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Dentons is a global law firm with offices around the world. They have a variety of practice areas, including Banking and Corporate. In addition, they have an extensive real estate practice. Read on to learn more about the firm. You'll also find information on each practice area and the people involved.


Dentons - Home is a new initiative that aims to give staff a sense of belonging. The company recognises that everyone wants to belong and that building strong connections is an important aspect of work. It aims to create an environment that allows staff to devote more time to building relationships rather than giving legal advice.

Dentons is a global law firm with 190 offices around the world. The firm's senior management is based in London, Beijing and Washington, D.C. The firm is structured as a Swiss Verein, called the Dentons Group. It is not a single legal entity; it is a collection of several co-operative legal entities.

Corporate practice

Dentons has been ranked among the world's leading law firms. In the 2022 edition of The Legal 500 US, the firm earned 37 practice rankings, nine Leading Lawyer rankings, and two Hall of Fame placements. The Legal 500 is a comprehensive annual directory of the nation's leading lawyers and law firms. Wolfson has also been named to Crain's New York Business' 2021 list of Notable LGBTQ Leaders and Executives. Wolfson was chosen for his mentorship of other lawyers and his involvement in the community.

Dentons Rodyk has added two experienced corporate lawyers to its ranks. Evelyn Ang, a former Managing Director of AALC, joins the firm as a Senior Partner. Low is an experienced corporate lawyer, advising clients on domestic and cross-border mergers and acquisitions. She also advises on general corporate matters.

Dentons' New York lawyers advise clients across industries, including Fortune 500 companies, venture-backed companies, and emerging businesses. The firm also represents high-net-worth individuals. The firm has offices across the U.S., Asia, and Continental Europe. Moreover, it focuses on advising multinational and emerging companies.

The firm's corporate practice is particularly strong in Honduras. It advises domestic and foreign clients on corporate governance issues and compliance work, and its team includes partners who have expertise in the energy sectors. The firm's Honduran office is led by managing partner Arturo Zacapa.

Banking practice

Dentons' banking practice in London has added Martin Sharkey, a senior counsel. Previously with Clifford Chance, Sharkey led the firm's European Collateralised Loan Obligations (CLO) practice. He has significant experience with portfolio sales and structured finance transactions. His clients include global investment management firms, private equity firms, insurance companies and other institutions.

He started his career in the banking industry, initially at the Hungarian National Bank. After he became a partner, he joined a leading international law firm and helped clients navigate the financial markets. He also served as a board member and deputy CEO of a bank. After five years, Kiraly returned to legal practice and rejoined Dentons' banking practice group in 2015. He has been a partner at the firm since April 2021.

The firm's banking practice has a diverse range of international and local clients. Stephen Furlan is particularly well-regarded for his work structuring substantial project finance loans, such as the C$1bn Cascade power plant. He also has significant experience with Sharia-compliant finance.

Dentons' Banking and Finance practice in Poland has been significantly strengthened. It now has more than 30 lawyers. This expansion reflects the growing demand for legal advice in Poland. A number of lawyers in the practice have been recognized with IFLR1000 rankings. The firm has also been recognised in Chambers USA, which is an annual ranking of the world's top law firms.

Ivan Reczicza, who served as the firm's managing partner for 23 years, will continue to work at Dentons as a senior partner. His focus will be on supporting clients and strengthening the firm's advisory practice. He will also remain as a Dentons shareholder. In his role as senior partner, Reczicza will continue to focus on strengthening the advisory business.

Real estate practice

Dentons' real estate practice has recently won the "Best of the Best" award from Midwest Real Estate News, a leading industry publication. The award recognizes the region's top commercial real estate practices based on the volume of transactions they close each year. With offices in Chicago, St. Louis and Kansas City, Dentons is widely regarded as a top choice for commercial real estate legal services.

In addition to representing buyers and sellers in commercial real estate transactions, the firm's real estate practice provides counsel to developers, investors, and lenders. Its clients range from individual investors to public and private investment funds. The firm also has extensive experience in international investment, complex development joint ventures, and indirect investments.

As the world's largest law firm, Dentons has won many accolades and awards. In the 2022 edition of The Legal 500 US, it earned 37 practice rankings, nine Leading Lawyer rankings, and two Hall of Fame placements. The Legal 500 US is an annual legal directory that catalogues the nation's best law firms and lawyers.

