Discover- Le Grand Bleu - One of the World's.

Discover- Le Grand Bleu - One of the World's.


Le Grand Bleu - One of the World's Largest Private Yachts

le grand bleu yacht

One of the world's largest private yachts, the Le Grand Bleu was built in 2000 by Bremer Bulkan Shipyard. With two 4,570 horsepower Deutz engines and an aluminium superstructure, the yacht is one of the largest in the world. Among other features, Le Grand Bleu is outfitted with two helipads and can accommodate 65 crew members. Listed on the World Luxury Yacht Registry, this yacht was formerly owned by Roman Abramovich and U.S. telecommunications baron John McCaw.

Le Grand Bleu was built in 2000 by Bremer Bulkan Shipyard

The Le Grand Bleu was built by Bremer Vulkan in Germany. It was designed by the Pastrovich Studio and is now owned by billionaire Eugene Shvidler. It was built in 2000 and refitted in 2010 by Kusch Yachts. In the past decade, the yacht has changed hands three times. John McCaw Jr., the owner of the yacht, sold it to Russian businessman Roman Abramovich. Later, he gave the yacht to his friend Eugene Shvidler, a film director.

The luxury megayacht Le Grand Bleu is the biggest of its kind. The yacht has an impressive 113m, which makes it one of the largest in the world. Designed by the team at Kusch Yachts, Bannenberg Design, and Kono-Design, the yacht is home to a fleet of toys and equipment. The yacht also has a 21-meter Princess yacht and a 22-meter sailing yacht, which guests can use for fun and relaxation.

It is one of the largest private yachts in the world

The 104-meter-long Le Grand Bleu is one of the largest private yachts in existence. It was originally built for US telecommunications billionaire John McCaw and later purchased by US businessman Eugene Shvidler. Originally named Grand Blue, it was refitted in Kiel, Germany in 2002 and is now owned by Shvidler. He previously owned a $37 million residence in Belgravia, London, and a $14.5 million home in Aspen, Colorado.

Owners of the yacht have come and gone in the past few years. Abramovich spent millions on the ship, but only used it for four years. He then gave it to Eugene Shivdler, a Russian oil billionaire, in 2006. The yacht has undergone several renovations since then, including a mini refit in Florida in 2008. The most recent refurbishment involved the addition of a green wastewater treatment system.

The yacht is staffed by 65 crew members, and it has an extensive garage and water toys. The water toys onboard include the 73-foot Dubois-designed sailing yacht Bellatrix, a 68-foot-meter Sunseeker motor yacht, two 11-foot Buzzi sports boats, and a 4x4 Land Rover. Currently, the yacht is in Narragansett Bay and is anchored in the area.

Founded in 2000, the luxury motor yacht LE GRAND BLEU was built by Bremer Vulkan Ag in Germany. Its size and construction allows it to accommodate up to 20 guests and 35 crew members. The yacht is fitted with two Deutz AG engines and has an overall length of 112.8 meters / 370 feet. In addition to this, the yacht also features a helicopter pad and is capable of 17 knots.

It has two 4,570 bhp Deutz engines

Powered by two, 4,570-bhp Deutz engines, the 135-metre superyacht Le Grand Bleu can cruise at speeds of up to 21 knots. Abramovich is highly security-conscious and protective of his family's privacy. The interiors of Le Grand Bleu were created by Terence Disdale. After leaving the yard, the yacht headed for the Mediterranean where it served as a home base for the Russian oligarch. However, in the winter months of 2006-2007, the yacht was in New Zealand for work.

The yacht was originally built for US telecommunications baron John McCaw. He later sold the yacht to the Russian businessman Roman Abramovich, who had it refitted and added a 16ft swim platform. In 2006, Roman Abramovich sold Le Grand Bleu to Eugene Shvidler. Today, the yacht is equipped with 65 crew members and carries an arsenal of water toys. Aside from these, it has a large aquarium and extensive below deck garage.

Despite the impressive engine power, the Le Grand Bleu is not a typical superyacht. Rather, it is a modern private yacht converted from a military vessel. Two Deutz AG 4,570 bhp engines provide her with a top speed of 15 knots, while a pair of spare boats are available on board. The Le Grand Bleu can accommodate 20 guests and 35 crew members.

A Bremer Vulkan shipyard in Germany built the LE GRAND BLEU yacht in 2000. She has two 4,570 bhp Deutz engines and a steel hull. The yacht's owner, Roman Abramovich, also added a 16-foot swim platform and a large sundeck. While the yacht has two 4,570 bhp Deutz engines, there are also twin four-cylinder diesels in the bow for extra power and speed.

It has an aluminium superstructure

Designed by Tim Heywood and Glen Plushelberg, the 165-metre M/Y Radiant has an aluminium superstructure and steel hull. Its features include an elevator, zero-speed stabilizers, swimming pool, and helicopter landing pad. The yacht is capable of carrying up to 20 guests in private suits and 44 crew members. Powered by twin diesel engines, the yacht cruises at 30 knots. Mostly used by the Al-Futttum Group, the vessel is based in Saudi Arabia and the Royal family.

The yacht was originally built for US telecommunications baron John McCaw and sold to Roman Abramovich in 2002. The former owner remodeled the yacht to suit his own tastes, and he eventually gave it to Eugene Shvidler. Le Grand Bleu is now being offered for sale by another American, Eugene Shvidler. He has had it refitted for more than a decade.

The Le Grand Bleu yacht was originally built in 1997 for an American owner. During her launch, it was one of the largest yachts in the world. The yacht was later lengthened by 4.9 metres, and British studio Bannenberg & Rowell Design redesigned parts of her interior. It underwent a major refit in Hamburg in 2016 and received several cosmetic updates. Its hull is made of a mix of teak and aluminium, and it is fitted with a teak deck.

The crew of the GRAND BLEU VINTAGE are dedicated to the owner and their charter needs. This yacht cruises the West Mediterranean during the summer months, and the East Caribbean in the winter. The yacht has a crew of eight, including a chef. A modern, sleek deck and a stylish interior by Sophie Campion ensures that passengers are comfortable and well taken care of. This is a luxury yacht in excellent condition.

It has a wastewater treatment system

It's no secret that the owners of the 112 metre-long Le Grand Bleu yacht are environmentally conscious. They've invested in environmental equipment and have incorporated it into their yacht's design. The boat can carry up to 20 passengers and 35 crew members, and is powered by twin Deutz engines. The vessel also has an aluminium superstructure and steel hull. Le Grand Bleu was refitted in 2008, with environmental protection in mind.

The LE GRAND BLEU yacht's new look has incorporated a greener wastewater treatment system. The eco-friendly system is certified by Lloyd's, which allows the mega yacht to reuse treated wastewater. While the interior and exterior design aren't publicly disclosed, it does have a 74-foot sailboat and a 67-foot speedboat. It also has space for a helicopter, and 50 crew members.

The eco-conscious system is just one of many features found on board Le Grand Bleu. The yacht has a sewage treatment system, a water purification system, and nitrogen exhaust emission controls. The water treatment system is a great way to make sure that Le Grand Bleu does not pollute the environment. This environmentally friendly system also allows the yacht to use the same water as the guests. The wastewater is recycled, which helps maintain the yacht's overall value.

