Discover- CNBC's Secret Lives of the Super Rich (2022)

Discover- CNBC's Secret Lives of the Super Rich (2022)


CNBC's Secret Lives of the Super Rich

cnbc super rich episodes

The upcoming season of Secret Lives of the Super Rich is sure to be worth your time. The show will open the doors to the world's most luxurious mansions, giving viewers the chance to see these properties and experience life in the super-rich's shoes. This series will feature the largest home in America, a $150 million megamansion, and exclusive properties in the richest town in the United States.

Robert Frank

If you are a fan of wealth and luxury, you'll want to catch a new series on CNBC, "Secret Lives of the Super Rich." This series features eight new half-hour episodes, with two back-to-back episodes airing each Wednesday. You can expect to see stories about the lives of the ultra-rich, as well as extravagant purchases and luxuries. But what makes this series unique is that it shows its owners in a more honest light.

Each episode includes a visit to a Bernie Madoff penthouse, a trip to the most exclusive club in Aspen, a bidding war for a million-dollar horse, and a look at mega-homes. Moreover, the show follows a treasure hunt for a super-rich diver and includes a robotic vault filled with Ferraris, art, and other priceless items. Other episodes feature a $30 million super jet and Rihanna's Los Angeles mansion.

Season 6 premieres on January 19th

In Super Rich Season 6, America's Most Expensive Mansion and Floating VIP Suite will premiere. This episode includes a two-story luxury mega-mansion with a bowling alley, a million-dollar horse collection, a $250K armored truck fit for action movies and a million-dollar personal collection. The show also features a billionaire's ocean lair, the world's most expensive diamond and Rihanna's $30 million superjet.

In addition to the season six premiere of the Super Rich, there are several other new shows set to air on the same date. The righteous gemstones season 2 premieres on January 9th, while Euphoria season 3 will debut on January 19th at 9:00PM ET. Another new show starring John Cena, Peacemaker, is due to premiere on January 19th. This new show explores the pathology of superheroes, a theme that will be familiar to fans of the hit series.

Fans will be able to follow the cast of the popular reality show on Twitter. Koppelman's Twitter account states that he is "more than halfway through filming Season 6!"

Season 8 premieres on January 22nd

The eighth season of The Super Rich is almost here! The latest episodes are sure to give you a sneak peek at how the super rich live their lives. Each episode will feature outrageously expensive items and activities, such as spending a day at Aspen's most exclusive club or boarding a super ship that's loaded with mega-yachts. This season will also reveal what goes on in the homes of some of the most famous names in the business.

For more details, visit the official website of the show. The show is produced by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, who also serves as executive producers. In addition to the cast, a group of talented producers are involved in the project. Bradley Buecker directs the season premiere, while Angelina Bassett and Rob Lowe are also involved. Watch the trailer and learn more about the cast and the show ahead of time!

Dan Bilzerian is a millionaire

As a member of the show's cast, Dan Bilzerian has achieved the status of a millionaire. The American-born actor is also a venture capitalist, a gambler, and one of the richest people in Hollywood. He is known for his roles in movies such as Lone Survivor (2013) and Higgins in Extraction (2015). His social media popularity has soared to the point that he is one of the most followed people on social media.

Growing up, Dan Bilzerian was raised by a family of millionaires, including his father, who was convicted of multiple crimes, including stock parking and a dozen securities violations. He had a wealthy, but troubled upbringing, and was expelled from school for carrying a machine gun in school. He ended up finishing his senior year in his parent's home, and did not graduate from high school with his fellow classmates.

Dan Bilzerian owns #1 Lamborghini dealer in the country

Dan Bilzerian owns a variety of Lamborghini cars, including the Aventador, which is the fastest production SUV on the planet and starts at $393,695 USD. A Rolls-Royce Phantom is another model that Dan owns. The phantom comes with a powerful 6.75-liter twin-turbocharged V-12 engine and a starting price of $450,000 USD. Custom colours and features can push the price even higher.

