Discover- How to Change the Look and Feel of Your mbasic Facebook Account (2022)

Discover- How to Change the Look and Feel of Your mbasic Facebook Account (2022)


How to Change the Look and Feel of Your mbasic Facebook Account

mbasic facebook

You can now change the look and feel of your mbasic Facebook account. To do this, you must first verify your cellular number. Next, open the link in an email that you received and enter the SMS code that is contained in the message. If this step is missed, your account has been compromised. If you get several text messages containing several codes, this may indicate that your account has been compromised. Listed below are some steps to follow to verify your account.

Login to mbasic facebook

You may have received a message that asks you to confirm your mobile phone number or email address in order to log in to your Facebook account. You must click on the link provided in the message to verify your account. If you don't receive a text message containing a code, then there's a chance that your account has been compromised. Follow the steps outlined below to confirm your account. Once you've verified your email address and mobile number, you can log into Facebook and access all of your old and new accounts.

Mbasic Facebook is an uncomplicated version of the regular Facebook application. The application lets you login without revealing your personal information or viewing media documents. Although the Mbasic edition has some limitations when compared to the conventional version, it is an effective way to access Facebook without using a smartphone. The Mbasic Facebook login application is available on official links. Once you've signed up, you'll be able to access your account and send messages to friends and family.

To sign in to Mbasic Fb, visit the official page of the company. Click "Sign in" and enter your login details. You should receive a "successfully logged in" message. If not, follow the troubleshooting steps to log in to Mbasic Facebook. You can also try a direct link to Mbasic Fb, which will take you directly to the website.

Basic Facebook com is an older version of the Facebook website that was built for slower net speeds and older devices. People prefer it because it allows you to navigate the site more efficiently. The new sketch of Facebook takes a long time to load. By using the basic Facebook site, you can enjoy the site with minimal fuss. There is no need to download the app. And because it's free, it's compatible with most operating systems.

Change to new Facebook design

The change to the new Facebook design is permanent. As of September, Facebook is retiring the classic design. To change back to the old design, users need to use a third-party plugin. However, you can still change back to the old design. Below are some steps to follow:

First, log in to Facebook. The new Facebook design will appear in the upper right corner of your screen. You will see a pop-up box asking for feedback. Rate the new design and indicate the reasons why you switched back. Then tap the Submit button to send your feedback. Alternatively, you can skip the feedback process by tapping the Skip option. Once you have submitted your feedback, the old design will be restored.

You can also disable the dark mode feature. To turn off dark mode, click the switch next to the new design. The dark mode feature is temporarily unavailable. Toggling off the button will prevent the new design from loading. You should wait for a few hours for Facebook to release a fix. If you are worried about losing your data, try a workaround. Just be aware that Facebook may change the settings again at some point.

To avoid losing any data, ensure that you're logged in to Facebook. If you're not logged in, you can still access the old design by logging in using a different browser. The new Facebook design is aimed at improving the overall user experience. It's a great way to connect with customers and build your business. The new UI has improved the look and feel of Facebook.

Verify a cellular number on mbasic facebook

In order to keep your Facebook account safe, you must verify your cellular number and email address before you can log in. If you receive several text messages with codes, you should check your account to see who has been accessing it. If this happens, you should contact your cell provider to have the signatures taken off of text messages sent to your phone. These signatures prevent Facebook from accessing your messages.

If you are unable to verify your number, you can enter your email address instead. Enter your email address and tap on "Forgot account" to verify your account. The verification process usually takes about 24 hours. If you do not have a cellular number, you can use your e-mail address to verify your account. Once you have verified your phone number, you can log in to Facebook and set a new password.

The Mbasic Facebook login app is a stripped-down version of the Facebook website. You can login using a cellular number without giving out your private information. You can also access messages from friends. This version is slightly slower than the standard edition, but it will allow you to access your Facebook account using a non-smartphone. It also works on older devices, so you don't need a smart phone.

