Dentons K E advise KKR GIP- US$15bn Acquisition of CyrusOne

Dentons K E advise KKR GIP- US$15bn Acquisition of CyrusOne


Dentons K E advise KKR and GIP on US$15bn Acquisition of CyrusOne

Dentons K E advise KKR and GIP on US 15bn acquisition of

As part of a legal team led by Kirkland & Ellis, Dentons advised private equity fund KKR and global infrastructure fund GIP on the acquisition of CyrusOne, a real estate investment trust. CyrusOne owns and operates 50 data centres that serve more than one thousand customers.

Dentons cross-border project team

Dentons has advised KKR and GIP on the US$15bn acquisition of CyrusOne, a data center operator. The transaction involves the assumption of debt and is expected to close in the second quarter of 2022. The company operates data centers across North America and Europe and has more than 1,000 customers. Dentons' cross-border project team included a Prague-based Global Vice Chair Evan Lazar and team members from Brazil, Chile, and Mexico.

The transaction involves complex legal and regulatory matters and required the advice of lawyers with international experience in energy, real estate, and employment. The team includes 90 lawyers from across four continents who provided legal guidance on various aspects of the transaction. Among the lawyers involved were Bruna Gobbi from Brazil, Jose Manuel Larrain from Chile, Bernardo Cardenas from Colombia, Maxime Simonnet from France, Andrew Mucki from Ireland, and Pieter van Delden from the Netherlands.

KKR is a seasoned digital infrastructure investor

KKR is a seasoned digital-infrastructure investor, with a track record of building and acquiring digital infrastructure assets. The firm has invested in digital-infrastructure businesses through three Global Infrastructure Investors funds, the most recent of which closed with a net IRR of 17.6%. However, digital infrastructure investments did not form a large portion of its portfolio in these funds.

KKR's Global Infrastructure strategy was first established in 2008. This strategy has grown to become one of the largest and most active infrastructure investors in the world. Currently, KKR has over $40 billion in infrastructure assets under management. The firm has made 65 investments in the strategy, with recent investments including Refresco. KKR's Global Infrastructure Investors fund has tripled in size, with more than $7.4 billion in commitments, and has been growing steadily.

Digital infrastructure has grown into a new asset class: data centres and other types of internet infrastructure. With the acquisition of CyrusOne by KKR and Global Infrastructure Partners, these investments have become more mainstream. This combination of expertise and resources will allow CyrusOne to scale up its operations. The shift from being a niche alternative investment to a mainstream asset class has improved investor perceptions of data centres and their growth potential.

KKR and GIP are a private equity firm

A number of private equity firms are in the process of bidding for stakes in telecoms companies. These include KKR & Co, Global Infrastructure Partners and Stonepeak Partners. Another potential bidder is the Swedish investment firm EQT AB. Both companies have been invited to participate in an auction process by Vodafone. Shares of Vantage Towers AG rose by 4.2% on Thursday and now have a market value of EUR13.4 billion.

CyrusOne has emerged as a key beneficiary of the growing hyperscale computing industry. The company has been at the forefront of the rapid growth in data center infrastructure. It has developed advanced techniques to build at speed and scale. In addition, it is at the forefront of the trend of leasing cloud capacity from data center developers. This practice is being adopted by some of the world's largest hyperscale internet companies.

Global Infrastructure Partners is the world's leading infrastructure investor. Its funds invest in infrastructure assets in OECD countries and in selected emerging markets. The firm has offices around the world, with major hubs in New York, London, and Sydney. Currently, GIP has about US$77 billion in assets. Its current portfolio includes 46 companies with combined revenues of over US$40 billion. These companies employ more than 63,000 people.

KKR and GIP are a pair of private equity firms with global infrastructure strategies. They recently acquired CyrusOne Inc. for $15 billion, in a deal that included the assumption of debt. The transaction is a world record for the data center industry. Both firms aim to boost the company's value and growth through investment returns. The firms target three sectors: energy, digital infrastructure, and water/waste.

Dentons advised KKR and GIP on CyrusOne acquisition

In a recent transaction, Dentons advised KKR and GIP in the US$15 billion acquisition of CyrusOne. The deal included the assumption of debt and is expected to close in the second quarter of 2022. CyrusOne is a Real Estate Investment Trust that designs, builds, and operates data centers in North America and Europe, serving over 1,000 customers.