Dan Bilzerian's collection also includes a 1965 Shelby Cobra. This is one of the oldest cars in his collection, and it is worth up to a million dollars in today's market. Despite its age, the Cobra has an incredible history. It was once a race car and won many races. It is the ultimate off-road vehicle. Dan Bilzerian also owns a Rolls-Royce, and a V12 supercar that produces 700 horsepower.

Dan Bilzerian lives in upside-down birch forest

One of the most fascinating properties for real estate has just come up for sale: the childhood home of famous poker player Dan Bilzerian. The former pro-poker player's parents, Paul and Terri Bilzerian, are the owners. Paul, a former Wall Street banker, earned between $50 million and $80 million in the late '80s, which would be more than $115 million today. In 1991, Paul and Terri Bilzerian bought a lakefront property in Florida and commissioned a dream mansion for their son. The property has been listed for $5 million, which is the equivalent of $115-180 million in today's money.

Daniel Bilzerian is a controversial figure, having thrown a woman off a roof during a photo shoot and kicking a woman in a night club. He has also been accused of using explosives illegally, including a PSA for the use of fireworks. His scandalous past has also led to many imitators, including men in other countries who are trying to emulate his fame on social media.

Dan Bilzerian owns iconic trophy property 935 Hillsboro Mile

Real estate mogul Dan Bilzerian is back in the spotlight thanks to his new home on the market. This iconic trophy property is part of the legendary Bilzerian Mansion. The 28,000-square-foot waterfront home was previously known as the "Bilzerian Mansion." It was listed for almost $18 million and is currently for sale with Compass agents Jon Fincher and Eric Dungy.

The 5-foot nine and a half inch man is a social media darling. He reportedly has a bone-deep tan and a laser-treated chest. He typically wears a dark T-shirt, cargo pants, and boots, but he has an even bigger following on Twitter. His newest acquisition is a six-wheeled Mercedes-Benz that he acquired for $625,000.

Robert Frank hosts cnbc super rich episodes

The show features the extravagant lifestyles of the rich. Robert Frank, an award-winning journalist and wealth reporter at CNBC, hosts the show. His personal wealth story, titled Richistan, is a bestseller, and he introduces the series' subjects with a subtle, appreciative touch. He also reveals the secrets of how the rich shop. Watch this series to get an inside look at the lives of the super rich.

The 'Secret Lives of the Super Rich' series is a favorite among CNBC viewers. Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager sit down with Robert Frank, the leading authority on America's rich. They learn about the high-class lifestyles and extravagant homes of these wealthy Americans. A glimpse into their lives will make you feel jealous of their extravagant lifestyles! From a 3,000-square-foot closet in Texas to the largest home in Greenwich, Connecticut, this series is sure to thrill your senses!

The episode includes the penthouse of Bernie Madoff, a collection of X-rated pocket watches, a bidding war over a million-dollar horse, and the most expensive car on the planet. A visit to a super ship adorned with mega yachts is also featured on the episode. An episode also explores a treasure hunt by a super-rich diver. Besides cars and expensive art, the show also features rare dinosaur bones, a robotic vault full of Ferraris, a $30 million superjet, and a luxury beach in Palm Springs, California.

CNBC's Secret Lives of the Super Rich

cnbc secret lives of the super rich

The new series CNBC's Secret Lives of the Super Rich is set to premiere on September 25. This eight-part series will consist of back-to-back episodes on Wednesdays. Each episode will last approximately 30 minutes. Each of the eight episodes will include exclusive interviews with the people who own the mansions. You'll be surprised by the amount of money these wealthy individuals spend on their lavish homes.