In addition to the water purification system, Le Grand Bleu also features a helicopter pad, a wastewater treatment system, and a water purification system. The yacht also carries two additional boats on its aft topside. The yacht is equipped with two 9,730 hp engines, and it has spent part of July and early August in Penobscot Bay, Maine.

Marlow Hunter Sailboats

hunter sailboats

Hunter has a very strong global presence and over 400 dealers across five continents. Its reputation among sailors is very good, and it has received favorable reviews over the years. The brand had a good reputation when it first started out, but manufacturing problems and unpopular designs in the late 1980s and early 2000s hurt the company's sales and reputation. The company eventually went bankrupt, but now it builds better boats and is a better choice for sailors. The main competitor to Hunter is Beneteau, which usually gets the nod over Hunter.

Marlow Hunter 37

The Marlow Hunter 37 sailboat is a sistership to the Hunter 40, which was introduced in 2012 to mark the company's 40th anniversary and a change in ownership. The Marlow Hunter has an aggressively modern appearance with a fine concave bow, hard-chined hull, and generous beam aft. This boat packs a lot of accommodation into a short overall length and is easy to sail, even with a small crew.

The Marlow Hunter 37 is a stunning cruiser with an impressive interior volume, the largest under 40 feet. The interior is finished with real exotic timber, ball bearing cabinet drawers, and superior fit and finish. The Marlow Hunter 37's construction is more durable and robust than any other Hunter before, and it incorporates Kevlar for forward collision protection, craze-resistant gel coat, and Nida Core honeycomb deck coring.

In the U.S., the Marlow-Hunter 37 sailboat is one of the most popular models of all time. Its spacious interiors, hard-chine hull, and numerous skylights on deck make it a pleasure to sail. The Marlow-Hunter 37 is the largest volume sailboat under forty feet and is also one of the most stable cruisers on the market. If you are interested in a Marlow Hunter 37 sailboat, visit Solomons, Md.

The cockpit of the Marlow Hunter 37 sailboat is longer than average, and it comes equipped with a folding swim platform. It is easy to use and remarkably fast under sail or power. The boat is equipped with a telescoping stainless steel swim ladder and also features a storage area for shore power cords. A full-batten main is also standard. A full-batten main sail is a must.

The aft master cabin of the Marlow-Hunter 37 is very comfortable, and boasts a large headroom and private headroom. The aft cabin also features a navigation station. A comfortable aft berth can sleep four or six people. In addition to a spacious cabin, the interior of the Marlow-Hunter 37 also offers cherry paneling and hardwood flooring. There's a galley at the foot of the companionway. A large front-opening fridge and an additional icebox give plenty of room for food preparation.

This boat is new and in stock in Texas. The retail replacement of this boat is $235K. You can choose to purchase it from us in Texas or ship it to your location. It will be delivered to your doorstep or stored at our secure Texas warehouse. It has everything you could possibly need to enjoy sailing! Just remember to take time to compare boat prices and specifications before purchasing a new one. You'll be glad you did!

Marlow Hunter 22

The Marlow Hunter 22 sailboat is the latest generation of the popular Hunter line. This 21'4" sailboat was designed by Glenn Henderson and built by Marlow Hunter in 2011. It offers an impressive 6.5 meters of length, a 2.4-meter beam, and a maximum displacement of 500 pounds. It has ample space for up to four people and a roomy cockpit for entertaining friends. With its excellent condition, the sails of this boat are still in great shape.

The Marlow Hunter 22 is a versatile sailboat that straddles the lines between a fun family day sailer and a fast mini-sport boat. The cockpit is large enough for everyone to enjoy the water, and the cuddy is ideal for overnight stays. Whether cruising or racing, the Marlow Hunter 22 will provide comfortable overnight accommodations and an easy trailering experience. There's no hassle rigging the Marlow-H Hunter 22, and she is easy to handle from start to finish.

A typical Hunter sailing yacht has a hull designed by Glenn Henderson, which provides excellent performance in any conditions. The hull of a Hunter sailing yacht is constructed with a strong and rigid material for long-lasting performance. The boat's weight is also low, so it can be handled by one person without a lot of trouble. This sailboat will make you feel like an expert in no time. So, start planning your next sailing trip!

A sleek, roomy layout is essential for comfortable overnight trips. The Marlow Hunter 37 is one inch shorter than its predecessor, but it has an aft console. The Marlow Hunter 50AC is a top-seller in the under-40 category. Its layout is well-planned, with spacious staterooms, efficient galley, and impressive storage capacity. A comfortable crew of four or six will enjoy their new home away from home.

The cockpit is roomy and comfortable. A comfortable two-person sofa, plus spacious lockers for personal items, water-ski compartments, and a large sunpad add to its comfort. The cockpit is spacious and comes with a retractable bowsprit and a spinnaker. It can comfortably accommodate three or four people in sleeping quarters, and can also be fitted with a boom tent. And if that is not enough, the boat can also accommodate a keel and boom tent.

This 1981 Hunter Quality Sailboat is in excellent condition. The main and jib halyards have been replaced. The boat is trailer-sailed for a weekend getaway or weekend trip. If you're looking for a fun, affordable boat, this boat will fit the bill. You can easily save money on marina fees by leaving it in the water, or you can bring it home to use it year-round. It is currently at the Alton Marina in Illinois. Sail away on the Mississippi!

Marlow Hunter 18

The Marlow Hunter 18 is a legendary sailboat, thanks to its efficient hull design and generous freeboard. Its seven-foot beam makes it stable and results in a spacious cockpit. It is easy to handle and comfortable for two to four people, and comes equipped with a Solo Mast Raising System. The hull design of the Marlow Hunter 18 includes a hard chine and a bow hollow. There is room for a portable head in the cockpit, and the rudder is a kick-up design.

The Marlow Hunter 18 sailboat was designed by Glenn Henderson in 2011 as a replacement for the Hunter 170. The company originally marketed the 18 as the Hunter 18, but when Marlow Hunter filed for bankruptcy in 2012, it re-branded it as the Marlow Hunter 18. The name is a nod to the boat's American heritage, but it's still an incredibly functional sailboat. It's perfect for day sailing, cruising, or even just cruising.

The Marlow Hunter 18 replaces the Hunter 170, a small daysailer that launched in 1986. Like the Hunter 170, the new boat is easy to sail and easy to handle, while also offering the performance capabilities of a more powerful boat for more experienced sailors. In terms of price, the Hunter 18 sailboat is affordable but offers excellent value. The interior layout is roomy and efficient, with two spacious staterooms and a galley and a head. This means that four to six people can stay aboard.

Despite its low price, the Marlow Hunter 18 sailboat has been under warranty for more than five years. In July 2011, owners of the H170 filed a claim with the manufacturer, and the H18 had its hull replaced with a Fiberglass hull. The Hunter 27 sailboat's full history is documented, including original purchase documents, warranty process documentation, and factory-authorized dealer hull replacement paperwork. There's a spare spreader and a spare joint onboard.

Despite its sleek and stylish design, the Marlow Hunter 50AC sailboat is surprisingly comfortable. It features a large, bright salon with six feet nine inches of headroom. The spacious cabins have coordinating fabrics and coordinated accessories. While this boat is not for everyone, it's a great option for families and beginners alike. Its versatility and affordability make it a great choice for long-range travel. And because it's easy to handle, it's great for competitive racing.