David Blumenfeld, a partner in Dentons' real estate practice in Hong Kong, will oversee the firm's Asia-Pacific region. In this capacity, he will lead cross-border investment transactions and work with the firm's 200 real estate attorneys across the region. Dentons currently has 20 offices in Asia-Pacific. Blumenfeld's practice focuses on high-profile real estate investment work and complex cross-border deals for institutional and PE firms.

Alisa Kennedy, a partner in Dentons' Real Estate Practice, is an expert in tax and financing matters. She represents both lenders and borrowers in commercial real estate loan transactions. Additionally, she advises clients on distressed assets and workouts. Aside from handling complex transactions, Alisa Kennedy also focuses on advising clients on community development issues.

Who Does Dentsu Represent?

Who does Dentsu represent

As one of the world's leading ad agencies, Dentsu is no stranger to sports and international sporting events. It was one of the first ad agencies to recognize the importance of these events and help clients break into these markets. Dentsu has developed relationships with Major League Baseball, the International Olympic Committee, and many other organizations, making it a major player in global track and field.

95 of the world's 100 top advertisers

Dentsu is a Japanese advertising company that represents some of the world's most popular brands. It was founded in 1901 and has grown to become the world's largest single-brand advertising agency. Its services include advertising, marketing, production, and digital content creation. With over 20,000 employees in more than 20 countries, Dentsu has a global presence.

The company has been growing along with the Japanese economy since the 1960s and 1970s. In 1968, it was second in size to leading US advertising firms, and represented more than 5,000 clients. During this period, it began accepting accounts from rival companies, and even competing with them on some floors.

The company diversified by introducing new techniques to increase profitability, including television advertising. It also worked on public opinion surveys and design projects for shopping malls. It also developed a system for gathering data on how people move and spend their time. Today, Dentsu represents 95 of the world's top advertisers.

The company's digital businesses have been growing rapidly, with revenue growth over 20% over the past three years. It plans to expand into customer transformation and technology to increase revenue. Although Dentsu is an established player in the industry, it is also facing the challenge of high costs and growing complexity. As a result, it is working to improve efficiency and cost-control measures.

Dentsu has roots in Japan and is credited with the development of commercial radio in Japan. The company was one of the first to apply for a commercial radio station in the country after the war, and in 1954 executives of the company spoke in the Japanese Diet about the benefits of commercial broadcasting. It has also invested heavily in television, making it one of the five major commercial broadcasting networks in the country. The company grew along with the television industry, and was an integral part of the postwar development of the Japanese media.

The company's people are its greatest asset. With their intellect, sensitivity, and imagination, Dentsu is able to create an exceptional presence for its clients. And as a result, their clients will continue to prosper.

It is a gatekeeper to Japan's third-largest economy

The advertising firm is credited with helping to establish commercial radio in Japan. After the war, it submitted the first application for a radio station and executives of the firm spoke to the Japanese Diet about the need for commercial broadcasting. The firm also made heavy investments in television, and its patronage made it possible for television to flourish in postwar Japan.

Dentsu is an advertising agency with a large presence in Japan, and its headquarters are covered in grey glass. It's the largest ad agency in Asia and controls almost a third of traditional advertising in the country. Its headquarters are in the city's trendy Ginza district.

The firm has a long history in Japan. The company started in 1901 as a news agency and was merged with a state-run news service during World War II. During the war, Dentsu pumped out propaganda for the Japanese Imperial Army. The company was separated into separate companies after the war, but still retained its strong connection to the media.

The Aegis deal is expected to boost Dentsu's overseas revenue, which is a key source of profits for Dentsu. The merged firm will also benefit from Aegis' expertise in digital advertising and media planning. Aegis's access to the international market is a significant plus for Dentsu, which currently relies on the Japanese market for 58% of its revenue.

Dentsu has also become an important player in international sports. It helped Tokyo win the Olympics by becoming the exclusive ad agency for the event, which drew in $3.6 billion in Japanese sponsors. It was one of the first ad agencies to recognize international sporting events, and its involvement in the Olympics helped it break into new markets. The firm also built strong relationships with Major League Baseball and international track and field.

Australia is another area where Dentsu sees significant growth opportunities. Agribusiness and renewable energy are gaining momentum in the country. Trading houses are also increasing their focus on new technologies and leasing. Initially, sogo shosha investments were driven by the desire to create distribution networks and supply essential raw materials for Japan's industrialization, but today, these investment activities are fueling innovation in clean coal and hydrogen technology.

