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Delta Faucets


Delta Faucets

Demand for Delta Faucet is growing everywhere, including in America, China, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, the United Kingdom and Europe. And the company has offices worldwide to meet the needs of its customers in the UK, China, Japan, Korea, and beyond. For more information about Delta Faucets, contact us today!



Delta showers with Monitor pressure-balance valves are engineered to make sure you don?t experience a sudden and possibly unsafe change in water temperature as a result of running water elsewhere, such as using a dishwasher, flushing a toilet or running a washing machine. With separate handles for volume and temperature control, this Delta shower provides a more refined showering experience. (Source:

From leading technologies and original designs, Delta has built a reputation as one of the most trusted brand names in residential and commercial faucets and fixtures. It's not just how Delta kitchen and bathroom faucets and fixtures look and feel, but it's also how they work. Delta is more than just a faucet-it's a way to save resources, with its groundbreaking and water-saving technologies, like WaterSense-rated faucets and showerheads, and its exclusive MultiFlow, Touch2O, and H2OKinetic technologies. Delta is as committed to preserving our greatest natural resource as it is dedicated to offering the finest plumbing products for your home. (Source: www.faucet.com)


Delta was one of the first companies to pioneer the touch faucet, helping you keep your faucet clean, even when your hands aren't. Simply touch the faucet anywhere on the spout, and the flow of water is activated at the temperature your faucet is set. This innovative and convenient feature is preferred by our customers because it prevents the spread of germs and mess. Many faucet models feature TempSense, an LED light embedded in the faucet that changes color to alert you if the temperate is too high.

There are so many excellent features to choose from. You will find that PlumbersStock offers a wide variety of beautiful and wear-resistant finishes to ensure you find the faucet that matches your home's design. Many of the finishes are available with their patented Brilliance technology, which helps prevent abrasions and discoloration that eventually comes about with other faucets. The finishes include chrome, stainless, white, black, champagne bronze, Venetian bronze, and more. (Source: www.plumbersstock.com)


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