Dentons advised CyrusOne on its sale to KKR and GIP, as well as on the restructuring of the company's business. The deal included a reorganization of the management team and a restructure of its financing. CyrusOne also received additional equity funding from KKR and GIP. The transaction is valued at $15 billion and represents one of the largest data center transactions in history. The investment comes from KKR and GIP's global infrastructure funds and strategies. CyrusOne was founded in 2000 and was acquired by ABRY Partners in 2007. ABRY Partners then sold the company to Cincinnati Bell Inc. in 2010, and the company went public in 2013.

Dentons' Global Real Estate Group, which has more than 150 lawyers in 16 countries, advised the company on real estate, corporate, energy, environmental, and data protection and cybersecurity. The firm's European office is led by Andrew Mucki, while Dentons lawyers in the US are led by Rob Thompson and Alex Coulter.

Dentons represented KKR and GIP in the acquisition of CoreSite

Dentons acted as the legal counsel for KKR and GIP in the acquisition, and was part of the legal team led by Kirkland & Ellis. The transaction, valued at US$15 billion, included the assumption of debt and is expected to close in the second quarter of 2022. CyrusOne is a real estate investment trust that designs, builds, and operates data centers in the U.S. and abroad. Its portfolio includes more than a thousand customers and occupies more than 50 sites.

The acquisition of CoreSite has created a unique opportunity for both companies. It has enabled KKR and GIP to expand their global footprint and accelerate their business. American Tower also expects to accelerate the development pipeline of CoreSite's data centers in the U.S., while also evaluating international expansion opportunities. The deal also accelerates the development of 5G low-latency applications and mobile edge computing.

The deal is expected to close in the second quarter of 2022, and CyrusOne will become a privately held company. The transaction will be financed by J.P. Morgan, with the acquisition closing in the second quarter of 2022. While the transaction involves a large amount of cash, it will likely be a profitable one for both parties. It is expected to create a communications real estate platform that benefits from the convergence of wireless and wireline networks.

CoreSite's portfolio is diverse and strong, with 25 data centers and 21 cloud on-ramps in major U.S. markets. The deal will be a catalyst for American Tower's growth in the data center industry and will help accelerate the proliferation of 5G low-latency applications.

Dentons Davis Brown - HBA of Greater Des Moines

Dentons Davis Brown  HBA of Greater Des Moines

If you're looking for a business law firm in Des Moines, IA, you should check out Dentons Davis Brown - HBA of greater Des Moines. The firm has a well-respected reputation and has helped many clients throughout the metro area achieve their business goals. The firm has also helped major corporations in the manufacturing, communications, and rail industries. Clients of the firm can rely on their lawyers to produce high-quality work.

Dentons Davis Brown - HBA of Greater Siouxland

Dentons Davis Brown, a law firm based in Des Moines, is merging with a global firm known for its work in international law. The combined company will have more than 70 lawyers throughout Des Moines, West Des Moines, and Ames. The combined firm will offer legal services in a variety of areas including construction, immigration, real estate, and agribusiness.

Dentons Davis Brown is committed to the civic and professional development of its staff and attorneys. The firm is actively seeking out diverse candidates and talents for its staff. For example, it is the first law firm in Iowa to elect a female president and hire an openly gay employee. In addition, the firm was the first to provide health benefits to same-sex domestic partners five years before federal law made it mandatory. The firm also supports the Technology Association of Iowa, producing the Iowa Tech Policy Podcast, which offers an inside look at technology-focused legislation before the Iowa Statehouse.

Dentons & Associates - Practical Law - Westlaw Edge, Lawtel, and Index to Legal Periodicals and Books

Dentons  Practical Law  Westlaw

Practical Law contains a focused list of documents on a given topic. The content includes Standard Clauses and Documents, legal updates, and state-specific resources. The database also includes broader subject areas, such as Antitrust, Bankruptcy & Restructuring, and Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation.

