location is unknown but she has been seen cruising near Croatia. Twin MTU 3,004 hp diesel engines power the yacht.

She has a massive LED-lit swimming pool with a waterfall feature

The 12 meter Feadship Royal Romance was built under the strictest secrecy, with no pictures being released until the boat was completed and sea-tried. The vessel is the largest yacht in the Feadship fleet, with a crew of 22. The luxury yacht features an LED-lit transom and exterior lighting plan. A massive LED-lit swimming pool with waterfall feature and LED-lit transom are a highlight of this luxury vessel.

The exterior and naval architecture of the 92-metre-long Royal Romance were created by a team at the Feadship shipyard in the Netherlands. Interiors were designed by renowned interior designer Seymour Diamond. The glitzy vessel is designed to accommodate 14 guests in seven staterooms and berths for 22 crew members. The massive LED-lit swimming pool is an incredible focal point of the yacht, and its massive LED-lit swimming pool with a waterfall feature is a highlight for many owners.

Is the Symphony Yacht Right For You?

symphony yacht

If you are considering purchasing a luxury yacht, you might be wondering whether Symphony is right for you. In this article, we will discuss the features, engine specifications, design, and cruising range of this luxury yacht. You will also learn how to find out what is included in the price of a Symphony yacht. We will also discuss the features and benefits of this boat before making your final decision. If you are looking to purchase a luxury yacht, we highly recommend you consider Symphony.


The exterior design of the Symphony Yacht is a testament to the designer's expertise. This yacht also boasts the latest naval architecture from Feadship De Voogt, including a glass-bottom swimming pool and an outdoor cinema. A private owner's deck features a Jacuzzi and a sundeck terrace. There's also a bar, an observation lounge, and a piano, as well as a dining table for twenty guests.

The Symphony Yacht has a steel hull and an aluminium superstructure. She has a maximum speed of 22 knots, as well as a range of over five thousand nautical miles. The interior is classically decorated, with ample spaces and a regal air of elegance. It features several on-board comforts and amenities, including a state-of-the-art kitchen and an alfresco bar area. For safety and stability, the vessel is equipped with an anti-slip system and is certified by Lloyds Register 100 A1 passenger ship rules.

The company started in 2007 as an independent consulting firm and eventually became the world's leading luxury mega-yacht manufacturer. The owner of Symphony Yacht, French billionaire Bernard Arnault, also owns the renowned Amadeus superyacht. The icebreaker-shaped hull of the vessel was designed as a research vessel. Its owners included Tony Blair and Bono, two of the world's most famous rock stars.


The stunning 101-metre luxury motor yacht, SYMPHONY, was built as Project 808 by the Royal Van Lent Shipyard. When it was delivered to its owners in 2015, it was the largest yacht from Feadship. It features an exterior design by Tim Heywood Design and an interior by Zuretti Interior Design. Built from a steel hull and an aluminium superstructure, Symphony is capable of reaching a top speed of 22 knots, making it the fastest yacht in its class. Its crew is composed of 27, and its top speed is more than double that of a comparable sized motor yacht.

The luxurious sailor has been able to take his passion and turn it into a reality. The renowned yacht designer has taken on the challenge of creating one of the largest sailing superyachts in the world, the Dream Symphony. The vessel was constructed from epoxy laminated iroko, and will break several engineering records when launched. RINA, the renowned classification association for boats, was contacted to certify the yacht's construction, and the results were breathtaking.

The luxurious amenities on the Symphony include a six-metre glass-bottom swimming pool, outdoor cinema, jacuzzi, and outdoor cinema. The owner's deck also has a private office, two bathrooms, a sauna, a piano, a spacious lounge, and dressing rooms for all guests. The owner's deck offers ample seating for 20 people, and there is a deck for al fresco dining. A crew of 27 people will keep you entertained while you're on board.


The 101-meter luxury yacht Symphony was built by Royal Van Lent Shipyard in 2015. It was the largest yacht built by Feadship, and was delivered to its owners in 2015. The interiors and exterior designs were crafted by Zuretti Interior Design. The yacht's seven staterooms carry 16 guests and a crew of 27. It complies with the new Passenger Yacht Code, which requires yachts to meet certain performance standards.

The hull of the rig is made of steel, with an aluminium superstructure. Her teak decks are complemented by the steel superstructure. Symphony has four diesel MTU 16V 4000 M73 engines, each producing a whopping 3,433 horsepower. Her maximum speed is 22 knots, and she has a range of five thousand nautical miles. Her fuel tanks hold 256?000 litres of water, and the crew can run the yacht at a cruising speed of 16 knots.

Unlike most luxury motor yachts, the Symphony boasts a large counter-current swimming pool with a transparent glass bottom. The yacht is equipped with a lift to move between the six decks, providing easy access to all areas. The vessel sleeps 16 guests in eight cabins, with one master suite, one VIP suite, and six double cabins. There is also a state-of-the-art kitchen and an alfresco bar.

Cruising range

Located in Cayman Islands, the second most popular superyacht flag state, the Symphony is available for sales and charters. This luxury vessel was built in 1969 as a research vessel. She is distinguished by an icebreaker hull. It has been a favourite of world-famous rock stars Bono and Tony Blair. She is currently undergoing a refit in Spain. For more information on the vessel's movements, you can use BOAT Pro AIS.

The main engine is a MTU 16V4000M73 diesel. It has a cruising range of five thousand nautical miles, and can reach a maximum speed of 22 knots. The main engine uses about 30% less energy than a traditional yacht. Its hull design also ensures comfort and a comfortable ride. With its fuel tanks of 256 000 litres and 56 000 litres of water, the luxury yacht Symphony will have a comfortable trip.

Among its many amenities, the Symphony yacht has a six-metre glass-bottom swimming pool, a private cinema, and a gorgeous Jacuzzi on the sundeck. The yacht also has six cabins, including one master suite and one VIP suite. There is also an owner's deck, complete with a double bed, dressing room, sauna, and office. The vessel is equipped with a stabilisation system that ensures that it remains stable even when in rough seas.


The interiors of the Symphony Yacht are designed by Zuretti Design, a leading Italian yacht company. The interiors of Symphony Yacht are an exceptional blend of functionality and flair. Guests will have easy access to amenities that they crave without sacrificing the natural environment. The boat can accommodate up to 16 overnight guests in six double cabins. A number of luxury brands are represented on the interiors, including Givenchy, Guerlain, and Acqua di Parma. Those who are fond of art will be impressed by the interiors of the Symphony Yacht.