Robert Frank hosts cnbc's secret lives of the super rich

Robert Frank is a leading authority on the American rich and his new show, "Secret Lives of the Super Rich" premieres tonight on CNBC. The show features a celebrity party planner, Colin Cowie, who regularly receives outrageous requests from clients. The show also features luxury condos in Beverly Hills and bomb-proof underground mansions. Here are a few facts about Robert Frank and the show:

Robert Frank is married to Rebecca Hope Patterson, the Chief Investment Officer of Bessemer Trust. He has two daughters and two step-sisters. Frank has an estimated net worth of $1 million. The series has garnered much attention due to the show's exclusive content and the celebrity guests. Despite the show's controversial nature, many viewers have expressed their desire to see more celebrity couples on TV.

Despite the show's controversial content, Robert Frank is known for his unorthodox approach to reporting on the ultra-rich. He is a best-selling author and journalist, and has previously worked for The Wall Street Journal. He holds an American citizenship and was born in Stone Ridge, New York. He is of White ethnicity. If you're curious about the super rich and their lifestyles, you can check out the first season of "Secret Lives of the Super Rich."

The latest episode of "Secret Lives of the Super Rich" features a huge mansion painted with 18k gold. A trip to Aspen's most exclusive club is also featured. In addition, a look at the most expensive watch money can buy is sure to impress. So, make sure to check out "Secret Lives of the Super Rich" on CBS!

Show premieres on September 25

The show will feature some of the world's most extravagant homes, as well as the hottest cars and most expensive hobbies. This new series will give viewers an inside look at some of the world's wealthiest families. Episodes will cover a variety of topics, including a million-dollar horse auction, a secret Ferrari club, and the penthouse suites of mega-mansions.

The show will feature celebrity guests like Robert Frank, a journalist who has written books about the ultra-rich, and Dolly Lenz, a super-rich NYC broker. The series will also show the inside of the most extravagant weddings and mansions, complete with over-the-top celebrations. It will also feature a wedding that will send your jaw dropping. You'll be amazed at the amount of money these individuals can spend on a wedding.

If you're a fan of TV shows featuring the super rich, you should tune in on September 25. The show will feature eight new half-hour episodes. The season will also feature celebrity party planner Colin Cowie. And of course, don't forget to watch the first episode! The series is available on the internet, and you can even watch it on television for free. Just remember to check out the CNBC website before the show airs to make sure you're in the loop on all the latest developments in the world of reality TV.

The show will feature an inside look at the lives of the super-rich, as told by CNBC wealth editor Robert Frank. It will feature the ultra-rich's most extravagant homes, including one that's only 14 miles away from Disney World. The billionaire owner of the show, David Siegel, started as a TV repairman before becoming one of the richest people in the world. And the man's wife, Jackie Siegel, was the subject of a 2012 documentary Queen of Versailles.

Episodes last 30 minutes

The new season of SECRET LIVES OF THE SUPER RICH premiered on January 19th at 10pm ET/PT on CNBC. In the season opener, viewers get an exclusive tour of America's most expensive home, a megamansion built for a horse, and a super-rich dog's hideout. The episodes are set in a fictional city, but we can still guess who the residents are!

The first episode follows a spoiled Hollywood bachelor and his real estate agent, Mauricio Umansky, through his $30M party pad and super-luxury tank. Meanwhile, a real estate developer has a $14 million jet and a $10K martini. And the billionaire Koch brothers spend a fortune on old baseballs. They've also got a $300K luxury tank.

Each episode highlights the life of the super rich. Episodes show the most extravagant properties in various parts of the world. The rich own multi-million dollar mansions and expensive art, as well as exotic cars and a dazzling arsenal of exotic weapons. Another episode features a millionaire's trip to Mongolia to search for treasure, a robotic vault filled with Ferraris and expensive art, and a $30 million superjet.

Cost of mansions

In the latest season of CNBC's "Secret Lives of the Super Rich," a team of luxury real estate agents takes a closer look at the homes of America's super-rich. Hosted by Ray Parisi, the series reveals the secret life of billionaire Justin Bieber, which includes an exclusive first look at his ocean lair and his extravagant collection of luxury cars. Senada Adzem, an MBA-certified real estate developer, has sold properties in excess of $500 million. The team consistently delivers profit gains in the U.S. real estate market.