Download a video from mbasic facebook

If you're interested in watching a video on Facebook but want to save it for later, you can download it from mbasic. You can do this by copying and pasting the link. If you're using Chrome, you can paste the link directly in a new tab. In Firefox, replace www with m. Once you've copied the link, you can open it in another tab and save it as you like.

To download a video from mbasic Facebook, you'll first need to access the video's URL. This is the easiest way to download videos from Facebook. Once you have the URL, you can paste it into the address bar of a web browser. Make sure you add "mbasic." to the URL to make it easier to remember. You can also click the download button to save the video to your local storage.

Once you've located the video you'd like to save, you can go to the download panel by clicking on the three-dot icon and then selecting "Download." You'll then be prompted to choose the format of the video. If it's in a format that doesn't support mp4, you can choose to force it to be in high definition. Alternatively, you can use the 'audio fix' feature to remove audio from the video.

You can also use the "screen recording" option to save the video from Facebook. Screen recording is easy but it won't be as high quality as if you saved it independently. To download a video from mbasic Facebook, simply copy the video URL into a new tab. Then, right-click the video and select "Save as video" to save it to your computer. Once the file is saved, you can play it from your desktop with your video player.

Activate an existing Facebook account after it's been removed

If you've been told by Facebook that your account has been deleted, you can reactivate it by creating a new one with your preferred email address and user name. The new account will not be active until the old information is flushed out of the system, which could take two weeks or a month. This article explains how to do this. Read on to learn more.

To reactivate your account, go to the Facebook website and login using the same email address and password. If you forgot your password, you can always use your phone number. You will be asked to confirm your identity, so make sure you have the correct number. During sign-up, you'll also be asked for proof of identity, such as a photo ID. Once you've verified your identity, you'll receive a message that says you've successfully reactivated your account.

Once you've confirmed that you're sure you're going to be able to reactivate your account, you can change the settings on your profile. You should only share as much information as you're comfortable sharing. You can also mark the deletion deadline on your calendar and make a note on your cell phone. If you're unsure when it's safe to reactivate an existing Facebook account, consider deleting it first. This way, you'll be sure that you don't lose any important information.

After you've decided to deactivate your account, you should take a look at your privacy and security settings. While deactivating your account will eliminate the content of your account from the internet, you can always go back and reactivate it at any time. If you want to recover old information, you'll need to reset your privacy settings. If you don't want others to be able to access your account, you can use screen sharing.

FBDown - How to Download Videos From Facebook Without Signing Up Or Registering


Unlike other social media sites, FBDown doesn't require a signup or registration. Its ads are harmless and you won't get redirected to any harmful website by clicking on them. The developers of FBDown state on their website that they have no affiliation with Facebook. It will not save the history of videos you download and won't host your downloaded videos on its servers. This way, you won't have to worry about them stealing your personal information or sharing it with other people.

Chrome extension

There are several ways to download video files from the web, and one of the easiest is using the FBDown Chrome extension. This extension is designed to display the video filename, thumbnail image, and URL. When you click on the download button, you will be taken to the page where you can download the file. This extension has a few drawbacks, however. It does not allow you to download videos from YouTube due to terms of service restrictions.

FBDOWN is a free Chrome extension that detects videos from web pages and offers a download button. Once installed, it will automatically detect Facebook videos. Once installed, the extension will display videos in the chrome extension bar. It can detect videos from non-Facebook sites, too, so that you can download them from the Internet. This extension is available for download on Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. You can install it in just a few simple steps.

Another important feature of the extension is that it will allow you to choose the size and quality of the player you view. You can choose the default player size and quality, or choose High definition if you prefer. If you're watching videos on YouTube, you can also choose to auto-pause them when you're not watching them. Another useful feature of the extension is its ability to dim other junk on the screen while you're watching videos. This extension is especially useful if you use YouTube for research purposes or to take notes. In addition to these, it will pause videos automatically.

Another Facebook video downloader chrome extension is SnapSave. This extension needs the source code for the private video in order to work. It then saves the video files to a destination. This extension does not store the files on its servers, but instead takes the content off Facebook's servers. This ensures that the quality of the video download will be similar to the original. If you're looking for a good Chrome extension for downloading Facebook videos, you should definitely try this one.