The Feadship yard has built its first 100-meter flagship, dubbed Project 808. The SYMPHONY yacht is the largest motor yacht built by the company. Her predecessor, the MADAME GU, measured eighty-one meters in length. The SYMPHONY yacht is the first motor yacht built by Feadship to comply with PYC (Passenger Yacht Code) regulations, which allows the owner to incorporate exotic materials and customized interior design.

A 102-meter luxury yacht, the Symphony is owned by Bernard Arnault, a French art collector and chairman of Cartier, one of the world's largest luxury goods companies. He is reportedly the third-richest person in the world and the richest man in Europe. His luxury super yacht Symphony is the epitome of French class and beauty. With a budget of 250-300 million euros, the Symphony yacht has plenty of room to spare.


The exteriors of Symphony are as stunning as her interiors, with the sleek lines blending style and functionality. The interiors have been designed by Zuretti Design and incorporate contemporary elements to provide comfort and style. Guests will appreciate the convenient access to features that they want, without sacrificing the ambience or the environment. The exteriors of Symphony Yacht are stunning, and the yacht's design and layout make it the envy of the yachting world.

The Symphony is a 101-meter luxury yacht that was built as Project 808 in the Royal Van Lent Shipyard. When it was delivered in 2015, it was the largest yacht built by Feadship. The exterior is the work of Tim Heywood Design, and the interior is the work of Zuretti Interior Design. The yacht has a steel hull and an aluminum superstructure, with a crew of 27. The yacht has been certified to meet the new Passenger Yacht Code, which means it is compliant with regulations for the vessel.

The exteriors of Symphony Yacht have received high praise, and the yacht has won multiple awards. The yacht is known for being a superior entertainer, with its expansive beach club, six-metre contraflow swimming pool, and outdoor cinema. Her interiors are just as impressive and are sure to impress. Its stunning exterior design has won many awards, and it is likely that she will continue to win. Its impressive amenities will make her the envy of yachting enthusiasts all over the world.

Pershing 62 COALITION

pershing 62

The Pershing 62 offers two or three suites, depending on your preference. With its top speed of 43.5 knots, she can travel at a comfortable clip while being comfortably outfitted for a family vacation. This yacht also includes a cabin with a shower head and washing machine. A glass door between the saloon and aft deck makes for a seamless indoor-outdoor living space. And because she has no stern steps, you can step off the boat and use the aft deck as a separate living space.

Pershing 62 is available with two or three suites

The Pershing 62 is a luxurious motor yacht that features an interior featuring a gliding glass door that separates the main saloon from the aft deck. When pressed, the glass door retracts into the floor, creating an indoor-outdoor living area that extends from the main helm all the way down to the transom. The galley features an overhead opening to bring additional light into the space.

The Pershing 62 is offered in two versions. The three-suite version has two double staterooms and one twin, each with a private en suite bathroom. The two-suite version is similar but has a separate VIP stateroom and a dinette on the lower deck. Both versions also feature an optional crew cabin at the stern. The Pershing 62 is an elegant yacht, and a luxurious way to spend time cruising the Mediterranean.

A sleek and aggressive profile distinguishes the Pershing 62. Glazing on the Owner's suite and VIP cabin at the bow gives the Owner's suite a brighter atmosphere. The VIP cabin features a porthole and double window. The Pershing 62 can accommodate up to five guests, and can be configured with two or three suites. It can be configured with a lower dinette or a sofa bed.

The Pershing 62 is currently for sale in Athens, Greece. She was recently repainted in grey and has a low engine hour count on twin 1623HP MTU engines. It features four-post hydraulic hull steering, which ensures optimal performance on the water. It also features three decks and two crew cabins. Aside from being available with two or three suites, the Pershing 62 is also available with two or three cabins.

The Pershing 62 is a powerful, impressive motor yacht. It offers spacious interiors and an expansive cockpit deck with a sun pad and stairs leading to a private swim platform. Two seabobs and a jetski are included. It is possible to charter the Pershing 62 with two or three suites and enjoy the space. This yacht offers plenty of space for six overnight guests, or up to twelve day charter guests.

It can reach a top speed of 43.5 knots

The Pershing 62 is a beautiful superyacht that can reach speeds of 43.5 knots and is the latest addition to the company's fast cruiser line. COALITION is one of a limited number of Pershing 62s to have been shed-kept since new. Her MTU 10V2000 1523 HP engines are paired with Top Systems surface drives, which push her to cruise speeds of over 40 knots and a top speed of 43.5 knots. In addition to its fast top speed, the COALITION has luxurious interior features, such as mosaic tile showers and fine Italian leather.

The Pershing 62 is a perfect vessel for anyone who enjoys long trips on the water. It features two MTU diesel engines and an innovative drive system. This drive system delivers high torque to the propeller shafts. The vessel is also equipped with partially submerged screws and a joystick for maneuvering the ship. The Pershing 62 offers comfort and luxury at sea.

The Pershing 62 has a spacious main deck. The glass doors disappear between two sofas, combining indoor and outdoor living spaces. Its one-piece side windows are designed with a curved central frame that doubles as a handrail. It has a large foredeck sunbathing area with an optional bimini, while an additional aft sunbed sits on top of a spacious garage.

The Pershing 62 is one of the best-selling models in the Pershing yacht range. Its large windows in the bulwarks and superstructure allow plenty of natural light into the interior. The exterior of the Pershing 62 offers panoramic glazing for the cabin, as well as a useful sunroof. The boat also features an open cockpit with a ceiling hatch and two comfortable seating areas.

The Pershing 62 has an engine capacity of 870 horsepower. The boat's deck is equipped with a dining area, a kitchen, three cabins with en-suite bathrooms, and a crew cabin. The Pershing 62 has a top speed of 43.5 knots, which is impressive for such a big yacht. The large surface area of its propellers allows it to reach top speeds of 43.5 knots.

It has a cabin with shower, head, and washing machine

The Pershing 62 is designed with a unique layout, with the cabin accessed through a separate door adjacent to the bridge's command panel. The Pershing's layout has been designed to make it livable and privacy-friendly. It has a cabin with a shower, head, and washing machine. The cabin also includes a full-beam master suite admidship. The Pershing's interior is trimmed with Poltrona Frau leather.