"Secret Lives of the Super Rich" is a popular television series that opens the doors to the world's most exclusive mansions. CNBC shows viewers the most expensive houses in the world. The show regularly features mansions, luxury cars, expensive jewelry, and even an underground luxury condo. A recent episode showcased an exclusive megamansion built for a super-rich couple.

Among the many extravagant properties featured on the show, a mega-mansion painted in 18k gold is one of the most expensive. A $65 million California mansion is home to the largest closet in the United States and a Travolta temple. The most expensive watch in the world is a $2.6 million piece. A million dollar Rolls-Royce is another highlight of this luxurious listing.

Cost of luxury cars

As we all know, the cost of a luxury car is extremely expensive. The average Bugatti Veyron costs $3.2 million in California. A typical owner will spend about $150,000 annually on maintenance. The Bugatti Veyron will require at least one tune-up a year, as well as 2,500 miles of tires. This will add up to a staggering $411 per day in car maintenance, not to mention taxes, fuel, and leasing fees.

Many luxury car owners are also known to look for best-in-class vehicles, such as Bentley, BMW, Rolls-Royce, and Audi. As the cost of a luxury car can easily reach $250,000, it's difficult to find a model under $200,000. The secret lives of the super rich is a must-see for anyone interested in gaining local fame. Whether you're an aspiring billionaire or just a discerning buyer, the cost of luxury cars can be intimidating.

Luxury car brands need to maintain their brand reputations and quality to remain on top. Luxury car buyers pay close attention to how other customers react to a vehicle, and may avoid vehicles from companies that don't match their values. Some people gravitate toward luxury brands as a form of self-esteem, as it often overlaps with a status symbol and boosts self-esteem. Additionally, compensatory consumption can be a reaction to negative life events or psychological threats.

Cost of multi-million dollar theater

A soaring demand for movie-watching has made it possible to buy a multi-million dollar theater. This luxury is often reserved for Hollywood movie stars, but rich families are also looking to buy their own movie theater. Jeremy Kipnis of Connecticut's Kipnis studios built his theater for $6 million. That price tag includes the cost of building a theater room, a projection system, a screen, and content delivery technology, all of which cost millions of dollars. Even though theaters are still a great way to see movies, online services deliver movies before they are available in public theaters, which means that rich families are not necessarily looking to wait in line.

CNBC Wealth Advisors

cnbc wealth

April is Financial Literacy Month, and CNBC is no different. The network has an excellent resource for financial literacy with advice from experts, including Stephanie Link, chief investment strategist and portfolio manager of Hightower, a retirement planning firm. She was fortunate enough to receive financial advice from her parents when she was a teenager and has never looked back. After graduating from college, she acted on it, investing in the stock market and developing a financial strategy.

The world of the ultra-wealthy

Billionaire Wilderness provides an unprecedented look at the lives of the ultra-rich, revealing how they use nature to solve their problems. In this groundbreaking book, writer Justin Farrell immerses himself in Teton County, Wyoming, the richest county in the nation, with the highest income inequality. He investigates the intertwining questions about money, power, and nature through interviews with ordinary millionaires and original quantitative data.

According to the report, the number of ultra-wealthy is growing. According to Wealth-X, there are now 81,340 UHNW individuals in the U.S., accounting for 31% of the ultra-rich population worldwide. In contrast, the next five countries combined are home to only 5% of the world's ultra-wealthy population. Monaco is home to the highest density of ultra-wealthy individuals per capita, with five ultra-rich per 1,000 people. Meanwhile, Russia grew at 11.2%, and the number of ultra-wealthy was still small by global standards.