Content in Practical Law is sourced from Westlaw UK

The Westlaw Edge UK database is a comprehensive source of legal information containing case reports, articles, topical explanations, and more. This database is updated daily. The content available in Westlaw UK is also sourced from Lawtel UK, which provides over 40,000 case reports in its 25-year archive. In addition to the Westlaw database, Lawtel also includes over 18,000 unreported decisions.

Dentons' Practical Law is sourced from a number of sources, including Westlaw UK and Westlaw US. It covers 28 areas of legal practice in the UK. It also contains full-text access to the PLC Magazine, published since 1990. This database is designed to be used in the practice of law in business and industry.

In the UK, it is also possible to access the Dentons Practical Law online. It is a comprehensive legal resource that provides an introduction to the legal system and the business world. It also hosts seminar on FIDIC contracts. It also covers non-contentious construction matters, such as procurement and contractual documentation. The firm has several training centres around the country.

Legal updates are curated by Thomson Reuters attorneys

The Legal Research Service contains updated legal information for attorneys, judges, and other professionals. It is curated by a team of dedicated attorneys and editors who follow important cases in their fields. Their aim is to provide timely, accurate news and insights on a variety of legal topics. Subscribers can receive customized email alerts for important legal news.

Thomson Reuters is using artificial intelligence in its research tools. Its Watson-based product is designed to help corporate legal and compliance users understand regulatory requirements. It will combine Thomson Reuters attorneys' legal guidance with curated news and a question-and-answer feature. In addition to Legal Updates, the firm also has a Data Privacy Advisor that will provide legal advice and news for a wide range of topics.

Thomson Reuters also has a marketplace where sellers can advertise their products and templates. This marketplace will promote products and templates offered by the company as well as by other legal tech companies and professional services, including KPMG. Thomson Reuters will take 15% of net sales from these purchases, and will link to the third-party vendor's website.

Legal updates are subject to rigorous peer review

Index to Legal Periodicals and Books is an index of 1,000 leading law journals, bar association publications, government publications, and university publications. It also includes 1,400 monographs each year and a retrospective of 500 legal periodicals. It is the most comprehensive source of legal information in the world.

The UK's Westlaw is an excellent resource for legal research, including case law, legislation, e-books, and current awareness services. It includes UK and EU law, as well as case law, business law, and news. It also includes content from the United States and other countries. Accessing the website requires a user name and university email address.

Dentons Launches Future of Work Strategy

Dentons launches  Future of Work  strategy in the UK

The Future of Work is a growing focus for Dentons. The firm is committed to enabling its people to be more flexible in their working lives. Its flexible working policy will be regularly reviewed and adjusted in line with changes in the market and its clients' requirements. The firm's flexible working policy will ensure that it meets the diverse needs of its people and teams.

Dentons' Future of Work strategy

The world's largest law firm, Dentons, is changing its future of work. It has announced that it will close two regional offices in the UK and shift staff to virtual working. The firm is currently running a virtual working scheme for staff in Aberdeen and Watford, but will make this permanent. These staff will still be able to visit the firm's offices in Milton Keynes and Edinburgh.

The firm's flexible working strategy will be designed to cater to a range of working styles. It will also include a range of e-learning opportunities. This will include courses for both staff and clients. The firm will provide virtual and face-to-face training. The aim is to provide an environment that encourages a sense of belonging.

Flexible working policy

A flexible working policy at Dentons recognizes that different people work in different ways. Some prefer to work from home, while others prefer to work in the office. To help people find a balance, the law firm has developed working protocols to encourage hybrid working, including online meetings. Employees can also use tools like Teams to communicate with one another without interrupting the workday.

The firm's flexible working policy is constantly evolving to meet the needs of its people. The flexibility policy will be reviewed and adapted as necessary, to suit the changing needs of its teams, clients and market environment. The flexibility policy is designed to support the firm's goals of inclusion and diversity. Flexible working practices are part of a wider effort to create a culture that encourages employees to achieve their best.

The firm's flexible working policy was recently revised, making it easier for lawyers to apply for the program. It also made it easier to understand how flexible work arrangements are approved. For example, it now specifies who is eligible for the flexible working program. In addition, the flexible working policy includes more detailed guidelines on when requests can be made, so people can be sure to get the right assistance they need.