It has struggled to adapt to the rise of digital media

The company has faced increasing competition from digital advertising agencies, including ad networks such as Google and Facebook. However, the company has recently made a few key moves to adapt to the changes. Firstly, it is rethinking its media work. It is now interested in developing in-house teams to take on more in-house work that was previously outsourced to outside agencies. Another major move is a restructuring of its media business in Singapore, which includes a cut of 2% of its workforce.

It has launched a new integrated agency network

Dentsu has taken the next step in its integrated agency network strategy, announcing the launch of a new brand called Dentsu Creative. The new brand brings together the various creative agencies owned by Dentsu, including DentsuOne in Canada. The move is part of Dentsu's plans to unify 160 agencies globally by 2023. The new network will be led by Fred Levron, and will have 9,000 employees in 46 markets.

The new network will be the sole global creative network, starting in Jan 2023. The launch of Dentsu Creative follows a company announcement that it will invest $250-300 billion into an acquisition investment fund in 2022-2024. This investment will fund Dentsu's growth in the years to come, including expanding into new regions.

The rebranding of the network enables the company to better serve clients. The unified network will combine media, data, and creative capabilities to create effective end-to-end solutions. The company is also combining its digital experience with media and entertainment to enhance its clients' customer experience.

The unified network will include DentsuMB, 360i, and Isobar. The new network will bring together the world's best creative talents to help clients achieve their business goals. Through this network, Dentsu hopes to further its goal of becoming the most integrated agency network globally.

Dentsu's new creative network focuses on the digital space. It has also introduced a new digital identity service called Dentsu VI. This service offers a virtual personality and face to brands. Its Singapore-based team of CGI specialists utilises streaming and motion capture technologies to create fully customizable virtual identities. The service also allows brands to create off-the-peg virtual identities for short-term metaverse activations.

Is Dentsu a Good Company to Work For?

Is Dentsu a good company to work for

If you're looking for a job in the media, Dentsu might be a good fit for you. However, the company's management is only interested in themselves, not the advancement of employees. This means that promotions have very little to do with hard work, and you will likely spend your entire career stagnant. Management also has a high school mentality, and they tend to overlook talented individuals.

Dentsu is a good company to work for

There are several pros and cons to working for Dentsu. Employee reviews are generally positive, although a few employees have been unhappy with their management. The company has a positive culture, but the management seems more interested in their own advancement than the advancement of employees. Promotions don't necessarily reflect hard work or merit. You may be stuck in the same position for years, even after years of experience. Despite this, Dentsu is not as bad as some companies.

One positive aspect is its training program. For new comers, Dentsu offers The Media Experience, a four-week training program that gives participants hands-on experience and a launching pad for further learning. This program includes certifications and on-demand training through dentsu University. Additionally, the training program fosters a sense of belonging and encourages networking.

Dentsu is a global advertising and communication firm headquartered in Tokyo. It is the fifth largest network of advertising agencies in the world. The company offers people-focused solutions and services in creative and CXM, and is one of the largest advertising agencies in India.

It offers a media experience

For the second time in two years, Dentsu is offering a unique internship program to recruit new talent in the media industry. The Media Experience is designed for individuals without college degrees and has been a successful pilot program. Its applicants come from a diverse pipeline of backgrounds, including parents returning to the workforce, recent college graduates, and military veterans. Participants will experience a rigorous interview process that aims to remove bias.

The program combines traditional media education with experiential learning opportunities to help fast-track a career in media. In four weeks, participants learn the fundamentals of media production and development. They also develop key soft skills such as emotional intelligence, time management, and communication. In addition to hands-on training, participants can take part in Dentsu University programs and earn industry certifications. The program also includes a mix of social activities, team-building sessions, and mentorship sessions from senior executives.

In addition to creative work, the agency offers digital advertising, content creation, and data-driven insights. These services are designed to help brands create personalised marketing solutions and satisfy consumers' demands. Ultimately, Dentsu aims to help clients develop their brands in a way that reflects their unique cultures and lifestyles.

Through a diverse mix of creative disciplines, Dentsu is a creative network that delivers ideas in new ways. Employees have the chance to work with some of the most inspiring people in the world, and are encouraged to create the best work of their career. A culture of learning, listening, and continuous interaction helps Dentsu create a culture of innovation that fosters growth.