Today's wealthy are becoming increasingly diversified, ranging from oil and gold mines to real estate and high-end fashion brands. While inheritance continues to play a large role in their lives, more women than ever are self-made business owners and CEOs. According to the Credit Suisse Global Wealth Report, there will be 215,030 ultra-wealthy adults around the world at the end of 2020. This represents the fastest increase since 2003.

In the past, ultra-wealthy people were a small group. However, this group has grown into a billionaire class. Between 2016 and 2017, the number of ultra-wealthy people rose by 13 percent, and their combined wealth rose by 16 percent. Today, the United States has the largest population of ultra-wealthy individuals in the world, with 90,440 people.


The millennial generation has been making progress towards catching up with previous generations, but the recent pandemic has made it harder. The combination of rising costs, sluggish wage growth and higher tuition has made wealth accumulation more difficult. Despite this, older millennials were making progress toward catching up before the pandemic, probably helped by a long bull market and low unemployment rates. And, according to a recent Harris Poll study, 59% of those born between 1981 and 1988 are now homeowners.

The top 1% now own a record 32.3% of the country's wealth, according to CNBC wealth trends. Meanwhile, the bottom 90% of Americans only own thirty-five percent of it. Moreover, the 1% own 57% of all private companies, and the value of these companies rose by 36 percent last year - reaching $2.2 trillion. Meanwhile, the top 1% are also enjoying the benefits of the rising real estate values. As a result, their real estate holdings increased by a record $1 trillion during the pandemic. By the end of 2016, top-ranked Americans owned $5.27 trillion in real estate, which reflects a growing share of the American economy.

The wealth gap between the top 1% and the bottom ten percent has continued to grow, says Ivory Johnson, CEO of Delancey Wealth Management and a member of the CNBC Advisory Council. However, this inequality has been widening for decades. Johnson blames the Federal Reserve for a part of it, as it propped up stock prices for years. Further, CNBC wealth trends have shown that younger households are more likely to consolidate their banking and investment accounts, with 53% of those under 45 years of age converting from traditional financial advisors to self-directed accounts. Moreover, thirty percent of those with $5 million to $10 million of investable assets preferred to consolidate their accounts.

Survey results

The results of a recent CNBC wealth survey show that American millionaires are concerned about inflation. While the economy is growing, fewer than a third say that the rate hikes are enough to prevent a recession. Meanwhile, 59% of millionaires are confident that the Fed can control inflation. And even if the economy is growing, the survey results indicate that only a few millionaires will make changes in their investment portfolios.

The CNBC wealth survey includes questions from 900 investors and 500 business owners. The results show that most investors expect their investments to grow by 2022, but they are cautious about future market conditions. Almost half of them expect their wealth to increase next year while the other half expect it to stay the same. While the survey results are unsettling for the stock market, they do offer a few positive signs. The average investor owns 85% of stocks, with just 9% predicting a drop.

According to the survey, millennial millionaires are more likely than their older counterparts to make changes to their estate plans. For instance, they are more likely to sell real estate and make large gifts and donations to charitable organizations. About a quarter plan to sell other assets to pay taxes. While baby boomers are most likely to consider inflation a risk, millennials are less concerned with it. Their biggest concerns include higher taxes and the U.S. stock market.

While the median net worth of all American adults is $329,000, only 6% consider themselves millionaires. This is a shocking statistic, especially for a country as rich as the United States. But if we are worried about rising prices, it's important to remember that the top 1% of Americans own an average of 32.3% of the nation's wealth. Even more disturbing, a third of Americans of lower incomes say they are more financially stressed than they were a year ago.

Fiona Smith

When you are talking about investing your money, you will often hear about Fiona Smith, CNBC's wealth manager. She has a background in investment management and has worked in a variety of roles. She began her career as a fundamental analyst at Unigestion, covering traditional asset classes. She then transitioned to equity management, where she pioneered a new approach to managing equities. Ultimately, she became CEO of the firm in 2011.