Dentons also has a formalized team for inclusion, diversity and equity. It reports to the CEO, and the team works with groups across the firm to create inclusive work environments. The team will focus on improving systems and processes and be proactive in addressing issues of inclusion. As a result, employees are more comfortable approaching anyone in the firm with questions.

The flexibility of working hours has become increasingly popular as the economy has become more global and the demands of clients are changing. For this reason, employers must take flexible working into account. Many organisations have adopted this policy. For example, the Scottish Government has recently announced a trial for four-day working. This pilot scheme will cover employees in non-office-based roles. But if employers do not adhere to the new rules, they risk being taken to employment tribunal.

It's important to note that a flexible working policy can be difficult to implement in practice. It must be pre-determined in a written agreement between employers and employees. In addition, the law requires employers to set the hours of work per unit period two weeks in advance. This can make it difficult for employees to plan their working schedules in advance.

Government's National Disability Strategy

The Government's National Disability Strategy has been subject to a court challenge, which calls the strategy unlawful. The strategy was developed following a consultation process which was undertaken during 2016 and was completed early in 2017. The Strategy will be implemented by a Steering Group of disability organisations, representatives of relevant Departments and disabled people. The Steering Group will meet every year, and will publish progress reports on the Strategy's implementation.

The strategy has been welcomed by organisations, but has received a mixed response. Although many of the Government's commitments are welcome, the Disability Strategy falls short of the ambition it aims to achieve. Critics have described it as a lacklustre attempt that consists of too much talk and not enough action. Work and Pensions Secretary Therese Coffey has acknowledged this criticism.

The strategy focuses on removing barriers for disabled people. It aims to improve public services by making them more accessible and more inclusive. It also aims to improve the employment prospects of disabled people. The strategy's key priorities include addressing the financial barriers that prevent people with disabilities from working and living independently.

The Government's National Disability Strategy was launched in July and has 100 practical commitments to improve the lives of disabled people. The strategy is backed by PS1.6 billion. It was developed in response to the Health is Everybody's Business consultation, and it also released a Green Paper on how to help disabled people thrive in the workplace and lead more independent lives.

The National Disability Strategy is a cross-government initiative to improve the lives of disabled people. The strategy's implementation depends on the success of this consultation. Disability organisations will be better informed of the strategy's implementation. Several key recommendations will be made, including the creation of regular surveys and an increased PS573 million fund to improve accessibility in public places.

The National Disability Strategy recognizes the importance of a comprehensive approach to disability issues and its implementation in the context of national policy. It is critical to include disabled people in the development process and to establish an integrated management system. The strategy must be implemented by all spheres of government and must include extensive public education and capacity building.

Impact of automation on the workplace

Automation is affecting the workplace in many ways. While there are benefits, there are also disadvantages. In some cases, it will reduce employment and wage growth. The use of robots will reduce the number of workers, and will disproportionately affect women. For this reason, research into the future of the workplace must be conducted carefully.

Automation will affect the entire workforce, not just a subset of it. Many jobs will be automated in the near future, while those with lower pay will be more vulnerable to automation in the longer term. While women will be disproportionately affected by automation, men will be less likely to be replaced. In the first and second waves of automation, women will be affected more than men, and they will be particularly affected by automation in clerical and administrative functions.

The global market for automation technologies is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 40.6% each year, which is considerably higher than average. Automated systems have also helped businesses improve their product quality, cut material waste, and increase productivity. This means increased profits for the business. In addition to these advantages, automation also benefits the workers, reshaping existing jobs and creating new ones. It also offers a safer work environment.

Automation will not eliminate all jobs, but it will create new, higher-level jobs. Often, automation will replace the menial and dangerous tasks, freeing workers to perform higher-level tasks. This may seem like a bad thing, but in the long run, it is beneficial for the company and its workers.

The adoption of robots will affect lower, middle, and blue-collar jobs. The adoption of robotics will impact both men and women, although men will likely be most affected in manufacturing jobs. However, it will affect women in non-manufacturing jobs. They will need to adapt to new tasks and become more productive.

Automated teller machines (ATMs) and other technologies have reduced the need for bank tellers. This has allowed bank branches to expand their number of branches, while human bank tellers could focus on direct customer service. Meanwhile, the use of computer software like Microsoft Excel has displaced some bookkeepers. As a result, the number of accountants has increased by 75%.