Dentsu has a long history in the advertising industry. Its Hong Kong subsidiary is the most successful foreign-affiliated advertising agency in Taiwan and has a proven track record in sports and event marketing. It also has offices in New Zealand and Australia. These two agencies have integrated media services and employ the latest technology and best practices.

It has an equal employment opportunity policy

If you are wondering whether Dentsu has an equal employment opportunity (EEO) policy, you're not alone. The ad agency was founded in 1901 and currently has 5090 employees. As a company, it is committed to an inclusive environment for all employees. Employees are encouraged to pursue their professional goals and create the best work of their careers. In addition, the company offers a Remote Work Program and Health Insurance Benefits.

In a recent open letter to employees, Dentsu Aegis Network CEO Jacki Kelley discussed her company's efforts to create an inclusive workplace free of racism and discrimination. She also shared diversity statistics from the EEOC with employees. While only one-fifth of the company's employees are black, nearly one-quarter of its executive and management roles are occupied by women.

Dentsu - The Best Place to Advertise in Japan

What is Dentsu known for

Whether you are looking to advertise a product or service, there are a number of different agencies that can help you achieve your goals. These agencies include Dentsu Creative, Dentsu X, and the Dentsu Aegis Network. If you are looking for the best place to advertise in Japan, Dentsu is worth checking out.

Dentsu Creative

Creative agency Dentsu Creative has been around for many years. As the name suggests, it combines a group of agencies under a common brand, which simplifies client engagements and enhances the creative capabilities of the entire organization. The company has won numerous awards for its work, and is a highly regarded name in the marketing world.

The firm blends 120-year Japanese heritage with experience in building brands in today's media landscape. The result is a brand strategy grounded in customer intelligence. Known for its visual identity, Dentsu Creative's work is a reflection of the company's Japanese roots. The agency's bold visual identity is a perfect example of how East meets West.

The Dentsu Creative network is poised to transform brands and businesses. Its global leadership is led by Fred Levron, who joined Dentsu International as the Chief Creative Officer in November 2021. His leadership style and passion for creativity have proven time and again that creativity is transformative. The Dentsu Creative network consists of 9,000 creative and media experts across 46 markets and is linked to 37,000 media professionals around the world. The Dentsu Creative network is a powerful combination of global and local creativity, and is poised to be a global leader in creativity.

Dentsu X

Dentsu X is an integrated agency network that combines best-in-class communication and media planning services with data and behavioural insights to create personalised marketing solutions for brands. With this new approach, the network can help brands reach out to the right audiences and convert more customers. The brand can also gain better insights into its target audience to better understand their needs and interests.

The network has over 50 offices around the world. In Canada, Dentsu X has a team of over 50 people. It also has offices in France, Italy, Russia, and Asia. There are nearly 50 offices in Asia. This geographic distribution of the network allows Dentsu X to serve the needs of its clients in a variety of industries.

Dentsu X will be known for its innovative work in the field of media and advertising. The company will take on more clients after merging with its sister agencies, 360i and ICUC. By the end of the year, the new company will have 200 staff in London. It will use the mantra "Experience is more than exposure" to drive its work.

The rebranding reflects the rapid growth and change in the consumer-led economy. The rebranding also unifies the agency's diverse capabilities. Its core offerings include communication design, creative distribution, and media activation.

Dentsu Aegis Network

Dentsu Aegis Network is a digital marketing communications company, owned by Dentsu International, a Japanese multinational media company. The network offers a diverse range of digital marketing services to clients across the world. Dentsu Aegis Network works to help clients gain the competitive edge in their respective market segments.

With over 23,000 employees across the world, Dentsu Aegis Network is the world's leading advertising and marketing communications company. It recently announced that it has invested in a 309-metre tall financial tower in Guangzhou, China. The tower includes 68 floors above ground and four underground levels. In addition, it has received a China Green Building Council certification.

After the Dentsu Aegis Network enlisted the help of endjin to develop a modern analytical platform, endjin was able to create a production-quality proof-of-concept architectural blueprint. It also provided a comprehensive and customizable framework for processing pipelines.