While there are many sources of wealth information, none of them have quite as much information and nuanced analysis as Fiona Smith. In her book, "Retire Rich and Retire Free", Fiona Smith shares lessons learned from tens of thousands of hours of reading and real-world experience. She hopes to impart that knowledge on readers of her Journey to Freedom podcast. She welcomes your feedback and questions.

CNBC Rich - Investing in Your Future

cnbc rich

"Untold Wealth: The Rise of the Super Rich" is a one-hour documentary report by award-winning correspondent David Faber. See how rich people became rich, and how they became so rich. Learn how you can become rich and stay that way. It's time to start investing in your future! Here are some tips to get you started:


If you're a fan of reality television and are interested in the lives of the rich, you'll want to check out the new series, Secret Lives of the Super Rich. It's a reality show about the rich that will expose the truths behind their lives and the secrets of the super-rich. The new series will feature 10 new episodes, each lasting thirty minutes. This new season will debut on Thursday, January 19 at 10 p.m. ET.


The E-Trade group surveyed wealthy investors last October and found that 72% believe that inflation is a transitory phenomenon. This is up from 9% last quarter, and reflects a trend that's continued throughout the year. But the broader concerns about inflation remain. Inflation is not going away anytime soon and many of the investors remain concerned about its stickiness. This means that they're more cautious than they were last year.

Although the S&P 500 has historically returned 10% to 11% annually, there's no guarantee it will do the same. But Tiger 21 investors have a higher chance of doing so on the basis of a belief that new technology will transform the economy. The fear of inflation is another common reason for investing in Tiger 21. Both are valid concerns. If you're concerned about inflation, investing in Tiger 21 isn't the best choice.

A recent study from the Spectrem Group shows that the average investor is willing to change their investments if the markets go down. Among those who have $1 million in assets, 37% said they'd switch to another sector if the markets fall. And 30% said they'd shift their portfolios, from stocks to commodities and oil, in the event of a market drop. These results are based on data taken between April 5 and April 18 - before the recent market drops. Cash equivalents, on the other hand, decreased to 19% of investable assets.


A new report published in ProPublica has suggested that the wealthy may be able to pay more in taxes. The report focuses on a new surtax on billionaires, but doesn't reveal where the data came from or who sourced the information. CNBC hasn't independently verified the report, and neither has the organization. Nonetheless, it is likely that higher taxes will be a major topic in the coming months.

Warren's wealth tax plan is supported by the upper tier of millionaires. According to the poll, 88% of Democrats support a wealth tax, as do 62% of independents and 36% of Republicans. She says the plan would raise $275 billion a year and would apply to approximately 75,000 families. It's unclear whether this measure will be passed, but the polling shows that it is popular. Moreover, it does not appear to be very popular among the lower and middle class.

Senate Democrats are now considering a tax on the richest Americans. The plan focuses on non-tradeable properties and would require billionaires to pay taxes on the increased value of their assets. While this tax would not affect those who own homes that are worth over a billion dollars, it would still affect the top 0.01% of earners in the country. This plan would reduce the deficit by $360 billion over ten years.


According to the latest findings of a new study by CNBC Rich, more millennials are working toward financial success than any other generation. In fact, the average age of first job after college was 14, while boomers and Gen Xers began working at around sixteen and began investing in stocks at around twenty. Despite these setbacks, older millennials are still making progress toward their wealth benchmarks. Low unemployment and a long-running bull market helped the generation make progress in the past few years. A new Harris Poll survey indicates that 59% of millennials are home owners.

The study also included the newest generation, known as Gen Z. The Gen Z generation, which was born between 1996 and 2016, is being considered the most disruptive generation in history. Millennials are not likely to remember the events of 9/11 or Covid, according to the study. But they will remember the importance of environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) issues. This report was released after Umunna lost his seat in the U.K. general election.