Doesn't host any videos on their servers

If you have ever tried to download a video from Facebook but failed, you probably know how frustrating it can be. Luckily, there are ways to download your favorite videos without having to download them yourself. One such method is FBDown. You simply need to copy and paste the video's link into the text box provided and hit download. It will automatically start downloading the video to your destination folder. You can even download videos from other websites besides Facebook, as the extension is able to detect these sites.

The app itself works by using thumbnails to find the videos you want. After you install the extension, a list of videos is shown. You can click on any of the videos you want to download by clicking on the "download" icon. This extension also works on all popular video sites except YouTube. The download icon is located at the bottom right corner of the extension's interface. When you have a video in your browser, FBDown will download it for you and save it to your computer.

You don't have to sign up or register to use the FBDown service. There are no annoying advertisements on the website. The ads are safe and non-intrusive, and should not irritate your computer. FBDown also allows you to save the videos in the format you want. It does not insert any watermarks. Moreover, you can download videos from FBDown with a 30-day free trial.

Doesn't save any history of downloaded videos

There are some cons to using FBDown. The downloads are not stored on the server. You will not be able to track the history of videos that you've downloaded. You can't sign up and use the service with any kind of security concerns. However, you will have to trust the website. This video downloader has been declared safe by many users and does not require any kind of registration.

FBDown is available for download on Chrome. It detects videos from Facebook and works with Google Chrome. You can also download live videos. FBDown does not store private videos, so it's safe to use it on public Facebook pages. The extension won't save a history of videos you download from Facebook. However, it does save your video URL. It also does not store a history of downloaded videos.

Facebook changes its layout often, so fbdown doesn't save a history of downloaded videos. As a result, the download process might change. The videos can be used on other channels, but the legal rights to them remain with the original creator. So, you must be careful when using this tool. It's important to remember that fbdown doesn't save any history of videos it downloads, so it's wise to keep a copy of the downloads in a separate folder.

After downloading the video, you can access it offline. To do this, just open the video URL in your browser. Select it by pressing CTRL-C. You'll notice a new tab. The new URL loads in your browser, with the video optimized for mobile devices. After that, you can choose to save it to your computer. It's as simple as that. If you want to watch it later, just play the video again.

FBDown does not save a history of videos it has downloaded. However, it does offer the convenience of downloading videos from Facebook. It doesn't require registration or any kind of software. And unlike other video downloaders, it doesn't store a history of downloaded videos, which may cause privacy concerns. It is also possible to use this downloader on your Chrome browser. If you're looking for a better solution for downloading videos, savefrom is worth a try.

Doesn't work with private Facebook videos

FBDown is a free browser extension that allows you to download videos from private Facebook pages. However, if you are using a private Facebook account, you may be wondering if FBDown actually works. The answer is yes. FBdown works on both public and private Facebook pages. This is a great alternative if you want to download private Facebook videos. All you need to do is visit FBDownloader and copy the video URL. When finished, click on the "Download" button to download the video. After a few minutes, copy the generated link and paste it into your page's source box.

Another web-based option to download Facebook videos is GetFbStuff. It's a site that hosts tons of videos posted by individuals and groups. The service allows you to save videos to your computer or smartphone. It doesn't require registration, and it doesn't store any of your download history. It's free to download and receives regular updates. Most users find FBDown safe to use.

FBDown displays thumbnail images and filenames, and you can enter the URL of the video to download. You can also choose to download videos in SD or HD. FBdown doesn't work with private Facebook videos, but it does work for videos on public Facebook. The main drawback to FBDown is that it doesn't work with private Facebook videos. To download private Facebook videos, you must use a different method.

Another way to download Facebook videos is to use Vidsaver, a tool designed to download public Facebook videos. This application requires you to download the source code of the video. It's easy to use and offers basic video conversion tools. It's free to use, and the video download process takes only a few minutes. While FBDown doesn't work with private Facebook videos, it works with most other types of videos.

