devops resume doc

devops resume doc

Best Devops Resume

It’s taken me a while--and a lot of trial and error--to put together this awesome, super useful "devops resume" that’s going to land you a great job and make your life easier. I’ll show you all the tips and insights that I’ve learned, so you’ll know exactly what to add in a cover letter or cover email.


Making your DevOps resume more diverse. Companies don’t just want to hire skilled engineers - they want to hire people that will fit into their company culture. These additional sections can help show the recruiter what you’re passionate about, and how you’re not just a good skill-fit, but also a culture-fit.

When you're applying for a DevOps role that has a specific technology in the job title, you should make sure you mention that keyword several times throughout your work experience and your skills section. Also, include any certifications you have that are relevant to that skill. So in the case of an AWS DevOps Engineer, a CSA certification will help you stand out amongst all other applicants. (Source: www.beamjobs.com)

DevOps Engineer

8+ years experienced Senior DevOps Engineer possessing in-depth experience of providing software solutions as well as managing the installation & configuration of solutions. Adept at collaborating with the Software Engineering team to deploy & operate different systems and to automate & streamline the operations. Proficient in writing codes & scripts, building independent web-based tools, microservices & solutions, and resolving product implementation errors.

The skill section in this sample lists quite a few important skills that a DevOps engineer should have. But it also explains how these skills were used in their experience section. In your resume, list key relevant skills with software like Python, MySQL, or software automation, and talk about how using them brought positive results to the company. (Source: resumeworded.com)


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