The Pershing 62 is offered in two versions. The first version has three cabins, one of which is a VIP cabin and the second is a guest cabin. The second version of the Pershing 62 has two cabins with a queen-size sofa bed. A third cabin is available if desired. This version of the Pershing 62 has two cabins, one of which is a VIP stateroom.

The cabin is spacious enough to accommodate two adults and a child. It also has a large shower and head, and a washing machine. A Pershing 62's hull glazing and styling are indicative of the new direction Pershing is taking. The Pershing 62' comes with two different engine options. The standard version has two MTUs and a top speed of 46.5 knots, while the larger engine option has a cruising speed of 42 knots. Neither engine is hard to use, and both engines have excellent fuel economy. The Pershing 62 is equipped with Searex surface propellers.

The Pershing 62 is designed with aerodynamic sleekness and elegance. With a white and silver hull, black side band, and a head and washing machine, the Pershing 62 has a sleek, sporty personality. Its glazing and design elements preserve the family feel and ensure great brightness in the master cabin and ample natural light in the VIP cabin. The Pershing 62 is available with either one or two cabins, depending on the desired configuration.

The Pershing 62 features a wet head in the master cabin. This cabin includes a vanity with sink, shower, and washing machine. The head area spans the length of the cabin, and has a washbasin and a separate shower. It also features an area for sanitary fittings. Throughout the Pershing 62, the head area offers an abundance of storage space.

Le Grand Bleu - The World's Largest Privately Owned Yacht

le grand bleu yacht

Le Grand Bleu is the world's largest privately owned yacht. She measures 113 metres long and was built by Kusch Yachts at the Bremer Vulkan shipyard in Bremen, Germany, and was launched in 2000. Pastrovich is well known for his beautiful interior and exterior designs for yachts. Read on to learn more about the yacht. Then, take a virtual tour of the vessel. You'll see why she is so popular!

Le Grand Bleu is one of the biggest privately owned yachts in the world

The ten staterooms on the yacht are designed to accommodate 20 guests and 35 crew members, and the ship boasts an impressive array of water toys and below deck garage space. It has a full fleet of water toys, including a 73-foot Dubois sailing yacht and two 11-foot Buzzi sport boats. The boat can also carry a four-wheel drive Land Rover. In July, the ship spent time anchored in Penobscot Bay, Maine, and in Casco Bay, near Portland. By mid-August, the yacht was anchored in Frenchman Bay, east of Mt. Desert Island.

The ship was bought by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich and remodeled by American shipbuilding firm Bremer Vulkan in 2006. The billionaire oil tycoon purchased the yacht in 2006 and has since been refitting it to reflect the tastes of his clients. In 2007, he commissioned HDW yachts in Germany to refurbish the vessel, and hired British designer Terence Disdale to design the interiors.

At 113 meters in length, Le Grand Bleu is the largest privately owned yacht in the world. Currently sailing under Bermudan flag, the yacht is a busy superyacht. Her last sighting was near Puerto Rico. This yacht is a prime example of a private yacht with enormous potential. But don't be fooled - she's also one of the best-kept secrets.

Despite its massive size, the vessel is not immune to sanctions. It is reportedly one of the largest superyachts in the world - by interior space and volume. A video of the yacht in motion was posted on YouTube, generating over one million views. The yacht, formerly anchored in St. Martin, has been undergoing repairs in Hamburg. It is currently being reconstructed after the recent incident.

She has a speedboat, sailing yacht and helicopter pad

The owner of this 355-foot expedition yacht, Roman Abramovich, is a self-made billionaire. He purchased Le Grand Bleu in 2003 from John McCaw, a former US businessman. Abramovich, a Russian billionaire, re-fitted and modernized the ship, adding a 16-ft swim platform to the stern. He then gifted the yacht to Eugene Shvidler, the current chairman of the investment and asset management company Millhouse LLC. This yacht has been a frontrunner in environmental friendly technologies and received an Environmental Protection Notation from Lloyd's of London.

The owner of Le Grande Bleu, Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, spent millions on the vessel, which is 113 meters long. In 2004, he also acquired the speedboat Sussurro, a 50-meter sailing yacht that could accelerate up to 85 knots. In 2004, he also bought the 115-meter yacht Pelorus for $129 million. The 'green' wastewater treatment system is a unique feature on this yacht. It enables Abramovich to recycle the wastewater and re-use it for further use.

This Russian billionaire has also purchased a second, bigger version of the boat. The re-design of the first ship, named 'Le Grand Bleu', cost $300 million, plus the tail. The yacht's designer, Philippe Starck, designed the interior, which features 3 swimming pools, including one with a glass bottom. Another swimming pool is located below the disco deck.


At 113 metres, the Le Grand Bleu is the world's largest privately owned yacht. Originally designed by Stefano Pastrovich and built at the German shipyard Bremer Vulkan, this luxury yacht was launched in 2000. It was the brainchild of Italian-American designer Stefano Pastrovich, renowned for his stunning interior and exterior designs for superyachts.

This luxurious luxury vessel was originally commissioned by Abramovich for around $100 million. But the superyacht was built to last only four years before Abramovich stepped down from the yacht. He sold the yacht in 2006 to Eugene Shivdler, who subsequently continued to improve her condition. Shivdler added a 'green' wastewater treatment system to the yacht and re-used the wastewater from her hull.

LE GRAND BLEU was launched in 2000 and is currently sailing under the Bermudan flag. Her gross tonnage is 5555 tons, making her among the world's largest yachts by LOA. She is the second largest yacht built by Bremer Vulkan. Subscribers to SuperYacht Times can view more information about her and its owner.

She was sold to Roman Abramovich in 2006

The billionaire Russian businessman, Roman Abramovich, owns several million dollars of assets, including the Le Grand Bleu yacht, which was sold to him in 2006. The vessel is designed by renowned British yacht designer Terence Disdale. He commissioned Disdale to complete the yacht's interior and exterior, as well as its extensive list of amenities. The interior features nine decks and the largest indoor pool ever built.

The former owner of this luxury superyacht, an Arab, had a US$22 million price tag. Abramovich also owned the Pelorus and the Sussurro, which he sold to the Chelsea owner in 2006. In 2006, Abramovich sold Le Grand Bleu to a wealthy Russian businessman. During the sale, the owner of the yacht, Farkhad Abramovich, reportedly paid a record PS400 million for the vessel.