The new practice will have more than three thousand commerce experts across the network, providing end-to-end business solutions. The practice aligns with the "Total Commerce" philosophy of Dentsu. Vikalp Tandon will lead the new practice as Global President. He will be responsible for expanding Dentsu's Commerce capabilities across the entire Dentsu Aegis Network. He will also lead efforts to bring together all of the firm's talent and drive new business opportunities for clients.

M1(tm) is a people-based data platform. It will serve as the central data hub for all the agency brands within the Dentsu Aegis Network. The platform will be based on anonymized real people data and will help marketers tap into the growing addressable media market globally.

Dentsu X's 10 Global Brands

This year's Dentsu X list features a number of brands that are at the forefront of their markets. They offer integrated marketing solutions that leverage data, technology, creativity and behavioral insights to help brands attract, convert and retain customers. With offices in over 35 markets, Dentsu X provides integrated marketing solutions to help clients reach their business goals.

These brands represent the core of the Dentsu business - delivering people-focused solutions and services across the globe. Through their innovative thinking and global reach, they're able to create solutions that can help clients thrive in a global economy. As the world continues to transition towards a more digital economy, the companies that have stayed true to their core values will continue to be successful.

The latest Dentsu X report highlights the firm's growth and market share across the world. The firm is the fastest growing media agency in the world, with an increase of 28.4% year over year. The firm also boasts a diverse client list, including brands like LVMH, Jaguar Land Rover, and Upfield. In addition to these brands, Dentsu X has a number of other clients, including Pilgrie's, Panasonic, and National Debt Relief.

Dentsu X India employs 180 people and serves many clients, including auto giant Maruti Suzuki, consumer durables giant Hitachi, Canon, and the Securities Board of India. Dentsu X is one of ten global network brands that operate in 145 countries around the world. The company has over 38,000 specialists worldwide.

Dentsu's strategy for going public

In the past, Dentsu's advertising efforts have mainly been directed at private companies. However, the Japanese government has recently expanded its public relations budget and has given Dentsu a hefty share of that. Since the 2013 election ban was lifted, the company helped to create a "Truth Team" for the LDP. The team monitors online chat rooms and blogs and sends daily faxes to trusted campaigners.

In a recent interview, Wendy Clark, the global chief executive of Dentsu, confirmed that she was leaving the company. Despite her resignation, Dentsu International will be combined with its Japanese operation. The company also plans to eliminate the position of the international chief executive.

In order to make the transition to the new structure, Dentsu has streamlined its business by introducing new divisions. For example, Dentsu Australia's market grew almost 10%. The company's Japan Network reported 4.2% revenue growth in the first half. Meanwhile, Dentsu's International division plans to have strong revenue growth through 2021 and 2022. Today, Dentsu is the world's fourth largest advertising agency group, employing about 65,000 people in Japan and 45,000 in its overseas arm. One of the divisions is Dentsu Creative, which employs over 10,000 staff.

Dentsu has deep historical ties with the ruling elite in Japan. The company traces its roots back 116 years, to a government-sponsored corporation, the Japan Advertising and Telegraphic Services Co. It was established on state-owned land to spread government propaganda. This function continued until the end of World War II. During the postwar period, Dentsu continued to maintain close business ties with the conservative political elite.

Dentsu's struggles with foreign agencies

Dentsu's troubles in India may be the result of its recent restructuring, which has led to an upheaval in its operations there. As part of its consolidation strategy, the company has restructured its businesses across the world. In India, for example, the company has between 25 and 30 CEOs. This structure makes it difficult to scale and be profitable. With all the different CEOs reporting to each other, the company has been unable to grow and remain profitable.

Dentsu's problems with foreign agencies began in 1977, when the company's president, Hideharu Tamaru, realized that it would be difficult to acquire a foreign agency. He recommended that Dentsu form a joint venture with an international agency instead.

As a result, Dentsu decided to expand outside of Japan to tap lucrative markets. But competitors such as McCann Worldgroup and Young & Rubicam had already established international partnerships. By 1980, about a dozen other Japanese ad agencies had joined forces with foreign agencies. In 1981, Dentsu announced a joint venture with US ad agency Young & Rubicam. The joint venture would give Dentsu access to American and European markets, while also boosting Dentsu's billings. By 1985, the partnership had grown to $246 million.

Dentsu's financial books are under scrutiny, both internally and externally. The agency is struggling with serious accounting irregularities and lack of transparency. One former employee says that the company should have been more transparent about its billing practices.

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