This generation, which comprises the 26 to forty-year-olds, are facing a lot of economic and macroeconomic challenges. Despite this, they are more optimistic than any other generation and millennials are likely to become millionaires someday. They have the educational and work experience needed to make their dreams a reality. But a recent report from Brookings found that millennials have lower incomes than previous generations, making it hard to earn a decent living.

The Celebrities Who Host CNBC's "Super Rich"

The bestselling author of Richistan and award-winning journalist Robert Frank is the host of CNBC's "Super Rich". The show is presented in an appreciative and individualistic style. You'll meet some of the most wealthy people in America, including Rebecca Patterson, Robert Frank, and Justin Zayat. Watch these celebrities and their lavish properties. You'll be inspired to become a millionaire yourself.

Robert Frank

As of 2021, Robert Frank will be 53 years old. The renowned photographer is born in 1968, but he does not disclose his exact age. As of the date of publication, he stands at an estimated height of 5 feet 7 inches and weighs around 72 kilograms. Frank has been married to his wife, Rebecca Hope Patterson, since 2001. The couple is still keeping their personal life private. They have two daughters.

Despite his humble beginnings, Robert Frank is one of America's leading authorities on wealth. Previously, he spent 18 years with The Wall Street Journal, reporting on corporate scandals and the Wall Street landscape. For eight of those years, he was the publication's wealth reporter and chronicled the lifestyle of the newly wealthy. Now, he's a leading figure in the world of American wealth, serving as the host of CNBC's "Secret Lives of the Super Rich" show.

According to the show's website, Robert Frank is one of the world's leading authorities on the American wealthy. He recently sat down with Christopher Parr, the founder of Pursuisit. 'Secret Lives of the Super Rich' premieres tonight on CNBC. In the first episode, Frank is joined by celebrity party planner Colin Cowie, who receives outrageous requests from wealthy clients. In addition to his massive home, Frank also visits a bombproof underground luxury condo.

Rebecca Patterson

She was the first woman to hold the title of chief investment officer of Bessemer Trust, a multibillion-dollar firm that was founded in 1907 by Carnegie Steel co-founder Henry Phipps Jr. Her clients are among the world's most affluent families, investing an average of $43 million. Patterson enjoys peering around corners and making money for her firm. She has two daughters and lives in New York City.

The chief investment officer at Bessemer Trust oversees over $70 billion in high-net-worth family assets and is also on the company's management committee. Before joining Bessemer Trust, Patterson worked at J.P. Morgan Asset Management as a senior investment banker and eventually became global head of foreign exchange and commodities. She has also worked in Asia, Europe, and the U.S. She also holds a doctorate from the University of Florida.

One of the cnbc super rich show's biggest stories was when Elon Musk decided to sell 10% of his stock after the company had been on the brink of bankruptcy. The show also exposed the ups and downs of fortune 500 companies and the stock market. While Patterson has never been a bodybuilder, she might pump iron in the gym from time to time. The second season of "Secret Lives of the Super Rich" will end on Feb. 17.

Justin Zayat

Watch CNBC's upcoming special, "Secret Lives of the Super Rich: The Triple Crown," to see how a young father and son make a fortune by owning a $20 million collar champion horse. In this special, we meet Justin Zayat, a 23-year-old who works with his father to help the horse win the Kentucky Derby. In addition, we'll get to know the rest of the Zayat family, including the son of a famous sports team owner.

In addition to his role in managing his father's racing stable, Justin manages $60 million worth of Thoroughbreds at his own stable. He considers himself blessed because his father began the business in the early 1970s. However, the CNBC show will focus on his booming business, which includes a race track, in New York City. The show will also feature his stable's run-up to the Breeders' Cup in 2013.

While completing college, Zayat worked as a trainer at his father's Zayat Stables. He consulted with world-renowned trainers, including Bob Baffert, and learned the ropes of the business from his father. In 2015, he was finishing up his final exams at New York University and juggled graduation with American Pharoah's unprecedented run in the Belmont Stakes.