The billionaire Russian owned a handful of luxury yachts, including the 22-meter Dubois sailing yacht, a Buzzi sports boat and a Sunseeker motor yacht. He also had two helipads installed on the yacht. Le Grand Bleu was designed by the legendary British yacht designer Terence Disdale, and it also features an onboard aquarium. The luxury vessel is powered by two 4,570-bhp Deutz engines.

The 354-foot Le Grand Blue yacht was built by Bremer Vulkan shipyard in Bremen, Germany, and launched in 2000. The ship has since undergone refitting and is still in the hands of the billionaire Russian. The yacht is the largest privately owned yacht in the world. Its owner, Roman Abramovich, has used it as a base for his lavish lifestyle. He also used Le Grand Blue to beat AS Monaco in the UEFA Champions League final. However, Abramovich sold Le Grand Blue to his friend Eugene Shvidler, a Russian billionaire.

She is not for charter or sale

The luxury boutique yacht Le Grand Bleu is a true delight to cruise on. Sophisticated elegance and sophisticated style is evident in her interiors. She is available for day trips along the coast, overnight vacations, and excursions to the Channel Islands. However, the yacht is not for charter or sale. Inquire about its availability and charter terms. The yacht can accommodate up to 20 guests and 35 crew members.

According to the official listing, Le Grand Bleu is the 49th largest yacht in the world, and it is the second largest yacht to be built by Bremer Vulkan. Those who subscribe to SuperYacht Times (SYT) can read about the yacht's owner, as well as view 24 articles about yachts. The ship's owner is Roman Abramovich, the Russian billionaire who owns Chelsea FC. Le Grand Bleu was designed by renowned yacht designer Stefano Pastrovich.

While Abramovich may have spent millions on Le Grand Bleu, the Russian billionaire used the yacht for just four years before selling it to Eugene Shivdler. Shivdler continued to make improvements to the yacht, and in 2008 the ship underwent a mini refit in Florida. In addition to the mini refit, the yacht added a 'green' wastewater treatment system, which allows it to reuse the waste water.

The 112-metre-long motor yacht LE GRAND BLEU was launched in 2000 by Bremer Vulkan Ag. She has two Deutz engines of 4,570 horsepower each and can reach 17 knots. The yacht also has two additional boats, a 21-metre powerboat and a 22-meter sailboat. The yacht can accommodate up to 20 passengers in luxurious accommodations and has up to 25 crew.

Marlow Hunter Sailboats

hunter sailboats

Marlow Hunter is now part of the hunter sailboat company, but you may have wondered what this company has to offer. Read on to learn more about the Marlow Hunter 30 and 33, two models from this company. Marlow Hunter boats feature ample space and comfortable cabins for family and friends to spend time together. These large keelboats offer plenty of room for all your family and friends to relax and enjoy the sea.

Marlow Hunter is now a hunter sailboat company

The former Marlow Hunter sailboat company has been inactive for several years, but is now returning as a subsidiary of A&M Manufacturing. It will move into a 210,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Alachua, Fla., where the company used to build about 1,400 sailboats per year and employ as many as 400 workers. The company has already started building a new 40-foot sailboat, and will soon move on to the construction of the Mainship trawler. A&M expects to begin producing sailboats under the Hunter brand in October.

The company's past was full of scandals. The founder of the company, Warren Luhrs, had a passion for regattas and set countless world records in sailboat racing. Lurs extended the staff, increased the warranty from a year to five years, and invited Canadian designer Rob Mazza to join the company. In August 2012, David E. Marlow bought the company. The new company will maintain the Hunter line and rebrand itself as Marlow-Hunter.

The hull design of the Marlow-Hunter 31 has a chined form, creating a surprisingly large interior volume. The chined hulls also contribute to a high level of form stability and sail-carrying power. The boats' hollow bows reduce pitching and the stern reflex minimizes stern waves. The Marlow Hunter 31 is now a flagship of the brand's sailboat lineup.

The company's history goes back several decades. Founded by the Luhr brothers in Germany in the '60s, the company branched out into producing sailboats in the early '70s. The Marlow-Hunter line of boats continues to produce small trailerable sailboats and midsize to large cruising models. The company is still a family-owned company, and David Marlow is the current owner.

Although Beneteau has the larger global market, Hunter remains a major player in the US sailboat industry. While Beneteau sailboats are still manufactured in France, Hunter sailboats are manufactured in Alachua, Florida. The company has a presence in France, Brazil, and southern Europe. Beneteau sailboats have an international reputation and more dealerships in the world.

The company now builds 14 models ranging in size from fourteen feet to fifty feet. Initially, the company produced fifty-foot sailboats, but will be paring down sizes between models as time passes. They have 146 dealers around the world and ship to all 50 states. The company currently carries two-thirds of the sailboat market. The company also manufactures a number of powerboats under the Mainship name.

Marlow Hunter 30

With a long line of sailing vessels, Marlow-Hunter has a name that people know and trust. Their sailboats are well known for their design innovation, sturdy construction, maximum efficiency and value for money. Marlow-Hunter has a variety of production sailing types that include coastal cruising sailers, bluewater sailers and trailerable day sailers (15 to 22 feet).

A new line of sailboats from Marlow Marine features a high-end design that is sure to please any sailor. The Marlow-Hunter 30 sailboat boasts a solid-construct hull by Glenn Henderson, ensuring that this boat will perform well in any conditions. The hull of the Marlow-Hunter 31 is nearly twelve feet wide, which contributes to its good form stability and sail-carrying power. Its hollow bows and stern reflex ensure that it doesn't pitch or roll.

The original Marlow Hunter 30 was a commercially produced sailing boat with conventional construction. A solid-glass hull, a balsa-cored deck, and plywood backing under the cleats are typical features of low-cost production boats. The original Hunter 30's joinerwork, door hinges, and hardware were made of teak veneer. Teak veneer is not easy to repair once it has been damaged by water. The standard engine of the Hunter 30 is a 12-horsepower Yanmar diesel. This was changed to a fifteen or 18-horsepower Yanmar after 1978.

The Marlow-Hunter 31 offers a wide range of cruising capabilities. With a sail area-to-displacement ratio of 17.9, the MH31 has good form stability. In 15 knots of breeze, the Marlow-Hunter 31 sailed at 7.8 knots upwind. A classic Marlow-Hunter sailing boat, the 30 Hunter is a versatile choice. When choosing a sailboat, it's important to consider its performance.