The Marlow Hunter 27 sailboat is an excellent bluewater sailboat, which means that it performs well in all conditions. Its wing keel keeps it from pointing as high as some other fin keels. It also handles moderate chop and 25-30 knot winds well. With the use of a pole and a sail, it can even handle downwind sailing. So, whether you're looking for a beginner or a powerboat convert, the Marlow Hunter 27 is the right choice.

Riviera Motor Yachts

riviera yachts

Riviera builds 110 motoryachts a year. Models range in length from 39 feet to 78 feet. Most of these yachts are sold to owner-operators who stick with the Riviera name. Riviera yachts are well-suited to cruising. Their hand-laid multi and quad-fiberglass matting makes for a luxurious hull. Riviera's Enclosed Flybridge models are entertainers' dream.

Riviera hulls are hand-laid with multi or quad fiberglass matting

The manufacturing facility for Riviera Yachts is the largest of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere and has an impressive staff of 600 people. Its hulls are made of multi or quad fiberglass matting and are sealed with a vinyl ester resin. Riviera yachts are renowned for their superior water resistance. In a recent speech, company owner Rodney Longhurst paid tribute to the five hundred and sixty loyal owners.

The construction of Riviera yachts is superior to other forms of hull construction. Hand-laid fiberglass hulls are 20 mm thick and have excellent impact resistance. Glass reinforced plastic (GRP) is also used to reinforce the hull below the water line. Riviera yachts are built using these superior materials and have long service lives. So, if you're looking for an exceptional yacht, look no further.

The hand-laying of Riviera hulls with multi or quad fiberglass matting adds to the yacht's strength. The hulls are also hand-laid with multi or quad fiberglass matting to ensure the highest level of stability. Riviera yachts are constructed using state-of-the-art technologies and methods. Riviera hulls are hand-laid with multi or quad fiberglass matting for unparalleled strength and integrity.

The Riviera SUV Series redefines long range cruising with a blend of the sport yacht and flybridge model lines. They range in size from 39 feet to over 57 feet, and feature spacious cockpits and expansive flybridges. Riviera SUV models are incredibly versatile. These yachts are available in two models: the 43-foot Riviera Yacht 395 and the 47-foot Riviera Yacht 445.

Riviera hulls are vacuum-formed

The main structure of Riviera yachts is a vacuum-formed vinylester core, which is then molded to form the shape of the hull. Each model has its own unique design, and the hull's interior is crafted to replicate this. Craftsmen then place each piece with precision, ensuring that the yacht is perfectly matched to its exterior and interior. The hull is then finished with a deep gloss to ensure that the interior is luxurious without being overly ostentatious.

A high-quality Riviera yacht has multiple layers of glass-reinforced plastic and is vacuum-formed. The hull is then sealed with a vinyl-ester resin, giving the hull better resistance to water absorption. Riviera hulls are as thick as 20 mm, and are completely solid fiberglass below the waterline. Riviera yachts are available in many different styles and finishes, and customisation is possible.

The Riviera 53's design evolved from feedback from owners who owned the previous models. Owners were asked to provide feedback on their enjoyment and ease of use. Propulsion decisions have also played an important role in the 53's design envelope. Riviera's luxury yachts are made of the best materials and techniques, and are built to last. Riviera yachts are also easy to skip, so it's important to choose the right model for your needs.

The Glen-L Riviera is almost complete. Mark Bronkalla began building his first Riviera when it was only 20 feet long. He was not able to name it, but it immediately turned heads wherever it went. It is still looking good today, 16 years later. Its hull is now a great example of how a Riviera hull can be built. If you're interested in learning more about Riviera hulls, check out their website.

Riviera's Sport Utility Vessels are versatile and multi-purpose

A Riviera's new Sport Utility Vessel is an ideal combination of legendary designs. Its name is derived from the automotive industry, but the Riviera team put it to good use after consulting with owners. Its multi-purpose design incorporates blue-water cruising capability with the single-level, leisurely entertaining features of a Sport Yacht design. The Riviera 515 is a prime example of a versatile sport utility vessel.

Available in several sizes, the SUVs are a great option for cruising and a variety of other water sports. The Riviera 4800 offers a spacious cockpit and a rear glass bulkhead, which makes them easy to navigate. The boats feature a convenient push button sun roof over the cockpit and three joystick control points for ease of use. They also have a variety of optional features to best suit your needs and budget.

For the ultimate in luxury single-level living and entertaining, Riviera's 5400 Sport Yacht sets a new standard. Equipped with a wide hydraulic boarding platform and an electric-opening garage, it is a luxury single-level boat for entertaining. The boat has enough room for a permanently mounted 20hp outboard tender and includes a built-in electric winch to make boarding easy.

The Riviera 525 SUV is the perfect combination of blue-water cruising performance, luxury livability, and single-level design of a Riviera Sport Yacht. The Riviera 525 SUV includes fixed transom seating, storage, and a live bait tank. A cockpit mezzanine lounge can be opened to reveal a double BBQ and stainless steel splashback. LED lighting also adds to the appeal of this Riviera SUV.

Riviera's Enclosed Flybridge models are an entertainer's dream

The newest Riviera motor yacht is the 52 Enclosed Flybridge. With its large beam and generously-sized cockpit, this boat is an entertainer's dream. It's also easy to handle by one person. The open design allows you to enjoy the same amenities as the larger Enclosed Flybridge models. Riviera has a long history of producing quality motor yachts, and the Enclosed Flybridge series is a great introduction to the Riviera range.

A Riviera 57 Enclosed Flybridge has generous living space and a forward lounge and dinette. It also features a gleaming stainless steel interior, spectacular surround glass, and extensive instrumentation. Enclosed flybridge models are a true entertainer's dream, featuring twin D11 turbo diesel engines powered by Volvo Penta IPS950 systems and glass cockpit navigation.

For the ultimate in luxury cruising, the Riviera Enclosed Flybridge series is a must-have for any discerning buyer. With a full cockpit, this series is an entertainer's paradise. The Riviera SUV Series offers two yachts in one, with 43 and 47-foot models. And the Sport Yacht series is a perfect choice for any family. The Riviera SUV series has three models for every budget and style, from 39 to more than 57 feet, and boasts a versatile stateroom layout.

An entertainment-focused yacht, the Riviera 52 Enclosed Flybridge is a perfect combination of performance and luxury. With a sleek, modern interior and state-of-the-art glass dash, the Riviera 52 Enclosed Flybridge is an entertainer's dream. The Riviera 52 Enclosed Flybridge is supremely seaworthy and a dream for any entertainer.

Riviera's 57 and 54 Enclosed Flybridge models are available for sale on the U.S. Gulf Coast and West Coast of Florida

These high-end motor yachts feature the highest standards of craftsmanship, comfort, and safety. Riviera's 57 and 54-foot Enclosed Flybridge models are available for sale throughout the U.S. Gulf Coast and West Coast of Florida. The company also offers brokerage services to assist buyers in buying a yacht.

The hulls of the Riviera Yachts are made of top-quality fiberglass and constructed to withstand rough conditions. This construction ensures a comfortable ride at sea, and a low center of gravity (CG) ensures excellent sea-keeping. The Riviera 54 Enclosed Flybridge is convertible and boasts a 20-mm-thick finished hull for enhanced stability at sea.