If you want to download private Facebook videos, you must do so in an ethical way. This is because private Facebook videos contain sensitive information or compromising footage. Sharing private material in a public forum can land you in hot water with the law. It's better to stick to downloading private videos for personal use. You can also download private Facebook videos for mobile devices using FBDownloader. Using the same technique, you can also download videos from Twitter and Instagram accounts. Another good option is Vidsaver.

How to Download & Install Facebook Touch For Your iPhone

facebook touch

FB Touch is the mobile version of the Facebook website. Compared to the original website, it is simpler to use and uses less storage space and battery. Also, the new version is more convenient for users who have a slow Internet connection. So, if you're wondering how to download FB Touch for your iPhone, this article will give you the details. Read on!! [FB Touch - How to Download & Install It]

FB Touch is a simplified mobile version of the Facebook website

When comparing the two, it's hard to find a better mobile version of Facebook than FB Touch. It's much more user-friendly than the web version, with a faster scrolling speed, greater audio playback, and no limit on the number of posts a user can view. While it doesn't offer the features of Facebook's desktop site, its simplicity is attractive and can make the difference between liking a post and deleting it.

Using the desktop version of Facebook is a great idea if you want to use your phone to access the site from a different location. Facebook uses location settings to identify your location, but it's up to you to accept or deny. Alternatively, you can simply click on the desktop version of the site to see all your Facebook friends' profiles and messages. If you'd rather use the desktop version of Facebook, you can also open the app on your mobile device.

The Facebook Touch app was designed by a third-party company called H5 for touchscreen devices. It is designed to be faster and use less data. It also offers better graphics and display. Although it's not an official app, it's worth downloading to solve some accessibility problems. It's free, though, so it might not be for you if you're using a mobile device without an app store.

Unlike the mobile app, FB Touch has been around for several years. Despite the limited screen size and other issues, the streamlined version of the website functions perfectly on touch-screen devices. And unlike the Facebook app, FB Touch doesn't rely on an operating system like Android or iOS. The best thing about Facebook Touch is that it isn't locked to any particular OS.

It consumes less battery

While modern smartphones can last for days, some users will still want to use Facebook on a smaller battery. The Facebook Touch browser is a great choice for these users as it uses less battery power. The web browser loads only the content needed for users to use Facebook. Unlike apps, mobile web pages can eat up your battery and slow down your phone. Facebook touch takes advantage of this fact to make it a better choice for users who want to take full advantage of their phones.

Although the Facebook application can consume a lot of battery power, using Facebook Touch is much easier on the battery. The Facebook website loads media faster than the mobile application, so it is easier to read content. The video, picture, and music on the Facebook Touch are better quality copies than what the mobile website offers. As a result, Facebook touch will consume less battery. Nevertheless, users will still experience a slower Internet connection while using the website.

Facebook Touch works well on old phones and low-end CPUs. It's great for users in areas where 3G is unavailable or where the Internet connection is slow. It doesn't require a download, and is compatible with older models. This also saves a lot of time for users. Overall, the Facebook Touch is an excellent low-bandwidth option. So, if you're a Facebook user and have a slow internet connection, Facebook Touch is a good choice.

The Facebook Touch is a browser-based application that works on touchscreen devices. It requires sufficient RAM and processing power to handle the resource demands of Facebook. It is also important to note that unlike iOS or Android, Facebook Touch is not tied to a particular operating system. Moreover, users of Windows touchscreen laptops should also choose Facebook Touch if they want to use Facebook. Aside from consuming less battery, Facebook Touch also uses less data.

It consumes less storage space

Facebook Touch uses fewer resources and less storage space than the normal Facebook app. The mobile version requires a web browser, and the website uses the same TLS 1.3 encryption. Because it is a web browser, it uses less space and battery than the regular Facebook app. Users of Facebook touch should try to use a lightweight browser when accessing the website, since it consumes less memory and storage than the regular version.