The Marlow Hunter 30 is well suited for light-to-medium wind conditions. The boat's short mast makes it difficult to sail well without a large genoa. The Florida Panhandle owner has reported sailing with a 155 or 170-pound genoa and has experienced very pleasant sailing in moderate to light winds. With a large genoa, the 30 sails almost on their own.

Hunter Marine began building auxiliary sailboats in 1974. The first oil embargo and a new consciousness about the environment prompted the company to create auxiliary sailboats. Founder Warren Luhrs began the company as a division of Silverton Yachts. He was keen to expand the company's offerings and take advantage of the renewed interest in energy conservation. The Marlow Hunter 30 sailboat was the result of a successful partnership.

Marlow Hunter 33

The Marlow Hunter 33 sailboat features an impressive fit and finish, with quality materials and brand name hardware throughout. A hull design with a shallow draft allows for excellent stability and maneuverability. The interior joinerwork and cabin is elegant and sophisticated. The Hunter 33 is available in four-foot-six-inch shoal-draft and five-foot-six-inch deep draft versions. Despite the price, you can buy this sailing yacht without compromising on style.

The Marlow Hunter 33's cockpit is also larger than previous models. There are two drop-down tables in the cockpit, one in the forepeak, and a catch-all bin at the base that doubles as a foot brace. There's plenty of room on board with this folding table. It also has an extra handhold for older sailors. The table can be flipped up for more seating, or folded down for additional room.

The hull is a solid laminate below the waterline, and balsa-cored above it. The hull is reinforced with Kevlar and is externally fastened with stainless steel bolts. Interiors are modular and are designed to minimize maintenance. The Hunter 33 sailboat is the perfect sailboat for a couple looking to enjoy coastal cruising. With its low-maintenance requirements and ease of sailing, this boat is an excellent choice for the cruising couple on a budget.

For those who like technology, the Hunter 33 has many features to keep you connected. Its iTech option includes an Apple TV module, docking station for your Apple TV, and a cell phone booster antenna with a thirty-mile range. Its salon features a unique easy-flip navigation table. Its unique design features also make the Hunter 33 stand out from the competition. There are also several other options available to make your sailing vacation the most comfortable.

The Yamaha engines in the Marlow Hunter 33 are efficient and vibration-free. They make the boat feel like a car, and they are easily accessible. This makes the Marlow Hunter 33 a perfect sailing boat for anyone. You can take it anywhere you like and get comfortable and enjoy the scenery. You can take it with you, or hire a captain and crew for a day. You will never regret cruising in a Marlow Hunter 33.

The Galley is located opposite the head and features a large single stainless steel sink and plenty of counter space. The range top has storage beneath it and features two burners and a microwave. The 12-volt front-loading refrigerator has a small freezer and large ice box for dry storage. Hot and cold pressure water comes through a 50-gallon fresh water tank. The Hunter 42 sailboat also has an excellent water pressure and 50-gallon fresh water capacity.

Buying a Riviera Yacht? Here's What You Need to Know

riviera yachts

If you're interested in purchasing a new Riviera yacht, this article is for you. You'll learn about the currently-known Riviera models, construction methods, price range, and award-winning designs. Keep reading to find out more! And don't forget to check out our Riviera Yachts for sale page to see the latest models on the market. We also have a complete line of Riviera yachts for sale in Florida.

Currently-known Riviera models

The first generation of Riviera cars were released in 1959 and had a very basic, traditional design. But by the end of the 1960s, the Riviera was redesigned to give it a much sportier look. The 1970s saw the Riviera drop the fastback styling and gain a more modern, aerodynamic look. Its rear end was a bit more radical, too, incorporating a boat-tail style, and a V-shaped fastback. The Riviera was one of the few American cars to feature a full-length rear window. The 1970s saw the Riviera drop the two-carboiler engine option and only offered a single-cylinder, 425-cid, 340-bhp V-Twin. Despite its unique styling, Riviera sales soared as the car continued to be manufactured.

A luxurious four-place cabin was standard on all Riviera models. Bucket seats at the front and rear were standard. The center console featured a floor-shifter, while a storage compartment was built into the instrument panel. Interior design options included cloth and leather upholstery, real wood inserts, and tilt steering wheel. Power windows and a power driver's seat were standard equipment. Other notable features included air conditioning, power steering, and a remote-controlled side mirror. Despite their high-end luxuries, Rivieras were still relatively affordable, and were generally well-priced.

The Riviera was a popular car from the early 1960s to the 1970s. Buick continued to use the Riviera name, although it became more selective when it came to applying it to their vehicles. The term was first applied to a sport coupe model, but was soon used as a trim level for many models. Its distinctive design set it apart from most other Buicks, and Buick reintroduced the name to an E-body model.

In the 1970s, the Riviera suffered from an overall redesign. This redesign added rear fender skirts and removed retractable headlights, but the weight of the vehicle meant that its 1/4-mile time dropped. The resulting impact on performance was not positive, and sales dropped. The four-cylinder 455 engine was only able to produce 260 bhp and 380 lb-ft of torque, which led to a reduced top speed of only 112 mph.

Construction methods

The exterior and interior of a Riviera yacht are meticulously crafted using cutting-edge construction methods. The hull of the Riviera 64 SMY is constructed from a composite of quad or multi-fiberglass matting and vinyl ester resin for improved water absorption resistance. The hull is up to 20 mm thick and is made of solid fiberglass below waterline. Construction methods for Riviera yachts are as varied as their models, which are all designed to provide optimal performance, comfort, and luxury.

A Riviera yacht is built with strength and durability in mind. This is achieved through the intricate construction of the hull. The hull and deck are joined by a three-stage process. Engineers, electricians, and engine manufacturer representatives participate in the sea-trial process. The finished product is carefully scrutinised to ensure its safety and performance. It undergoes rigorous tests before leaving the yard, to ensure the vessel is stable and reliable.

In the early 80s, five veteran shipbuilders founded Riviera Marine in Sydney, Australia. The company was able to build its first boat, the 38 MKI, by the end of the decade. Within three years, the company had expanded to three models and won Boat of the Year awards from Modern Boating. In 2002, Riviera moved to a modern, state-of-the-art facility in Coomera, Queensland, and was acquired by Rodney Longhurst.