All Riviera models feature touchscreen technology and easy-to-use technology. These yachts offer smooth performance, economy, and class-leading space and light. Two or three spacious staterooms each have two bathrooms, while a luxurious aft lounge with panoramic windows provides an extra level of luxury. They also offer ample storage space and include an entertainment center.

In addition to introducing the 68 Enclosed Flybridge, Viking also introduces two new center consoles under the Valhalla Boatworks name. The new 68 Enclosed Flybridge features a more spacious salon and an aft salon. Both models feature a stairway to the flybridge.

Riviera has a history of excellence, building 5,650 luxury motor yachts since 1980. Its manufacturing facility is a 14-hectare waterfront site in Coomera, Queensland. The company has a global dealer network and has sold more than 5,000 yachts since its inception. Riviera Yachts have won several awards for quality, style, and sea-keeping ability.

Bella Vita Yacht - A Luxury Sailing Catamaran With Six Cabins and an Impressive Gym

bella vita yacht

The Bella Vita is a luxurious sailing catamaran with six opulent cabins and an impressive gym. The interior is designed for luxury and comfort, offering a blend of relaxation and exhilaration. The yacht can accommodate 12 guests in six cabins, while her crew is comprised of nine people. Guests can enjoy a wide range of amenities while onboard. In addition to the bella vita yacht's luxurious accommodations, you'll enjoy her onboard amenities, including her Jacuzzi bathtub.

Bella Vita is a 105' luxury sailing catamaran

The 105-foot carbon fiber sailing catamaran, BELLA VITA, was launched in 2003. Her interiors were recently refurbished by Azzura Marine Australia and she now boasts a Michelin-starred restaurant on board. Guests can enjoy a day at sea in the company of six crew members. A total of ten charter guests are welcome on board the luxury catamaran.

The interior of the yacht is equally impressive. The luxurious interior of BELLA VITA features bamboo wood flooring and accent lighting. Her four chic staterooms feature double/twin convertible bunks and private head and shower. The crow's nest on the upper deck is also equipped with an electric swivel seat and a television. In addition to the spacious interiors, BELLA VITA's exterior features a wide deck and a private sundeck.

Aside from the comfortable accommodations, the Bella Vita offers its guests plenty of entertainment opportunities. In addition to the standard amenities like satellite TV and Wi-Fi, guests can enjoy a movie or play board games on the exterior movie projector. Onboard entertainment also includes a camcorder, DVDs, and towable toys. The wide inflatable trampoline, meanwhile, is the perfect place to relax and unwind.

The interior of the Bella Vita is surprisingly spacious. Bamboo wood floorboards are highlighted throughout the cabins, while accent lighting and comfortable furnishings ensure that passengers stay on board and enjoy themselves. Four staterooms are available for up to eight guests, including the master suite, a king-sized cabin with an ensuite bathroom, a twin/double convertible cabin, and two double/twin bunks on the lower deck. There is also a deck shower, Bimini top, and ice maker.

She has six opulent cabins

The 60-metre luxury yacht Bella Vita features a LURSSEN build and interiors by Glade Johnson. The interiors feature traditional detailing and natural light to accentuate the interiors. There's a formal dining room and two 7.5m Vikal Custom tenders for passengers' use. The yacht can sail up to 7,000 nautical miles. The owner is also available to provide a private chef for guests' needs.

The exterior of the BELLA VITA yacht is sleek, boasting elegant, curving lines. Built by Lurssen, the yacht was originally named Solemates, which was apt considering the owner's name. It was later sold to a former US ambassador, George Argyros. In addition to the owner's name change, the yacht also got a restyle, and now goes by the name of Huntress.

Inside, the Bella Vita boasts calming decor, a large expanse of space, sensual materials and flowing textured patterns. The Bella Vita's sleek design makes her a luxury explorer. Her sleek design and three decks give guests the opportunity to relax in comfort. The Bella Vita yacht's interiors are luxurious, with a master suite, two double cabins/twin convertibles, and a lower deck twin cabin for children.

The Bella Vita features six opulent cabins and 15 crew members. All the cabins feature en suite bathrooms, an individual temperature control, mini-fridges, and fully-functioning entertainment systems. The owners' suite is a luxurious, private space. The five other guest cabins feature big windows. Guests can swim and play on the water, and the yacht is built of steel and aluminum.

She has a gym

There's no shortage of exercise facilities onboard Bella Vita, which features a fully equipped gym. It has a total area of more than 8,000 square feet, with a Jacuzzi on the sun deck, Spa pool on the bridge deck, and areas for lounging in the shade and tanning. The yacht has a hairdresser on hand and is equipped with a freshwater shower. It also has two tenders, including a Zodiac Hurricane and a Hinkley T29R. And of course, it has an on-board cinema. Interior designers Pauline Nunns gave the yacht a traditional country house feel with a contemporary twist. The ship has plenty of amenities, including a partially covered gym and a discotheque on board.

The yacht also features a movie theater and a piano on the sun deck, and the crew has access to the spa and salon for those who need it. The yacht can travel anywhere in the world, and last August, it was anchored near the University of South Florida College of Marine Science. The yacht recently stopped at Palm Beach, Charleston, S.C., and Norfolk, Va., before continuing its journey.

For those who prefer to exercise while on vacation, Bella Vita offers a gym and a spa on each deck. The gym is located on the top deck, and opens to the spa pool. This space has a panoramic view, making it a great place to exercise in between sightseeing. The gym on Bella Vita also opens out onto the Spa pool. If you prefer to work out under the sun, you'll love the view of the ocean from the gym.

She has a jacuzzi bathtub

This 60-foot superyacht was designed by German shipyard Lurssen and launched in 2010. The exterior design of the vessel is sleek, with clean lines and a modern feel. The interior was designed by award-winning designer Glade Johnson. The yacht features four double cabins and two twin cabins. A whirlpool bathtub and a jacuzzi tub are among the amenities aboard this yacht.

Guests can unwind in the bella vita yacht's Jacuzzi bathtub, which is located on the top deck. The vessel's three tenders are perfect for exploring the water. Tenders are available for water skiing, wakeboarding, and diving. There are even inflatable toys and snorkel gear onboard. In addition to a Jacuzzi tub on the sundeck, guests can enjoy a workout in the Bella Vita's gym, which opens to the Spa pool area.

The interior of the Bella Vita offers spacious accommodations and a private Jacuzzi bathtub for its owners. Its master suite features a semi-circle of windows in front of the bed and a private Jacuzzi bathtub. This cabin is a secluded spot during rainy days, while the exterior is dedicated to water sports. Two tenders are available for use on board, as well as dive equipment. This classy charter yacht is perfect for those seeking privacy and comfort.

The Bella Vita super yacht can sleep 12 guests in six cabins spread across three decks. Other amenities on board include a Jacuzzi bathtub on the sun deck, a Jacuzzi bathtub on the bridge deck, and a hairdresser on call. In addition to her spacious interiors, the Bella Vita also has multiple plush seating areas and a gym. The Bella Vita is the perfect luxury yacht for those who want to relax and have fun.