Having a slower Internet connection? Facebook Touch will load faster. Media is optimized for touchscreens, which means your videos and images will be less pixelated. Facebook Touch does not improve the quality of media. The mobile application will still use less storage space, but you'll notice a decrease in the amount of space that your media takes up. You can also expect your media to load more quickly. But you should keep in mind that the Facebook Touch won't improve the quality of the media that you load on your phone.

As a result, Facebook touch is safer than the original Facebook app. Touch consumes less memory and RAM, and requires less Internet bandwidth. It is also safer because it requires a web browser, which is safer than the native Facebook app. Unlike other Facebook applications, Facebook touch can be updated without damaging your device. A third-party web browser is required to use the Facebook touch application. While it is not an official Facebook app, it is a decent alternative for people who don't own a Facebook-compatible device.

Despite the smaller storage space and RAM usage, Facebook touch has improved its interface. The desktop version does not require a messenger app. It also displays content on the whole screen, rather than filling half of the screen with features. This means less data and battery usage, and it runs faster even on a slow connection. The heavy programming of Facebook makes it a powerful app, but it also has lessons on battery consumption and speed.

It is more convenient for people with slow internet connection

If you have a slow Internet connection, Facebook Touch is a better option. The H5 program that Facebook uses to render media is faster, so it loads quicker. This program is also optimized for touchscreen devices. The result is a smoother experience for users. Although this type of service can't improve media quality, it can help people with a slow Internet connection use it more effectively. This article will explain why Facebook Touch is better for people with slow Internet connections.

Another reason that Facebook Touch is more convenient for people with a slow internet connection is its sleek, streamlined design. This is one of the most modern Facebook applications available, and is optimized for those with poor internet connections. Users simply submit their user name and password to log into Facebook on the Facebook Touch. Logging out, however, takes a bit more work. If your internet connection is particularly slow, you might want to opt for the desktop version of Facebook, which uses the most bandwidth.

Another benefit of Facebook touch is its reduced data usage. Users with slower internet connections can use it to stay in touch with friends and family. It's also perfect for people without mobile devices. People with slow internet connection can benefit from the improved interface and less data usage. You don't have to download any apps to browse Facebook on a slower connection. This application is available on GPRS, which makes it more convenient for those with slow internet connections.

While Facebook was designed for desktop computers, Facebook Touch is more convenient for mobile devices. It's easier to navigate and features better graphics. It also features high-quality audio and visuals. Because of its lightweight nature, Facebook touch is ideal for people with slow internet connections. However, Facebook Touch can run on any platform, including Android, iOS, and Windows. If you don't want to download the application from an app store, you can also download Facebook Touch directly from Facebook.

It is a good alternative to the traditional Facebook app

Although it has many similarities to the traditional Facebook app, the Facebook touch is not the same. The app was developed by a developer called Lighthouse and is not available in the Google Play Store. To download this app, you must download it via APK file. Before installing the app, you must enable the installation of applications from unknown sources. However, the main difference between the Facebook touch and the traditional Facebook app is the ease with which users can navigate and the amount of data they use.

Using Facebook touch on a smart phone is easy. The Facebook touch gives you easy access to various features, such as lists and groups. It presents a more sophisticated and smooth interface that makes users addicted to the site. For instance, the app displays all the groups a user is a member of. You can also view the list of liked profiles. You can even browse the website from your phone.

Another big advantage of using Facebook touch is its lower energy consumption. Compared to the traditional Facebook app, it uses less energy and requires a smaller amount of storage space. If your network connection is slow, you will have less data to worry about. Facebook Touch will also work without an internet connection. It also doesn't take up a lot of memory. With Facebook Touch, you can enjoy the experience on a slow connection.

While the Facebook touch has a more modern look and feel, it has the same functionality as the standard app. You can create a new page or post an ad from within the app, change privacy settings, and check terms and policies. Compared to the traditional Facebook app, this app is better for touch-based smartphones. But don't let the new features fool you. It is important to know your Facebook account in order to make the most of it.