Construction methods for Riviera yachts include high-quality woodworking and precision engineering. The company uses 14-hectare-long property in Coomera, Australia. The company is home to the largest boat building operation in the southern hemisphere, and the staff at Riviera are highly skilled. There is no shortage of expertise, and staff development is a priority. In addition, the company constantly invests in its facility to make it more efficient and adaptable to new models.

The company invests heavily in its dealer network, which helps it maintain a relationship with American yacht owners. Longhurst's leadership listens to market trends, which is an essential component of steering the company's growth. In addition to its strong reputation in Australia, Riviera has a significant presence at international boat shows. The company also invests heavily in dealer partnerships. With over 5,300 owners worldwide, the company is making progress in its goal of building the most luxurious yachts possible.

Price range

If you're considering buying a Riviera yacht, you've probably wondered about the price range. You can expect a model to cost between $121,095 and $5 million. The price range varies depending on the type of boat and the engine size. Some Riviera yachts feature up to 3,800 horsepower engines, while others have less powerful engines. Most of the Riviera yachts sold today have between one and two hundred horsepower engines.

The hull of each Riviera yacht is designed with antipodean quality in mind. They are built to withstand the rough waters off the Australian coast. The hulls are made with hand-laid fibreglass, which provides strength and durability that rivals other luxury yachts. All Riviera yachts are built using the latest technology, including closed-molding for smaller parts and a robotic varnish machine. The result is a beautiful and sturdy yacht.

Another model in the Riviera yacht range is the 645 SUV, a single-level sports yacht designed to fit existing owners. This 70-footer features a large saloon and galley, extra-long forward deck living area, and U-shaped sofa. A large aft-deck with swimming platform is also standard, as is a bait tank, rod storage units, and a water pump. Depending on the model, you can have up to four lower staterooms and a crew of up to six.

Regardless of your budget, you can find a Riviera yacht to suit your needs. From small yachts for two to large, luxurious sports motor yachts for a family, there's a model to meet your needs. If you're looking for a new luxury motor yacht, or want to take your first cruise in a Riviera, you should start with their four-cabin range. These luxury yachts will get you where you want to go in comfort and luxury.

The price range of Riviera yachts is typically between three and five million dollars. A single boat may cost around $500,000, but with so many options, the price range will be an important consideration for many people. The brand is an Australian company that focuses on luxury motor yachts. It has a worldwide dealer network and ships from Australia. Regardless of price, the quality of the Riviera motor yachts is unsurpassed. If you want the highest-quality motor yacht in the world, you've come to the right place.

Award-winning design

In recent years, the range of Riviera motor yachts has grown to encompass a diverse range of sizes, with models ranging from 39 to 78 feet. The Riviera range features six distinct model collections, with the newest 78 Motor Yacht set to debut in early 2022. Riviera is an award-winning manufacturer, and in April 2017 was named one of the state's 36 finalists in the Premier of Queensland Export Awards. This award was given in one of 13 categories. Riviera's commitment to excellence has seen the company win numerous accolades, and this award is a testament to the quality of its products and service.

Each model in the Riviera line is a unique experience in its own right. From the initial design stage, the owners are able to personalise their yacht with the right colours and fabrics, and utilise space in the most efficient manner possible. Other notable features include flush surfaces and integrated refrigeration and icemakers. With this in mind, each yacht has its own unique personality and appeal. Riviera is proud of its award-winning design, and its countless owners have remarked on its style.

Riviera yachts are Australia's premier motor yacht builders, and have been handcrafting luxury motor yachts for over 30 years. The company has built over 5600 luxury motor yachts and boasts more than 5,300 owners worldwide. Riviera is internationally renowned for their award-winning design and engineering, and is currently exporting 55% of its annual production. If you're considering a Riviera motor yacht, now is the time to get in touch with one of these award-winning yachts.

The new 78 Motor Yacht, due to debut in 2022, has many award-winning features. The Riviera 78 Motor Yacht is a versatile luxury motor yacht that can be equally comfortable in Sydney Harbour, the Mediterranean, or the Bahamas. It has the features to entertain your family and guests, whether you are cruising on a romantic getaway or a relaxing cruise on a beautiful lake. The Riviera 78 MY will feature accommodation for up to 10 adults in four luxurious staterooms and crew quarters.

Cruise the Bella Vita Yacht

bella vita yacht

The 105' luxury sailing catamaran, Bella Vita, is a deluxe option for anyone looking for a luxurious cruise. Designed by Lurssen, she boasts six decks of seven-star luxury, with up to 22 crew members and six staterooms. You'll enjoy the ultimate in relaxation and exhilaration on this luxurious vessel. If you're interested in booking this beautiful luxury yacht, read on to learn more.

La Bella Vita is a 105' luxury sailing catamaran

The Bella Vita is a super luxury catamaran that can accommodate up to 10 passengers. She was built in 2001 by the Australian shipyard Azzura and recently underwent a complete refit to increase her sailing performance and elegance. With a beam of nearly 47 feet, she can reach a maximum speed of 14 knots and is equipped with high-speed hydraulics.

Currently a chartered yacht, the Bella Vita is available for hire for $650,000 to $738,500 per week. She is not for sale, but she is still one of the largest luxury sailing catamarans in the world. Schar originally wanted to buy a 76-meter Lurssen yacht, but deemed it too large. Luckily, he was proven wrong when he built the Bella Vita himself.

The interiors of the Bella Vita are elegant and spacious, with bamboo wood flooring and comfortable furnishings. The ship's four staterooms include a master suite, a double cabin, two double/twin convertible cabins, and one lower-deck twin cabin. The ship's dining room features seasonal cuisine, wine pairings, and a live opera night.

The hull and superstructure are made of composite material, and the teak decks and planing hull add to the beauty of the ship. The yacht is powered by two Caterpillar diesel engines that generate a combined 2,216 hp. The Bella Vita is registered as a Cayman Islands luxury yacht and is currently en route to US GP4 and US PBI. It is scheduled to arrive on Sep. 2, at approximately 21:30.

It was built by Lurssen in 2009

The motor yacht Bella Vita was built by German shipbuilder Lurssen in 2009. The vessel has a steel hull and an aluminium superstructure. It can reach speeds of 18 knots and is capable of carrying up to 12 guests in six cabins. The yacht has two Caterpillar 3516B DITA SWAC engines. In addition, the yacht has an optional hydraulic sterndrive.