She has numerous flat-screen televisions

Charter guests will find multiple entertainment systems on board the Bella Vita. There are four cabins with en-suite bathrooms, numerous flat-screen televisions, and iPod docking stations. The spacious master stateroom has an oversized bed and a private deck with an outdoor bar. Each cabin has its own private bathroom, and all cabins have multiple flat-screen televisions and DVD players. The vessel's interior is elegantly decorated with maple and bamboo.

The Bella Vita boasts a crew of 15 people. It can sleep up to twelve guests in six cabins spread over three decks. The yacht also offers multiple sit-in showers, several flat-screen televisions, a grand piano, and more. Two custom tenders are available for guests to take out on the water and explore the area. It has a range of over 11,000 nautical miles and is equipped with twin Caterpillar marine engines.

The Bella Vita can accommodate up to 12 guests in six cabins. The vessel is described on its website as a classic yet spacious vessel with multiple bars. A jacuzzi bathtub and a walk-in shower are among the amenities on board. Other amenities include numerous flat-screen televisions and a gym. Further, the vessel has multiple plush seating areas and a fully equipped gym.

Flying Fox Yacht Owners

flying fox yacht owner

As a Flying Fox yacht owner, you've probably wondered how the owners manage to live off of their sailboat. The answer is surprisingly simple: they have an endless supply of cash. The Flying Fox's owner base includes many high-profile names, including Jeff Bezos. And while they're a coveted acquisition, they aren't cheap. If you'd like to join the ranks of successful Flying Fox owners, read on to learn about their yachting experience.

Jeff Bezos

According to a recent report, Amazon co-founder Jeff Bezos has purchased the luxurious Flying Fox yacht. The yacht is estimated to cost $400 million and has been in operation since 2019. According to the company, the Flying Fox is the 18th largest in the world and 14th in terms of interior space. While the owner has not confirmed the ownership of the yacht, he has admitted to leasing the boat to celebrities.

While the superyacht is named after Jeff Bezos, there are numerous rumors surrounding it. One is that he has never actually been seen on the yacht. However, if Bezos does own the Flying Fox, there's a strong possibility that he is not involved. He could have simply hired a company to do the work for him. However, the Flying Fox is available for charter now.

The boat is owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, who also owns the Washington Post and Blue Origin. It's believed that Bezos' net worth could reach $200 billion in 2021. While the Flying Fox was in Turkey, tweets relating to the yacht were deleted after becoming viral. Earlier this year, Bezos' net worth was estimated to be $190 billion.

The Flying Fox is home to 55 crew members, including a chef and multiple masseurs. On board the yacht, passengers can enjoy a spa, water sports, and even movies. It can accommodate 22 people in 11 cabins and a real cinema. The Flying Fox is also available for charter, but its charter prices have yet to be announced. The boat has yet to make its debut in the charter market.


Jeff Bezos may not own the luxury Flying Fox yacht, but he does own a number of other luxurious vessels. The billionaire has been linked to the project from the time it started construction. But, according to a source, the Amazon CEO has never even set foot on the vessel. And although Amazon denies being involved in the project, the Flying Fox yacht is still available for charter. Read on to find out if Jeff Bezos really owns the Flying Fox yacht.

Designed by Espen Oino and Mark Berryman, Flying Fox sleeps 25 people in 11 spacious cabins. The master suite is 74 feet wide, with its own dedicated salon, a gas firepit and a private jacuzzi. The yacht's crew includes a certified doctor, qualified hairdresser, a qualified medic and a chef. The Flying Fox's owner poured over every detail for at least 14 hours.

The Flying Fox is 136 metres long, with six decks rising above the waterline. Its spa boasts dual hot and cold tanks and a private beach club. In addition to this, it also has its own submarine. The Flying Fox's garage can accommodate five tenders, and it is designed to meet exact specifications for refuelling them. The yacht's owners have had Michelin-starred chefs consult with the Flying Fox's interior designers, and the result is a space worthy of any king.

Whether you're looking for an ocean-going luxury yacht charter or a luxurious yacht for sale, there's a Flying Fox yacht owner for you. Flying Fox yacht charters start at $3.5 million per week. When you're in the market for a luxury yacht, consider the Imperial Flying Fox and its crew. The owner of Flying Fox is happy to share his expertise with you. So, go ahead and book your next luxury yacht charter today.


Project Shu, the latest 136 meter motor yacht built by German shipyard Lurssen, is now a Flying Fox. The yacht has eleven private cabins and sea terraces and can accommodate up to 25 guests and 55 crew members. It boasts world-class amenities, including a helipad, underwater lights, a gym, and a beach club. The owner plans to sell Flying Fox for a cool EUR35 million, which is close to the yacht's original price tag.

The Flying Fox is reportedly owned by Jeff Bezos. While the latter isn't involved, his company has been linked to the yacht since it started construction. Amazon has also reportedly stayed on the yacht. However, the Amazon representative has denied that Bezos is the owner. The Flying Fox is available for charter, and Lurssen isn't saying which one of its billionaire owners owns it.

The Flying Fox yacht is the world's twenty-fifth-largest luxury superyacht. According to the Italian press, the yacht has been dubbed the Jeff Bezos yacht - the oligarch owns another 136-meter sailing vessel. A subscription to SuperYacht Times' iQ system will allow you to see all the pictures and news articles related to the Flying Fox yacht, including interviews with her owner.

The Flying Fox yacht's interior is equally sized, with equal-sized suites, neutral decor, and a massive spa. The Flying Fox is a fantastic example of modern luxury, with an enormous aft pool and a dynamic layout. Lurssen is also the owner of Project Shu, the megayacht designed by Mark Berryman and constructed by Lurssen of Germany.

Imperial Yachts

If you're looking to charter a luxurious yacht and spend a week in the sun, you should check out Imperial Yachts' Flying Fox. Its owner is based in Monaco and registered as a commercial charter yacht. The yacht has two helipads - one on the stern, and one on the bow, which is used by the owner's H175 Airbus helicopter. The helicopters are VIP-configured and capable of carrying up to 12 guests. Flying Fox was designed with the charter industry in mind, and it took Imperial Yachts three years to build.

A luxury spa is another highlight of the Flying Fox's interior design. Designed with a Japanese influence, the interior decor is clean-lined and tactile. The interior decor reflects the owner's calming style with the use of a limited palette of natural materials and rattan embellishments. Other luxurious amenities include an expansive deck, a spa, watersports and wellness facilities, and a gym.

The exterior of the Flying Fox is stunning, with its curving exterior. The design team at Imperial Yachts worked closely with the owner, who was extremely involved in every step of the process. The hull of the yacht, which measures over 7,000 square meters, was designed by Espen Oino and Mark Berryman, and the interiors were styled by Mark Berryman. The owner wanted a yacht that reflected his personality, so he commissioned Oino to design the interior and choose a bespoke palette of lustrous fabrics.

Located on the main deck, the Flying Fox has a swimming pool aft on the main deck. The yacht has two helipads - one for each deck - and can accommodate the largest helicopters on the market. The Flying Fox yacht is available for charter through Imperial Yachts, but the owner is not listed. If you're interested in chartering the Flying Fox yacht, contact Imperial Yachts for more information.

Project Shu

The 136m Lurssen superyacht Flying Fox has left the German shipyard for Norway, where the new owner plans to use her as a private sailing vessel. Previously known as Project Shu, this luxury yacht has a beam of 20.5 meters and a healthy 67 foot beam. The exterior design was created by Espen Oeino, and interior design was undertaken by Mark Berryman. Imperial Yachting acted as the yacht owner's representative and broker throughout the construction process.