Facebaby - The Truth About Babyfaces


It is widely believed that people with babyfaces are more trustworthy, charismatic and likeable than those with more realistic faces. This may be due to the fact that people with babyfaces are more likely to commit crimes than those who look the part. Nonetheless, this may not be entirely accurate. Those who are born with a babyface are actually twice as likely to commit crimes than those who look the part. Despite this, the perception of 'babyfaces' remains a problem.

Facebaby pixelar

If you are looking for a new mobile app that lets you edit and filter your photos, you should consider downloading Facebaby pixelar. This fun app is perfect for sharing happy moments with your friends and family while protecting your privacy. Facebaby pixelar allows you to choose photos from your gallery and apply a pixel size. Once you've applied the pixel size, you can preview your pixelated pictures. Facebaby pixelar was updated on the Android Play Store about 11 months ago.

To download Facebaby pixelar, open your emulator application and search for "Facebaby - pixelar". When you type in Facebaby, you'll be directed to an app store window. After you click "install," the application will install. When the download is complete, the icon will appear on your screen. Once installed, simply press the icon on the screen to start playing the game. This app will take a couple of minutes to download.

Once the app is installed, you can browse the app store's curated catalogue and start playing the game. If the Facebaby pixelar app is not available on the Windows Store, you can download it from an APK and install it through an emulator. The best part is that it's free! Just make sure to install the Windows Subsystem for Android first before trying Facebaby pixelar on Windows. This way, you'll have an emulator running on your phone so that you can play the game without any problems.

If you're wondering how to install Facebaby pixelar on your device, the first step is to download the app to your computer. Alternatively, you can use an Android emulator to download the APK and install it on your computer. Once you have done this, you'll need to enable the application in your device's "Downloads" section. Just make sure that you grant permission to the application to install.

Ice Face Baby!

This brand promises the coolest skincare ever with its ice face baby. A little ice on your face can be beneficial for your skin, and it can brighten up your complexion as well. But how does this product work? This is more than a ball of ice - it uses superfood ingredients to give you the glow you've always wanted. With just a couple of minutes a day, you can reduce the appearance of tiredness and increase blood flow to your skin.

Collagen Blend

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and is essential for the healthy appearance of skin, hair, nails, tendon, ligaments, cartilage, and bones. Collagen blends are highly digestible and can be used to make healthy snacks and drinks. Facebaby collagen blend is vegan-friendly and contains grass-fed bovine collagen and marine collagen derived from sea fish. The powder is made of natural ingredients and is free from sugar and preservatives.

It contains more than six grams of protein per serving, 14 essential amino acids, and digestive enzymes. Each serving contains approximately 7,000 mg of type I and III bovine collagen. The collagen powder is sourced from the skin of wild-caught cod in the North Atlantic. The fish is harvested using heat and no harsh chemicals, and the collagen is unflavored. This preserves the benefits of the protein. It can be added to oatmeal or milk for a delicious breakfast or snack.

'Average' male

Researchers have found a surprising result about the 'Average' male face: men with a baby face are better educated, assertive and more likely to win military medals. In contrast, men with a mature face are more likely to commit crimes. Baby-faced boys are also more likely to quarrel and be academic high flyers. Zebrowitz calls this effect a'self-defeating prophecy'.

BuytheBest FAQs - How to Use Voxya to Find Answers to FAQs About BuytheBest


If you are having problems with buythebest, you can use the Voxya website to file a complaint. You can also find FAQs about shipping, returns, and more. In addition, you can use Voxya to make sure that your complaint reaches the appropriate authorities. Then, you can use their customer support to resolve your problem. You can also find the answer to your questions about return policies. We'll cover these important topics in this article.

Returning an item

In most cases, you will be able to return an item from buythebest.com if you are not completely satisfied with it. You should know the reasons for your return, whether it's because you purchased the wrong item, no longer need it, or it simply doesn't work. If you purchased the item from a third-party seller, you will need to contact that seller directly to request a refund.

You can return an item to buythebest.com within 20 days of receiving it. If you wish to return the item, you should complete the return process through the Customer Care area of the Website. Make sure to return the product in the same condition as it was when you received it. It must be in its original packaging and be accompanied by the original identification tag. Once you have completed this process, you will be able to receive a refund within a few weeks.