Rebecca Patterson's duplex

The staircase of Rebecca Patterson's duplex at 1021 Park Ave. in Manhattan is as stunning as the rest of her home. She has a private elevator and a woodburning fireplace. Her living room features a large picture window, and her home is furnished with antique furnishings. The building was designed by Rosario Candela in 1929. During the late 1990s, Patterson became one of Wall Street's most quoted figures.

Today, Patterson serves on the Council of Foreign Relations and the New York Federal Reserve Investor Advisory Committee. She also serves on the University of Florida Investment Corporation's Board of Directors. Her background in journalism has also helped her rise to success. Patterson earned a bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of Florida. She has since gone on to become one of the nation's most powerful women in finance.

Robert Frank's home

Robert Frank is a world-famous American journalist who works as a reporter, editor, and host for the television show "Secret Lives of the Super Rich." Known for his investigative reporting, the show has featured lavish mansions, expensive jewelry, and luxury cars. In the show, he visits a $150 million secret mega-mansion and explores a luxury condo built underground. The series also explores the lives of the richest families in America, where one of its stars, Colin Cowie, is rushing to finish a mega-wedding for a super rich groom.

Robert Frank's net worth is not publicly known, but his residence at 1021 Park Ave. in New York City was worth $11.5 million, according to city property records. The show's producers aren't saying how much Frank earned from the home, but his net worth is still an unrecognized mystery. In addition to the astronomical price tag, the show also offers insights into how super rich individuals make their money.

The secret lives of the super rich will be revealed in a new CNBC series, "Secret Lives of the Super Rich." It will feature eight half-hour shows, with two episodes back-to-back each Wednesday. The series will run for four consecutive weeks, starting on September 25th. In addition to the homes of the super-rich, the show also features lavish mansions owned by celebrities, including Tommy Hilfiger, Mel Gibson, and many others.

Robert Frank's travels

CNBC's "Super Rich" shows feature travel adventures of the world's super rich, and this series is no exception. Taking a look at the lifestyle of the super rich gives us a rare inside view of their lives. Founded in 1947, CNBC delivers cutting-edge news and analysis to an educated audience. This series follows Robert Frank as he reports from his $59 million Manhattan penthouse.

As a best-selling author and award-winning journalist, Robert Frank has a unique perspective. He has a following of 1.1 million people and 75 followers, with 1,928 posts. He is a practicing Catholic, and has been named Knight of St. Gregory by Pope Benedict XVI. His biography is full of interesting information, and fans of his work should not miss it.

The series airs on CNBC, and Robert Frank, a prolific photographer and wealth reporter, has been interviewed by Pursuisit founder Christopher Parr. The series premieres tonight on CNBC. The program also features celebrity party planner Colin Cowie, who receives outrageous requests from his clients. Another interesting aspect of the show is how the super-rich build underground luxury condos for their families.

Robert Frank's lifestyle

As a leading authority on the American rich, Robert Frank has an interesting role in the news media. He has been the lifestyle correspondent for the Wall Street Journal - the in-house publication of the American money markets. His job: to report on the extravagant lifestyles of America's New Rich - a group that includes CEOs, millionaires and celebrities - is a fascinating and sometimes surprising subject.

The program was created by the center-left Social Democrat Olaf Scholz and the right-wing liberal politician Richard Schmitt. The new legislation will help tens of millions of people. But is it worth it? Many people are asking whether such a policy is right for their lifestyles. Frank and Schmittenberg have their differences, but they are equally interesting. The former has a more balanced view on wealth.

Despite the fact that Robert Frank's lifestyle is very expensive, he maintains a secretive attitude towards it. His lifestyle is far from lavish, as he maintains a low profile and tries to avoid the media. Despite these difficulties, Frank is still able to make it look glamorous. But if you'd prefer a more modest life, then don't worry.

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