The owners of Project Shu are the first to use the new superyacht as their primary home. This 136m yacht was photographed in Bremen-Aumund, near Vegesack, Germany, and has been named after the owner, a retired American Navy Captain. Espen Oeino was responsible for designing the exterior lines of the yacht, and she has a low profile, making her look lighter than the formerly-named M/Y A+ (ex-Topaz). The interior was designed by Mark Berryman. The Flying Fox has an elegant, sleek look that belies her huge volume.

Lurssen delivered Project Shu to its new owner and renamed it Flying Fox. The yacht features two helipads and can accommodate the biggest helicopters in the market. In addition to its large sea terraces, Flying Fox boasts a 12-metre swimming pool, two helipads, a cinema, a two-deck spa, a fitness area, sauna, massage area, and a hospital with a decompression chamber.

Amazon has denied the ownership of Flying Fox and has been very secretive about its owner. However, the superyacht industry is a highly private and mysterious world and many owners choose anonymity to ensure their privacy. While Flying Fox has been a secretive and private space, the owner's lifestyle has been very lavish and he has made sure that his guests have a fantastic time aboard her. So much so that Italian media have nicknamed her the Jeff Bezos Yacht.

Dehler 38 Sailboats

dehler 38

The Dehler 38 is a traditional cruising yacht with plenty of volume throughout. The Judel/Vrolijk design features a plumb bow, flared topsides, and minimal overhangs. The hull is handlaid with GRP sandwich construction, and the laminated floor beams and glassed-in bulkheads contribute to rigidity. A standard Dehler 38 sailboat offers comfort, safety, and style.

Salona 39

Both the Dehler 38 and Salona 39 have a composite hull with balsa core and vinylester on the first layer. The hull is sandwiched with carbon reinforcements and a steel grid. The keel is designed to be watertight. The salona features a laminated floorboard and a watertight aft bulkhead. A watertight bow bulkhead is also available.

The difference in displacement is significant, but not overwhelming. The Dehler has a 7500kg displacement, whereas the Salona has a 6200kg displacement. The differences in displacement are largely due to other factors such as the cost and performance of each model. The Dehler is a better choice if you are looking for a more powerful boat. The Salona 39, on the other hand, offers more options for performance.

The Salona 38 replaces the Salona 37. The previous model won several awards in Europe and the U.S., and it has proven to be a bestseller in both markets. The design of the new model was a collaborative effort of a team of experts, including J&J who designed the successful lightweight body and Jason Coeur who optimized the rudder and keel hydrodynamic surfaces. A combination of materials in the hull ensured its high stiffness and excellent sailing characteristics.

Another cruising racer was the Dehler 38. Designed by the Van de Stadt team, the Dehler 38 was beamy amidships and featured a fully integrated alloy space frame. Kevlar and carbon fiber were also used extensively in the construction. The Dehler 38 weighed about 5,500kg, while the Sigma 38 weighs over 6,250kg. The Dehler 38 is the lighter of the two.

The Dehler 38 and Salona 39 are two of the most well-designed cruisers available. Dehler Yachts started making these yachts in 1996, and have been making them ever since. Their concept was inspired by the design of the Hanse 35 and Dehler 38. Its sleek lines and excellent sailing qualities have made it a popular choice among sailing enthusiasts around the world. When it comes to performance, this class of boat is ideal for any boater's needs.

The new Salona 380 has improved the interior finish and attention to detail. It has become a serious competitor to other boats of its size. The design is well-thought out, and the 380 is a pleasure to sail. It's also a great value for money. But is it worth the price? Definitely. There's nothing that says it's the best boat, but if you want a boat that performs like a dream, you'll be pleased with the overall design and the high quality materials used in construction.

The LUNA Yacht - An Elegant Motoryacht

luna yacht

The LUNA yacht is an elegant motoryacht that features four staterooms with queen-size beds, each with its own en suite bathroom, teak flooring, separate shower and sink. Each cabin has a vanity cabinet and mirror, as well as hotel-quality towels. Each cabin also has individual A/C controls, two reading lights, and ventilation fans. While you're onboard, you'll be sure to appreciate the fine details of the accommodations.

Bella Luna is a 2019 Lagoon 450S

If you're in the market for a new sailing yacht, consider a gently used Bella Luna. This boat features several upgrades, such as an expanded solar panel array, full air-conditioning, and a large walk-in shower. There is plenty of interior storage and even a desk area to help you get work done! Guests will also enjoy the numerous lounging areas on deck, where they can spend time together.

The new Bella Luna is a 42-foot luxury catamaran that can accommodate up to six guests. The boat boasts excellent recreational areas and spacious personal quarters that strike the perfect balance of convenience and privacy. Each stateroom is fully equipped with individual climate controls and reading lights, and there are separate shower compartments. Guests will appreciate the thoughtful touches, such as teak flooring. And while you're on the water, you can relax in one of the two spa-like saunas.

She has 18 crew members

The 115m superyacht 'Luna' has finally left Dubai. After years of legal dispute, it is now free and sailing up the Suez Canal towards the Mediterranean. However, there are still some concerns over how the vessel has managed to avoid being impounded by the local coast guard. Whether this is a result of the ownership conflict is unclear. Let's take a look at the latest developments.

The 115-metre explorer superyacht Luna was originally built for Chelsea football club owner Roman Abramovich. In April 2014, Farkhad Akhmedov bought the yacht and invested $50 million in its refit. The new owners have invested a further $17 million in upgrades, including the installation of two helipads and anchor stabilizers. In addition to her elegant interiors, Luna also boasts a large beach club, gym and sauna.

She has a top speed of 22.5 knots

The 115-meter (370.7-foot) long Motor Yacht Luna is a technological marvel. Its dual diesel-electric engines produce an impressive top speed of 22.5 knots and cruise at a comfortable 18 knots. The yacht also has a swimming pool and two helipads. While only a select few yacht owners can afford to purchase Luna, it's still worth the price.

The Russian billionaire Alexei Mordashov, who owns the yacht, has been spotted cruising the ocean on the luxurious yacht. The former CEO of Severstal and majority shareholder in TUI, owns nearly 25% of the luxury yacht. He also has an impressive list of clients. The Luna yacht's speed is a testament to the luxury she offers. Regardless of its glitzy look, it offers the ultimate in luxury.

She has a VIP stateroom

The Luna yacht has an enviable VIP stateroom, a private terrace forward, and huge views. Its owner sometimes takes his morning breakfast on the beach club dinette on the port side, but he's planning major changes, including an expansive new shell door on the port side and eighteen portholes on the transom. Luna's lower deck is dedicated to crew. There are spacious cabins forward for the crew, with new AV/IT. Below deck are crew quarters and machinery spaces.

The Luna B is a 66m motor yacht that sleeps up to 12 guests in six cabins. The master suite has an adjoining study, as does the VIP stateroom. The yacht has an impressive list of amenities, including a spa, gym, and beach club. Her six ensuite cabins are all air-conditioned and feature stylish furnishings. Luna has a full complement of modern amenities and is designed for entertaining family and friends on a luxury yacht.