Is E Bai a Sister Language of Chinese?

e bai

If you've ever wondered about the origins of the language e bai, you're not alone. The language is the sister language of Chinese and is a distinct family within the Sino-Tibetan languages. But did you know that e bai is spoken by more than 50 million people? You might be surprised to learn that there are actually two groups of e bai speakers: one in the China and one in Tibet. In this article, we'll take a closer look at both groups and determine whether E bai is a separate language from Chinese.

e bai is ONE in Chinese

The pronunciation of E Bai is ONE in Chinese. The word is pronounced E-Bai-oh. Bai people have a rich literary heritage. Many works of poetry and prose encapsulate their unique life and struggle against nature. Some Bai poems are included in the Complete Poems of the Tang Dynasty. Historical works by Bai historians include the History of the Bais, Anecdotes of Nanzhao, and Kingdoms of Southwest China. These works contain essential historical data on the history of Erhai and the surrounding area.

e bai is a sister language of Chinese

Bai, or Ebai, is a closely related sister language of Chinese. The Bai language has been commonly considered a Tibeto-Burman language heavily influenced by Chinese. Recent studies, however, have revealed that Bai is a sister language to Han Chinese. Both languages have a large number of Sino-Bai cognates and a similar syntactic structure. The Chinese language is widely spoken in Mongolia and China.

e bai is a separate group within the Sino-Tibetan family

The classification of the Bai language has long been a topic of controversy, with competing views claiming that Bai is a sister language of Chinese and a separate branch within the Yi-Burma family, or Yi-Sino-Tibetan family. While Bai is a highly assimilated language, 70% of its vocabulary is traceable to Chinese words of middle-ancient origin. A competing view maintains that Bai is a sister language of Chinese and should be placed in the Yi-Burma branch. Other scholars have argued that Bai is closer to the Yi-Burma branch than to the Chinese family, and there is also growing typological evidence to support this claim.

A common feature of Bai language usage is the use of the thematic system. It is characterized by a hierarchy of strictly endogamous classes, including serfs and slaves. However, most Bais were free farmers who paid taxes for the use of their land and sometimes served in the military or corv ee. This type of social hierarchy often led to unequal binary relationships among communities. In a conversation between two adult males of the Bai nationality, the highest degree of intimacy is the vocative a31 fv55tchia42 ("my best friend").

The Bai language has numerous typological facets and is used in southwest China. In most cases, the Theme is a pronominal phrase or a nominal phrase. A clause may begin with an Object as a topical Theme, which indicates that it is a complex meaning. However, there is little tolerance for multiple Themes in the Bai language. Moreover, Bai language has very low multipletonity, indicating that it is a richer type of meaning construction.

Tubeyou - The Pioneering Spirit


Success in all meanings is at the heart of Tubeyou's deepest desires. Fame, power, and material comforts are also among her desires. She hopes to become famous for something unusual or impressive. Her creative mind and great problem-solving abilities make her an excellent candidate for fame. She is also intuitive and sensitive, which make her an easy target for predatory individuals. She also enjoys good taste and good looks. Despite this, she should be cautious when it comes to fame.

Pioneering spirit

The pioneering spirit was the name chosen for the heavy lift vessel that installed the fifth platform in the Johan Sverdrup field in the North Sea. The vessel, owned by Allseas, is the largest of its kind in the world. It was the first heavy lift vessel to be used on the field. Last year, the company delivered the second processing platform for the project, and this was the largest ever delivered to this field. The Pioneering Spirit lifted the barge and brought the platform to the field's Utsira Height, 160 kilometres west of Stavanger.

The Pioneering Spirit has an impressive range of capabilities. Its jacket lift system eliminates the need for support barges, which reduces time in the field and emissions. The vessel is equipped with a single-lift system, which removes entire topsides and substations from the oilfield, allowing the work to be moved closer to shore, where it is safer, more efficient and poses fewer risks to the environment.

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