The luxurious interior features a library, outdoor deck with Jacuzzi, swimming pool and sauna, gym, movie theater, elevator, and beauty room. It also includes plenty of water toys, including jet skis, wave runners, kayaks, and scuba diving equipment. A helipad and helicopter pad allow for safe access to the water. The Bella Vita is ideal for large groups traveling for business or pleasure.

The Bella Vita has six cabins and a top speed of 18 knots. The boat can sleep 12 guests in six cabins and is equipped with advanced sound and vibration features. Moreover, the boat also features a stabilising system and ice-strengthened hull design. As for performance, the Bella Vita yacht can reach a top speed of 18 knots and cruise comfortably at 15 knots.

It has six decks of seven-star luxury

The Bella Vita is a 57-meter superyacht with six decks of luxury. It can accommodate up to 12 guests in six flexible staterooms. The vessel boasts 22 crew members. Its master suite features a private outdoor area, a library, and a bar. Five guest cabins are located on the main deck, and each cabin has oversized windows and hand-painted finishes. A glass elevator provides easy access to all of the Bella Vita's decks.

The Bella Vita superyacht is estimated to be worth $60 million. Dwight Schar is thought to own the vessel. He founded the Fortune 500 company NVR, Inc., which is the third largest home builder in the U.S. It was first built for Reebok founder Paul Fireman. The Bella Vita has six decks of seven-star luxury and is fitted out with a private outdoor area, bar, and library. The Bella Vita is also equipped with its own crew.

The Bella Vita yacht's interior features calming designs and expansive space. Its master suite features a semicircle of windows surrounding the bed. It also comes with a private Jacuzzi. During rainy weather, the interior was the perfect refuge. Outside, there are two tenders, and there are diving facilities and kayaks. It's hard to beat a luxury charter yacht that offers personalization and space for relaxation.

The interiors of the Bella Vita are equally luxurious. The yacht's sleek lines, which feature crisp vertical angles and horizontal lines, give it a modern and upscale look. The yacht's sweeping is done by Merle Wood of the Lürssen shipyard, Germany. The yacht was delivered in 2009 and went through a major refit in 2017.

It can carry up to 22 crew

The Bella Vita is a 105-foot carbon fibre catamaran that was launched in 2003. The vessel underwent a major refit in 2008 and was named a finalist for the 2010 World Superyacht Awards in the Best Refitted Yacht category. It was also awarded a Judges' Special Commendation for its innovative design and impressive performance. The yacht has ample space for up to 22 crew members and guests and has two master suites.

The interior is designed by Pauline Nunn and features grand country house-style details, along with colossal outdoor spaces that provide plenty of space for al fresco dining and lounging. The yacht is equipped with advanced sound and vibration features, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride on the water. Her ice-strengthened hull and stabilizing system are designed to provide exceptional comfort at sea. Its top speed is 18 knots, but the yacht can cruise comfortably at 15 knots.

The interiors of the Bella Vita are calming and stylish, combining sensual materials and flowing textured patterns. The Bella Vita is an ideal luxury explorer, with three decks and unsurpassed amenities. Chartering the Bella Vita yacht is a great way to relax with your family and friends while cruising the world. The Bella Vita yacht is available to charter during winter or summer, and the British Virgin Islands are also available for the Caribbean. It is available for summer and winter charters in the British Virgin Islands and the Leeward and Windward Islands.

The interior of the Bella Vita has been designed to offer great sailing combined with luxurious accommodations. The yacht has five ensuite cabins including a master cabin with a king size bed and ensuite bathroom, two double cabins, a twin/double convertible cabin, and a third double/twin cabin. The yacht has plenty of space for the 22 crew, and its layout is perfect for a fun-filled vacation.

It has a jacuzzi bathtub

A jacuzzi bathtub on a luxury yacht is not something you often see, but on the $60 million Bella Vita, you can find one. This yacht has an open layout that boasts several bars, multiple flat screen televisions, a gym, plush seating areas, and a jacuzzi bathtub on the sundeck. Its extensive water toys include two tenders, a dinghy, and several towed inflatables.

Located on the bridge deck, the Bella Vita has a Jacuzzi bathtub. It also has two 7.5-metre Vikal custom tenders. Guests can use them to go diving, or just relax in the spa. The Bella Vita has a 15-person crew. There is also a hairdresser on board to give guests the perfect blow dry. With a cruising speed of 15 knots, she is capable of reaching a great distance in just one day.

While cruising, guests can enjoy a relaxing Jacuzzi tub on the yacht's main deck. The luxurious master suite features a semicircle of windows that line the bed and a private Jacuzzi. During rainy days, the jacuzzi bathtub was a welcome respite. The bella Vita is also a water sport enthusiast's dream, with two tenders and diving equipment on board.

The Bella Vita is one of the largest yachts in the world, measuring almost 250 feet long. Chartering the luxury yacht for a week in the winter will cost you $650,000. There are six staterooms, 22 crew members, a gym, a cinema, and plenty of water toys for all the guests on board. This yacht can take you anywhere in the world, bringing you along for the ride.

The Flying Fox Yacht Has a Mysterious Owner

flying fox yacht owner

The Flying Fox yacht has a mysterious owner - Amazon has denied ownership. But the industry is notoriously opaque, and the majority of superyacht owners choose to remain anonymous. Amazon, for one, has made watersports and wellness top priorities. The Flying Fox is no different. The owner of this yacht has an impressive list of hobbies. Read on to learn more about the owner of this yacht. Let us start with a look at the owner's personal preferences.

Jeff Bezos

Ever since the Flying Fox was first reported, the Amazon CEO has been linked to the luxury superyacht. Built by German yacht maker Lurssen, it is estimated to be worth $400 million. Whether or not he's actually involved in the project is unclear, but his reputation as a wealthy and extravagant man has made it possible for the luxury yacht to be available for charter. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos' yacht isn't the only luxury yacht on the market.

While Jeff Bezos's alleged megayacht might not be the most expensive, it is definitely one of the most luxurious. Forbes reports that the top megayacht in the world is worth $4.8 billion, and Bezos recently commissioned a $500 million yacht. But is it worth it? What does a million dollars mean to a billionaire? The Flying Fox can go up to twenty knots, and is said to be capable of sailing over 6,500 nautical miles.