She has a sun deck

If you're looking for a superyacht that has a sun deck and an aft deck, you'll love the Luna yacht. The aft deck is shaded from the sun, but doesn't lack amenities, including a jacuzzi. For fun in the sun, you can try out water sports, such as kayaking or water skiing. The crew on board Luna includes a Captain, a chef, a hostess, two Deckhands, and a Stewardess. They'll make sure you have a great time on board, and they'll ensure that you and your guests are happy.

The design studio that designed the exterior of Luna consulted with customers and cruisers to come up with the right plan. Newcruise's design team reviewed many deck proposals before arriving at the final design. The goal was to achieve a blend of style and functionality, while allowing for storage space for toys. This was achieved with the use of modern oak and a traditional wooden deck. The interiors of Luna are equally elegant.

She has a swimming pool

When it comes to luxury superyachts, there's a lot to like, and the Luna is no exception. The superyacht was once the world's largest expedition yacht, but the recent addition of the Solaris means that Luna has now become second only to Solaris. Besides her swimming pool, Luna has nine cabins and a heliport for easy travel to remote locations. In addition to her large outdoor swimming pool, Luna also has a gym, a beach club, dance floor, and even a mini submarine!

The refit of the Luna brought about some notable changes, most notably the addition of a massive beach club on the lower deck. The beach club features a large wave-shaped sauna, plunge pool, steam bath, and fully-equipped gym. The mirrored panels in the aft section of the yacht's aft deck help give the entire area a more spacious and airy feel. The aft deck was also redesigned to include a swimming pool, but this area is still largely outdoors.

The Venus Yacht by Feadship Features an All-Glass Interior and a Waterfall-Fed Spa Pool

venus yacht

The 78-metre Venus yacht was designed by Steve Jobs in collaboration with French designer Philippe Starck and Dutch shipyard Feadship. The project cost $120 million to complete. Inside, you will find an all-glass interior. But did you know that the yacht also has a waterfall-fed spa pool? Read on to find out more about this luxury vessel. But before we get into the design, let's discuss what makes it so special.

venus yacht was designed by steve jobs

The Venus yacht was designed by Philippe Starck and Steve Jobs, a man renowned for his innovative designs. The resulting superyacht is one of the most stunning to date. As with all his work, the concept came to fruition through brainstorming sessions and discussions with Starck. Designed by Philippe Starck, the yacht was built by the Feadship shipyard in Aalsmeer.

The project started in 2005 when Steve Jobs teamed up with the French designer Philippe Starck to create the 'Venus'. In the end, the yacht cost $120 million and was launched on October 28, 2012. According to reports, the 'Venus' has seven iMacs in its wheelhouse. The project almost failed in 2009 due to Steve Jobs' health problems, but was saved by a rumor.

venus yacht is 78 metres long

"Venus" is a 78-metre-long superyacht that was designed by Philippe Starck for the late Steve Jobs. The yacht is constructed entirely of aluminium, and is named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty. The interior design is sleek and minimalist, and the vessel boasts a sophisticated home automation system, controlled by seven 27-inch iMacs. It is the latest addition to the luxury yacht fleet, and its impressive specifications are sure to impress any guest.

Currently impounded in Amsterdam, the 256-foot yacht is due to be released to its owners by the end of this year. A lawyer for Starck's company says that he has not been paid EUR3 million from Apple's estate, and the yacht will remain in Amsterdam until the Jobs family pays the debt. Unfortunately, Reuters was unable to reach a representative for the estate, so we can't be sure what exactly will happen to the yacht.

venus yacht has a waterfall-fed spa pool

The sleek exterior of the Starck-designed Venus superyacht is striking. The exterior features stainless-steel details and a line of windows running from the bow to the midships. Its sleek shape is a result of Starck's streamlined design and features a low glass frame and 90-degree angles. The ax bow and square stern add an air of elegance to the design of this luxury yacht. The yacht's curved glass cockpit conceals satellite equipment and radar arch.

The luxurious interior of the Venus yacht offers an impressive range of amenities, including a waterfall-fed spa pool. The yacht was designed by Steve Jobs and Phillippe Starck, who wanted the boat to be unique and innovative. The yacht is one of the most striking yachts ever created. The hull and interior of Venus are striking and stand out, and the waterfall-fed spa pool are two of its most notable features.

venus yacht has an all-glass interior

This 78-metre luxury mega yacht from Feadship is known for its sleek exterior and sleek, high-tech interior, featuring Apple Products. The yacht is a masterpiece for families with children and has everything a family could possibly need on board, including comfortable cabins, a powerful engine, and lavish features. A view of the water and the ocean below is all but guaranteed. Read on for more information about this vessel and its all-glass interior.

The interior of the Venus superyacht was designed by Philippe Starck, the designer of the Apple logo. The design is composed entirely of glass, with head-height windows. Starck also collaborated closely with Steve Jobs to ensure the vessel's comfort. The interior features a multitude of interesting design features and high-tech amenities, but no pictures have been released of the yacht's interior. But we can always expect more pictures soon.

venus yacht has a garage

The Feadship Venus is one of the most beautiful superyachts in history, featuring a futuristic glass exterior and a host of high-tech amenities. Yet, we've never seen the interior of the yacht - until now! This stunning photo shoot allows us to get a closer look at the yacht's bridge, as well as the garage on the port side where a RIB tender sits. Other photos show scaffolding around the yacht, indicating that it's undergoing a refit and maintenance process.

A garage is an unusual feature for a luxury yacht, but there's a good reason for this. Besides a garage, the Venus yacht also has a swimming platform and a front deck with a sun bed. Its audio surround system lets you listen to music from anywhere on the vessel, and the Steve Jobs family has made sure to keep the details private. The garage is large enough for a Jet Ski.

Carver Boats For Sale

carver boats

If you are looking for a luxury motor yacht, look no further than a Carver boat. The company has been building motor yachts in the United States since the 1950s and consistently produces award-winning models. United Yacht Sales stocks a wide range of Carver boats for sale, and their team of experts knows how to find the perfect model for your needs. Here are a few examples of some of the popular models available. Read on to learn more about these luxurious vessels.

Carver 430 Cockpit Motor Yacht

A well-designed and comfortable yacht, the Carver 430 Cockpit Motor Yacht boasts a large bridge and foredeck sun lounge. A foredeck swim platform and a wet bar provide ample room for entertaining, and the yacht features two staterooms. A walkaround queen berth is located in the master stateroom, and it has a full-service galley with an upright refrigerator. The galley is fully equipped and offers a dining area with a lighted vanity. Two further staterooms are located below the bridge and offer convenient access to the cockpit.

Despite its size, the Caver 430 Cockpit Motor Yacht is a great value for the money. The interiors are crafted with custom UltraLeather and finely crafted cherry wood. The exterior styling is progressive and showcases Euro-styled curves and clean lines. Frameless windows offer more natural light into the cabin. The Carver fly bridge features a sleek and elegant design that is sure to turn heads.

Carver 36 SS Motor Yacht

The Carver 36 SS Motor Yacht has been meticulously maintained and is ready for the upcoming season. Powered by twin Volvo Penta 8.1L inboard engines with 375 horsepower each, this vessel boasts low engine noise and an open layout for maximum living space. In addition to its high performance, the Carver 36 SS is reasonably priced for a vessel of its size. If you're looking for an affordable luxury vessel for the family, look no further than the Carver 36 SS Motor Yacht.