Iterate - Dentons - Iterate.ai

Dentons  Iterateai

Dentons is the world's largest law firm. It uses a powerful technology platform to showcase its extensive multilingual content and effectively communicate its legal expertise. It uses artificial intelligence to help its clients and attorneys understand complex legal issues. However, this technology does not guarantee the confidentiality of communications made through the Site.

Dentons is the world's largest law firm

Dentons is the world's largest law practice, advising many of the world's most well-known companies. With over 12,000 professionals in 200 locations in 80 countries, Dentons is well-positioned to assist clients wherever they may be. The firm focuses on providing clients with comprehensive legal services in a polycentric and purpose-driven manner, and is committed to diversity and inclusion.

The firm began in Paris and later opened offices in Moscow, Warsaw, London, and New York. Another firm, Fraser Milner Casgrain, was founded in Toronto in 1839 and had offices across Canada when the firms merged in 2013. The third largest firm, SNR Denton, has been in existence since 1742 and is based in London. Since then, it has expanded to Chicago and the Middle East.

In recent years, Dentons has been pushing the verein model hard. It deliberately chose its name as it is the easiest to say and makes for a memorable brand. It has forged alliances with firms in other continents, including Vietnam, and has opened new offices there. Its culture is diverse and does not have a central headquarters.

The company's recent announcement is a milestone for the law firm. The combination of Dentons and Dacheng Law Offices of China will create a giant firm with over 6,500 lawyers in total. The merger comes amid a global wave of consolidation in the legal industry. The booming economy of China has created an enormous demand for legal services.

The two firms will follow a Swiss verein structure, which allows firms to share the same name and remain financially independent. Dentons' global chairman, Elliott Portnoy, will continue to head the new firm while Peng Xuefeng will lead the Dacheng firm.

Another major move at Dentons is the addition of a new CEO in Latin America, Paloma Gomez. The new CEO will be based in Berlin and work closely with Dentons leadership across the world. Previously, she was the European Director of Innovation at Dentons. The newly appointed CEO will play a crucial role leading the firm's key initiatives in the region.

Iterate is a powerful technology platform

In addition to the innovative legal work that Dentons does for clients, it also has a strong technology focus. In recent years, the firm has created its own dedicated tech incubation center in SoHo, New York, bringing its tech professionals closer to the tech industry's innovators. Dentons has also expanded its Venture Technology practice to include teams in San Diego, Los Angeles, Toronto, and Warsaw.

The firm's real estate practice helps public and private players in real estate finance, development, and investment transactions. Its lawyers are regularly called upon to advise on issues surrounding the creation of security and guarantees, as well as the acquisition and management of assets. The firm also helps clients with litigation and tax structuring.

The firm's practice in trade marks and designs is gaining momentum under Loic Lemercier, who joined from Clifford Chance. The practice focuses on a mixture of litigation, counseling, and transactional matters, and includes international work. Dentons' global reach, core sectors, and general positioning make for a powerful technology platform for Dentons.

The company's executives are constantly talking about what matters to clients and partners, and they are looking for structural ways to successfully integrate acquisitions. In one example, Andrew and McClamroch have been working together to create a business model for Project Golden Spike, a merger intended to integrate Cohen & Grigsby and Bingham Greenbaum. These executives also discuss the challenges of integrating law firms, including the ability to merge multiple practices into one.

Dentons has a strong commitment to innovation, as the world's largest law firm, which delivers quality to clients around the world. Its polycentric approach and commitment to continuous learning are two key values. They invest in their people, both the lawyers and the clients. The firm has embraced the use of cutting-edge technologies to improve client service and the workplace. For example, the firm's Nextlaw Labs and Global Referral Network are examples of innovative solutions to complex problems.

Iterate does not guarantee the confidentiality of communications made by you through the Site

You should not disclose your credit card information, Social Security number, or other sensitive information to anyone unless you are comfortable with the risk. Iterate takes precautions to protect this information. It uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol to encrypt sensitive information. This protocol is used to ensure the security of sensitive data, including credit card numbers and personal information, while being transmitted over the Internet.

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