The Amazon founder is no stranger to life on the water. He has often been pictured on various superyachts. A recent photograph of the Flying Fox in the Hisaronu bays in Turkey allegedly shows the yacht's owner enjoying some time off. The tweet he sent subsequently deleted after a short notice, and it is not clear who's behind it. In fact, the Y721 was unveiled in the Zwijndrecht shipyard.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos bought a $400 million superyacht after retiring. The luxury vessel is part of the Imperial Yachts fleet, and can be chartered at a high rate per week. In addition to its two helicopters, the Flying Fox boasts a 12-metre swimming pool, a beach club, and a gym. It also has a spa, sauna, and hammam.

Imperial Yacht Fleet

Jeff Bezos is the proud owner of the Flying Fox, a stunning superyacht from Imperial Yacht Fleet. Located in Monaco, this yacht is registered as a commercial charter vessel. Bezos owns three similar yachts, and each of them has their own unique personality and characteristics. In addition to being an incredible luxury yacht, the Flying Fox also has a spa and cinema room on its main deck.

With a range of dining options, the Flying Fox is a luxury yacht that can cater to any palate. The chefs on board have worked with Michelin-starred chefs and have impressive galley capacity. In addition to a modern dining area, the Flying Fox has an outdoor kitchen where guests can watch the chefs at work. A full-size rotisserie and a tandoori grill allow guests to sample various cuisines from around the world.

The interior of the Flying Fox features a beautiful open layout with a wide selection of luxurious furnishings. The interiors feature warm, neutral colors and chic furniture, including fine leathers. The yacht is also equipped with a beauty salon and a two-floor spa. There are also cinemas and beach clubs on board, and a range of water toys to entice guests. The boat also has a decompression chamber for professional scuba diving.

The Flying Fox is a multi-award-winning motor yacht that was built by Lurssen. She has eleven cabins with the interior style by British designer Mark Berryman. The Flying Fox has many amenities for its world-class luxury yacht charters. There are helipads on board, underwater lights, helipads, and helipads. The Flying Fox is PYC-compliant and has a diving center.

Espen Oino

A yacht of 7,000 square metres is not the usual superyacht. The Flying Fox is a stunning creation, with a curving exterior designed by Espen Oino and Mark Berryman. The owner was closely involved in the design of the yacht, attending more than 50 meetings with the shipyard and pouring over the general arrangement for 14 hours at a time. The interior space was also designed by Mark Berryman, and Imperial Yachts played an important role in the yacht's construction.

The Flying Fox is equipped with two heliports and a cinema. It has a crew of 55 and a top speed of 15 knots. The yacht's crew is comprised of former members of the British Armed Forces. The yacht accommodates 22 passengers and 55 crew. It is available for charter through Imperial Yachts. Espen Oino has even given his own yacht the look of an iconic Norwegian ship.

The interior of the Flying Fox is as elegant as its exterior. It features clean-lined, minimalistic decor with touches of wood and Japanese design. The yacht offers a range of water activities, as well as a spa with state-of-the-art equipment. A large sundeck offers views of the sea and of the surrounding islands. The Flying Fox yacht offers a secluded location where guests can enjoy some pampering and wellness.

The Flying Fox has made headlines for its unique design. The former Amazon boss spent part of his holiday in Turkey aboard the Flying Fox. While Amazon has denied that he owns the yacht, it seems likely that the yacht is owned by an individual. Regardless of its owner, the Flying Fox has created a stir on social media. While the yacht is the first of its kind to be arrested outside US waters, it's not the only luxury superyacht to make headlines.

Espen Oino's design

The Flying Fox is a 136-metre superyacht designed by the Norwegian architect. This luxury vessel is a masterpiece of sculptural design, featuring numerous decks and a twelve-metre swimming pool. The sleek, masculine styling combines with sophisticated decorations, resulting in a yacht that combines a sophisticated appearance with a rugged look. The Flying Fox was constructed in just eight months, requiring extensive and intricate techniques to ensure its overall quality.

The 183m REV Ocean is the world's largest yacht, dethroning the 180m Azzam. The designer, Espen Oino, also designed the interiors of this superyacht. Powered by ultra-quiet hybrid propulsion, the yacht will have a top speed of 17 knots and will easily overtake Azzam as the largest superyacht in the world.

The Flying Fox was designed by Espen Oino and was built by the Dutch shipyard, Luerssen, and delivered in 2016. Its impressive specifications include a 16-meter swimming pool, two helipads, and a wood-burning brazier. The Flying Fox is capable of carrying up to twenty-four guests, and her crew number consists of over 100.

The Flying Fox is a 136-metre/246ft superyacht with a crew of 54. The interior design by Mark Berryman is luxurious, with all guest suites boasting a private terrace. A massive living area is located high on the bridge deck and is spread over two levels. From here, you can enjoy incredible views from every room of the yacht. The Flying Fox also has a dive center and a 400-square-metre spa with a cryotherapy sauna.

The luxury yacht Kismet was launched in 2013 at a cost of approximately $80 million and is currently available for charter. It has six cabins and four crew cabins. Espen Oino's interior design is equally impressive, with a dedicated owner's deck and a wellness area below deck. The Flying Fox yacht is a perfect example of Espen Oino's work and the result of a collaborative effort between the owners and the shipyard.

Triton submarine

If you are a superyacht owner, you probably already know that the best way to make your boat stand out is by investing in a Triton submarine. These submarines can dive as deep as a mile below the surface, and they even have an underwater LED light system, so you can see what's underneath. But did you know that you can even dive for an entire day? The Triton submarine isn't just for tourists either; it's also a great investment for your future.

When Triton started building their yacht-based submersibles, they were nearly 230 feet long, double hulled vehicles that could reach top speeds of 50 knots. Not only were these vessels capable of achieving this speed, but they also had the capability of extracting sodium from the seawater and farming it for food. If you've ever wondered how it would feel to live under the sea, you'll be pleased to know that you can charter a submarine from a superyacht owner!

The Flying Fox is a PYC-classed yacht and sleeps up to 25 guests. Her master suite is an enormous 74 square metre space with a private jacuzzi, gas firepit, and dedicated salon. The Flying Fox has primarily cruised in the Eastern Mediterranean, but is heading to Croatia this summer. It's also the 14th largest yacht in the world.

Another feature of the Flying Fox yacht is its spa. A large jacuzzi and sauna can be found on the lower deck, where guests can relax. A gym and massage room are on the lower level, and are accessible from the dive centre, sea platforms, and the sea-lounge. In addition to the spa and gym, Flying Fox has a professional kite inventory and space for five tenders. The yacht has a dedicated garage for tenders.

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