With ample space, the Carver 36 SS has a comfortable and well-appointed saloon. The forward-facing saloon includes a raised dining area and a spacious galley. The hull's dual entry bathroom features a VacuFlush head and separate shower room. A full-length helm station provides easy access to the upper deck. The carver 36 SS offers an impressive array of amenities.

Carver 355 Aft Cabin Motor Yacht

If you are looking for a motor yacht with an aft cabin, you may be interested in the 1998 Carver 355 Aft Cabin. This boat is available for sale at Pop Yachts. To learn more about this boat, visit the Seller Description tab to read the seller's full description. You can also apply for financing in minutes using the link provided. Once you have submitted your application, you will have several loan options to choose from.

The Carver 355 Aft Cabin motor yacht has a generous amount of tankage, plenty of living space, and comfortable accommodations for eight passengers. The forward berth includes a separate shower. There is also a full head with glass enclosure and shower. The motor yacht has a swim platform for easy boarding. It also includes a molded companionway that connects the aft deck to the master stateroom. The aft deck features seating and access to the bridge and a wet bar.

Carver 3807 Aft Cabin Motor Yacht

If you're looking for a motoryacht with two staterooms and a spacious salon, you should consider the 1989 Carver 3807 Aft Cabin. It features a step-down galley and dinette, an enclosed hardtop aft deck, and a spacious command bridge. In addition to its spacious accommodations, the Carver 3807 Aft Cabin comes with an exclusive delivery package. This includes a thorough cleaning, SEA tow package, captain training, and winter storage. Moreover, you will get a massive discount on a boat slip in the marina when you purchase this yacht.

The 3807 Aft Cabin has twin inboard Mercruiser 7.4L/340 hp engines and a Westerbeke 8kw generator for ashore power. This yacht was professionally maintained since 1996 and features an aft sundeck and fly-bridge. Two staterooms each have private heads and storage is abundant throughout the vessel. This yacht would make a great liveaboard or vacation yacht.

Carver 355 Mariner Motor Yacht

The Carver 355 Mariner Motor Yacht is a popular cruiser among its class. Its first owner used it as a live-aboard. Since then, the current owner has replaced the generator and gotten it inspected. The engine and generator have 90 hours on them. The boat has a large living space and can accommodate eight people. It can cruise at up to 32.7 mph with a test boat.

During the late 1970s, Carver expanded beyond the Great Lakes region to the rest of the nation. The brand became synonymous with the motor yacht and aft cabin models. By the late 1980s, the company began building its own models, including the popular Marquis Class, a range of stern-drive cruisers. The Marquis Class was introduced in 2003. Its owners continued to expand the line by creating a new luxury motor yacht series.

Carver 350 Mariner Motor Yacht

The Carver 350 Mariner is the latest in a long line of luxury motor yachts. This single-level design has a spacious salon and double berth in the master stateroom. The galley has a microwave, dual-voltage refrigerator, and two-burner electric stove. A fully enclosed head with a separate shower is also standard. Guests will also find plenty of storage space. A comfortable lounge on the foredeck and a convertible dinette offer plenty of space to spend time at sea.

This 2000 Carver 350 Mariner is in pristine condition and has been upgraded. This boat has been well taken care of and features new interior and exterior materials. New underwater lights and a new Bimini have been added to the boat's helm station. It is also fitted with a remote-controlled electric shade. A comfortable flybridge with an elegant salon and an excellent layout makes for a pleasurable experience. In addition to the new interior and exterior decor, it also features a modern sound system and a functional galley.

Beneteau Oceanis 46.1 Review

oceanis 461

Beneteau and Jeanneau have recently released a new model, the Oceanis 46.1. This new model is an improvement over the Oceanis 45. This boat features a full bow with a large forward cabin. Beneteau is also offering an upgraded version of the Oceanis 45 with more amenities. Listed below are the differences between the two models. The first is the size. The second is the upgrades and performance. These features will likely affect the price.

Beneteau's new fast-cruiser

The Beneteau Oceanis 46.1 epitomises the new fast-cruiser trend, with a focus on user-friendliness and improved performance. This latest fast-cruiser follows in the footsteps of the Oceanis 45, which was one of Beneteau's best-selling models. Despite its size, the 46.1 manages to combine the best elements of cruising, comfort, and performance in a boat that offers an amazing amount of space. In addition, the Oceanis 46.1 offers plenty of scope for customization. Like her predecessor, the Oceanis 46.1 has a sleek, functional design that is highly modern and sharp.

The Beneteau Oceanis 46.1 shares many of its features with its bigger brother, the 51.1. Both boats feature twin rudders, which are essential in modern cruising boats. Similarly, the design of the 46.1 has been revised to improve the interior volume of the boat while retaining a narrow entry. However, the stepped hull of the 46.1 helps to make the boat easier to handle and maneuver.

Three-cabin version

The interior of the Oceanis 46.1 three-cabin version features Alpi walnut woodwork and Rovere Aleve type laminated floorboards. The saloon has a double bed with a separate shower. The guest cabins have identical size, and are bright thanks to a hull porthole and two deck hatches. There are two galleys in the four-cabin version.

In addition to the main layout, the four-cabin version offers a comfortable, spacious cockpit and a large interior volume. She has twin rudders for extra control. The new 46.1 also features many options for customisation, with a 'First Line' option that adds a tall mast and a deeper keel to increase performance. Depending on your personal preferences, the 46.1 is a very versatile cruising monohull.

The Oceanis 46.1 comes with a modern Med-style cockpit and full beam bathing platform. The boat's helm is similar to the Oceanis 51.1, except that the helm is aft. There is enough space for one person to sail and control the winches. This is a personal choice, and it is something that most owners and clients of this yacht will consider when planning their next vacation.


The Conq design team retained the fundamental features that make the Oceanis 46.1 such a great sailing machine, including the spacious cockpit and interior volume. The 46.1's hull shape, however, was revised to produce better performance, increased righting moment, and twin rudders for better control. There are several options for the new 46.1, including 'First Line' upgrades that increase the sailplan's performance by adding a tall mast and a deeper keel.

The Oceanis 46.1 is powered by a Yanmar Diesel engine with a capacity of 57 or 80 HP. This engine is protected by sound-proof foam, and has three air intakes and one forced air outlet. The engine's fuel tank is situated under the starboard aft berth and has a capacity of 200 L / 53 US gal. Its fuel capacity can be easily measured with an electronic gauge, and a deck filler allows you to easily top off the tank.


Voters who voted for the Oceanis 46.1 praised the yacht's performance in a wide range of conditions. The longer mast and sail area, twin rudders, and Harken Performa racing deck fittings were among the attributes that the voters credited for the boat's outstanding speed and ease of use. There is no doubt that these features are critical to the overall success of the boat, but they are not sufficient without the sturdiness and sailing capability of the yacht itself.

The 46.1 owner's cabin has a room at the foot of the island queen berth. There are also two hanging lockers and separate head and shower compartments. Compared to the SO440 and SO490, the 46.1 has less full bow and chines. Nonetheless, the 46.1's cabin offers a great amount of space and is a solid performer. The four-stateroom interior is spacious and comfortable, and the 46.1's high beam and hull volume help keep the boat in good shape for cruising.

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